FringeNYC Thematic Listing


Fabulous & Refined

Walken On Sunshine
Walken On Sunshine LLC
Writer: Dave Droxler, Music by James Rushin
Director: Marcus Stevens
An anxiety-ridden filmmaker accidentally lies to investors about having Christopher Walken in his movie and embarks on a ridiculous quest to get Walken. Neuroses, quirky love, bad guys and cowbells emerge to derail him. Will he ever find Walken??
1h 30m   Local   New York, NY   Comedy   Musical/Opera   
Theme: Pop Culture/Celeb, Summer Fun   Fabulous & Refined   
VENUE #15: SoHo Playhouse
SAT 13 @ 5:45+
TUE 16 @ 2
SAT 20 @ 7:15
MON 22 @ 9:45
FRI 26 @ 2:15

The Illusory Adventures of a Dreamer
Rhapsody Collective
Writer: Michael Bradley
Director: Chris Goodrich
Inspired by Ibsen's "Peer Gynt," a young man goes on a fantastical journey to find himself. Peer must confront a crisis of sexual identity as he encounters gluttonous Trolls, a mischievous guardian, and his one true love. #WhoAmI?
1h 50m   Local   Manhattan, NY   Comedy   Drama   
Theme: LGBTQ   Fabulous & Refined   
VENUE #1: Teatro SEA at The Clemente
SAT 13 @ 9:30
TUE 16 @ 5+
MON 22 @ 4:45
WED 24 @ 7
SAT 27 @ 1:30

Produced by Lauren Fischetti
Writer: Zach Stephens
Director: Kelly Webb
The red emergency phone rings. An assistant answers. "Babylon Studios, this is Henry." On the other end? North Korea's supreme leader, furious with his depiction in Babylon's latest picture, "The Girlish Tendencies of Kim Jong-un." But, like, what is girlish?
1h 35m   Local   New York, NY   Comedy   
Theme: Pop Culture/Celeb, Summer Fun   Fabulous & Refined   
VENUE #9: The Kraine Theater
FRI 12 @ 7:30
MON 15 @ 2:15+
THU 18 @ 4:30
WED 24 @ 9:15
SAT 27 @ 12:45

Love Me Forever Billy H. Tender
Produced by Jana Fredricks and Ned Moore
Writer: Jesse LaVercombe
Director: Adam Lazarus
January 31st, 2021: Enter Billy H. Tender, Canadian child-star. Billy’s family has splintered; today, they’ll need each other more than ever. After a sold-out premiere in Toronto, this virtuosic tragicomedy reckons with the cultural pandemic of superstardom.
1h 15m   International   Toronto, CANADA   Comedy   Solo Show   
Theme: Pop Culture/Celeb, Summer Fun   Fabulous & Refined   
VENUE #7: Under St. Marks
FRI 12 @ 6:30+
MON 15 @ 3
SAT 20 @ 5
SUN 21 @ 7
THU 25 @ 9:15

Johnny Darlin: In the Closet
Johnny Darlin and the Queer South
Writer: Michael Doshier, Music by Johnny Darlin, Francis Steakknife, & Gandor Chorale, additional writing by The Queer South
Choreographer: Pia Vinson
From fetish profiles to secret loves, we're all in the closet about something. Johnny Darlin performs his electro-rock catalog alongside dancers, video artists, poets and storytellers in an arena-style pop spectacle asking: what does it take to finally come out?
1h 15m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   Multi-Media   Musical/Opera   
Theme: LGBTQ   Fabulous & Refined   
VENUE #5: drom
SUN 14 @ 12:30+
TUE 16 @ 7
WED 17 @ 5:30
WED 24 @ 6
FRI 26 @ 9

From Foster Care to Fabulous
Red House Arts Center
Writer: Patrick Burns
Director: Richard Israel
In this original musical, Patrick Burns takes on the role of late-night talk show host, detailing his foster care journey with a myriad of side-splitting songs, a plethora of jaw-dropping anecdotes and a cast of horrific, hilarious and heartbreaking characters.
1h 15m   Local   Syracuse, NY   Musical/Opera   Solo Show   
Theme: LGBTQ   Fabulous & Refined   
VENUE #5: drom
FRI 12 @ 7:45+
SUN 14 @ 6
THU 18 @ 3*
TUE 23 @ 9
THU 25 @ 5:15

Creative Collaborations
Writer: Tiffany Barton
Director: Helen Doig
June is an eccentric New York opera singer. Once celebrated, she's down on her luck. Agorophobic and unable to leave her apartment, she turns to her booze, her pills, her dead stuffed cat and her trusty vibrator Mr. Buzzy for solace.
1h 0m   International   Perth, WEST AUSTRALIA   Drama   Solo Show   
Theme: Meta and Theatrical   Fabulous & Refined   
VENUE #8: WOW Cafe
WED 17 @ 7+
FRI 19 @ 6
WED 24 @ 5:15
FRI 26 @ 8
SAT 27 @ 3:15

Brandonna Summer Lives, Live
Find a Feather LLC
Writer: Brandon Alter
Director: Aaron Simon Gross
The most glamorous show at this years FringeNYC. Brandonna Summer, international socialite and dance-pop icon, is on the run from her druglord ex-fiancee. Her hilarious comeback show proves you can't outrun your past, but you sure can outclass it.
1h 15m   National   Los Angeles, CA   Comedy   Musical/Opera   
Theme: Pop Culture/Celeb, Summer Fun   Fabulous & Refined   
VENUE #5: drom
MON 15 @ 2:30+
WED 17 @ 7:30
SAT 20 @ 8:45
SUN 21 @ 5:15
WED 24 @ 2
SUN 28 @ 2

At The Flash
At The Flash
Writer: Sean Chandler & David Leeper
Director: David Zak
"At The Flash" is a mind-bending, multi-character history of a gay bar seen through the experiences of five specific, yet universal characters whose stories ricochet and collide through a whirlwind of interwoven scenes spanning five eras of gay history.
1h 20m   Local   Manhattan, NY   Solo Show   Drama   
Theme: LGBTQ   Fabulous & Refined   
VENUE #7: Under St. Marks
SAT 13 @ 8
THU 18 @ 4:45+
FRI 19 @ 4
SUN 21 @ 2:45
WED 24 @ 9

A Brandy Before Dying
Jim Farmer Productions
Writer: Jm Farmer
A British drawing room murder mystery comedy. Identical twin brothers, one very rich, one poor, vie for the same woman's affection. A murder ensues.
1h 20m   Local   Manhattan, NY   Comedy      
Theme: Pop Culture/Celeb, Summer Fun   Fabulous & Refined   
VENUE #3: Teatro LATEA at The Clemente
SAT 13 @ 2+
TUE 16 @ 7
SAT 20 @ 9:15
TUE 23 @ 7:15