FringeNYC Thematic Listing


Classics & Adaptations

15 Villainous Fools
The 601 Theatre Company
Writer: Olivia Atwood, Maggie Seymour
With Nerf guns, Goldfish, and a turtleneck, this two-woman adaptation of The Comedy of Errors spices up Shakespeare. There are husband mix-ups, false arrests, and saucy servants. Come for the killer original raps, stay for the mediocre puppetry!
1h 10m   National   Brunswick, ME   Comedy   Clown/Mask   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   
FRI 12 @ 7:30+
MON 15 @ 9:15
WED 17 @ 4
THU 18 @ 5:45
SAT 20 @ 2:45

At the Crossroads: Music for Faust
Modern Robot
Writer: Ben Singer
A live film score to the 1926 silent film "Faust". A beautifully restored projection to open your mind to the art of early film production and mesmerizing, composed music to open your heart to an eternally relevant story.
0h 55m   National   Greensboro, NC   Performance Art   Musical/Opera   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   
VENUE #5: drom
WED 17 @ 3+
THU 18 @ 5:45
SAT 20 @ 3:15
MON 22 @ 9:30
WED 24 @ 8

Till Birnam Wood...
John Schultz Presents
Writer: William Shakespeare
Director: John Schultz
Encounter the witches, slip on your blindfold, and fall into the darkness of Macbeth's Scotland. Till Birnam an immersive, sensory experience of Shakespeare's darkest work, literally. Audience members experience this fast-paced and intense production completely blindfolded.
1h 4m   National   Philadelphia , PA   Drama   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   
VENUE #5: drom
FRI 12 @ 5+
SAT 13 @ 6
THU 18 @ 7:30
SAT 20 @ 7
SUN 21 @ 1

The Unusual Tale of Mary & Joseph's Baby
Firebone Theatre Company
Writer: Music and Lyrics by Don Chaffer, Book by Chris Cragin-Day
Director: Amelia Peterson
The Unusual Tale of Mary & Joseph’s Baby: There really is a pregnant virgin, shepherds, angels, foreign dignitaries, a ratty inn and a bloodthirsty dictator whose menacing shadow hangs over everything. And obviously, it’s a comedy.
1h 30m   Local   Manhattan, NY   Musical/Opera   Drama   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   
VENUE #15: SoHo Playhouse
SAT 13 @ 3:30+
FRI 19 @ 5
MON 22 @ 7:30
FRI 26 @ 7
SAT 27 @ 12:15

The 800th Annual Salvation Swing-Off
Broom Street Theater
Writer: Malissa Petterson
Director: Malissa Petterson
Choreographer: Jessica Jane Witham
To break up the monotony in Purgatory’s laundromat, souls rival for immediate rapture: in a good, old-fashioned dance-a-thon. Swing and red tape, plus the proverbial deal with a not-so proverbial Devil? All in an eternity's work.
1h 25m   National   Madison, WI   Comedy   Dance / Physical Theatre   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   
VENUE #6: The Theater at the 14th Street Y
FRI 12 @ 9+
SUN 14 @ 6:15
TUE 16 @ 7:15
THU 18 @ 2:15
SAT 20 @ 3:45

The Arkadina Project
The Re-Writes
Writer: Kris Thor, Ashley Kelley, Sarah King, Jeffrey Fato, and Jon Steiger
Director: Samantha Saltzman
The Arkadina Project is a modern adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s “The Seagull”. Follow Kostya, Nina and Masha on their struggles with celebrity obsession, unrequited love and parental suffocation. Adult, witty, and makes you feel guilty for laughing so hard.
1h 30m   Local   New York , NY   Comedy   Multi-Media   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   
VENUE #9: The Kraine Theater
TUE 16 @ 7+
THU 18 @ 9:15
MON 22 @ 6:15
WED 24 @ 2:30
SAT 27 @ 3:15

The Braggart of Bourbon St.
Dry with a Twist Theatrics
Director: Kevin P. Joyce
Disguise, lies and love abound when pathological playboy Lyle DuTemp returns to New Orleans and falls in love with no nonsense Zelda, while warring with his nefarious stepmother, Madame Delphine. A rambunctious commedia about Mardi Gras and the First Amendment.
2h 40m   Local   Manhattan, NY   Drama   Clown/Mask   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   
VENUE #2: Flamboyan Theater at The Clemente
FRI 12 @ 3:45+
SUN 14 @ 7:45
FRI 19 @ 3:30
THU 25 @ 9
FRI 26 @ 4:30

Take One
The Council of Nine
Writer: Jeff Ward
Director: Michael Schiralli
Michelangelo, Richard Rodgers and God light up the musical stage in this story of the disastrous first versions of three great things. "Take One" shows that the act of creation is always messy and hilarious -- even for the gods.
1h 40m   Local   Manhattan, NY   Musical/Opera   Comedy   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   
VENUE #2: Flamboyan Theater at The Clemente
SUN 21 @ 8:30
MON 22 @ 9:45
THU 25 @ 2+
FRI 26 @ 9:45
SAT 27 @ 4:30

Jeremy Kehoe
Writer: Jeremy Kehoe
It's funny-or-die in the graveyard. This absurdist comedy pits a Watchman with a worthless watch against a chatterboxing, handcuffed man and a know-it-all woman in bandaged hands to see who earns the right to move on up.
1h 10m   National   Los Angeles, CA   Comedy   Drama   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   
VENUE #8: WOW Cafe
SAT 13 @ 7+
MON 15 @ 2:15
FRI 19 @ 4
MON 22 @ 9
FRI 26 @ 6

Memoriam: After Euripides' Alcestis
Hypnic Theatre Company in Association with Adjusted Realists
Writer: Stephen Kaliski
Director: Elizabeth Ostler
What if you could bring her back? Inspired by millennia of wishful thinking, Kaliski (West Lethargy, Gluten!) indulges in the impossible, reuniting a dead queen with her grieving king. What follows is a whirling, mournful snapshot of a miracle's aftermath.
2h 0m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   Drama   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   
VENUE #1: Teatro SEA at The Clemente
SUN 14 @ 5:30
FRI 19 @ 2+
SAT 20 @ 9:45
TUE 23 @ 7
SAT 27 @ 4:15

Little Stories
Cornerstone Theatrical
Writer: Jack Herholdt
Director: Michael Heitzler
Clowns, damsels, enchanted fish, disguised princes, homicidal farm children. These are just a few ‘Little Stories’ from the uncharted territory of the Brothers Grimm. Join this zany medicine show of epic proportions as we dive into these forgotten fairy tales.
1h 30m   Local   Manhattan, NY   Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque   Comedy   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   
VENUE #9: The Kraine Theater
SAT 13 @ 5:30+
THU 18 @ 7
SUN 21 @ 4:45
TUE 23 @ 4:45
FRI 26 @ 5:45

FringeAL FRESCO - Iphigenia Among the Taurians
Everyday Inferno Theatre Company
Writer: Adapted from Euripides
Director: Anais Koivisto
In a foreign land, where strangers are executed on sight, a captive priestess dreams of revenge... But the Gods have other plans. Muscular, contemporary language and a-cappella pop music punctuate this electrifying tale of grief, redemption, and joy.
0h 0m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   Drama   Comedy   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   

FRI 12 @ 6:30
SAT 13 @ 6:30
SUN 14 @ 6:30
FRI 19 @ 6:30
SAT 20 @ 6:30

Is That Danny DeVito? And Other Questions From West of the Hudson
The Box Colony Theatre
Writer: Alexander Janosek Doyle
Director: Amanda Levie
In a new comedy inspired by the absurdist plays of Samuel Beckett, over-educated but under-employed millennials struggle to survive loopy locals and crippling neuroses while waiting for a perpetually delayed bus to their beloved Garden State.
1h 35m   Local   Jersey City, NJ   Comedy   Drama   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   
VENUE #8: WOW Cafe
SAT 13 @ 2:15+
TUE 16 @ 9:15
SAT 20 @ 2:15
TUE 23 @ 4:30
SAT 27 @ 7

Girl Versus Corinth
Writer: Danny Baird
Director: Catie Davis
Choreographer: Jelani Alladin
Medea’s back and she’s putting the pulse back in expulsion. Watch as this legendary infanticide vindicates her story through pounding electropop and feminist herstory. Armed with the waves of feminism, only she can dismantle the douche-bastions of the Patriarchy.
1h 0m   Local   Manhattan, NY   Musical/Opera   Comedy   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations!girl-versus-corinth/ys0d5   
VENUE #5: drom
SAT 13 @ 12:45+
MON 15 @ 5:15
MON 22 @ 3:15
TUE 23 @ 7:15
THU 25 @ 9:30

Eve and Her Neighbors
Writer: Ruby Hutson-Ellenberg
Director: Ruby Hutson-Ellenberg
Should she flee, or should she stay? Eve faces a dilemma in this biting satire about love and female friendship in the Garden of Eden. You know how it ends, but how did Eve really come to pick the low-hanging fruit?
1h 10m   Local   Queens, NY   Comedy   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   
VENUE #9: The Kraine Theater
WED 17 @ 9:30
FRI 19 @ 4:15+
MON 22 @ 4:15
FRI 26 @ 8

Ariadne on the Island
The Cutout Theatre
Writer: Isaac Allen Miller
Director: Avery Wigglesworth
I'm a F***ing Princess! I'm a F***ing God! Watch a princess and a God, and other greeks, discover themselves on the beach of Dia (which may be close to Crete). For mature audiences only.
1h 30m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   Drama   Comedy   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   
VENUE #14: The Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre
SUN 14 @ 7+
TUE 16 @ 3
SUN 21 @ 1
THU 25 @ 9:30
FRI 26 @ 5

American Strippers
Epic Theatre Company
Writer: Kevin Broccoli
Director: Kevin Broccoli
Choreographer: Ronald Lewis
When the Greek goddesses throw a bachelorette party and crash a legendary strip club run by American folk heroes like Pecos Bill and Johnny Appleseed, all Hades breaks loose. Myth, sex, romance and culture clash in this outrageous cosmic comedy.
2h 5m   National   Providence, RI   Comedy   Drama   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   
VENUE #3: Teatro LATEA at The Clemente
SAT 13 @ 9:15
TUE 16 @ 9:15
THU 18 @ 9
FRI 19 @ 4:30+
SUN 21 @ 1:15