FringeNYC Thematic Listing


Quirky & Eccentric

Anonymous, Anonymous
Pogue Mahone Productions
Writer: Jason Sofge
Director: Jason Sofge
Anonymous, Anonymous is the time-bending, HILARIOUS story of a lovelorn playwright, as he fondly recalls the greatest and funniest moments from his past, masterfully weaving them together into a new play, telling a timeless story of lost love.
1h 10m   Local   Manhattan, NY   Comedy   Drama   
Theme: Relationships & Sex   Quirky & Eccentric   
VENUE #9: The Kraine Theater
SUN 14 @ 2:15+
TUE 16 @ 4:45
FRI 19 @ 2
SUN 21 @ 7
THU 25 @ 9:15

At the Crossroads: Music for Faust
Modern Robot
Writer: Ben Singer
A live film score to the 1926 silent film "Faust". A beautifully restored projection to open your mind to the art of early film production and mesmerizing, composed music to open your heart to an eternally relevant story.
0h 55m   National   Greensboro, NC   Performance Art   Musical/Opera   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   Quirky & Eccentric   
VENUE #5: drom
WED 17 @ 3+
THU 18 @ 5:45
SAT 20 @ 3:15
MON 22 @ 9:30
WED 24 @ 8

Millions of Maps Productions
Writer: Lindsay Beamish and Amanda Vitiello
Director: Lindsay Beamish and Amanda Vitiello
Kidnapping! McDonald's! Boyfriends made of shirts! Safe wigs! Dangerous wigs! Two preteen girls locked in a room for years have invented coded languages and ritualistic acts to survive, appease their captor, and orchestrate their escape. Might they escape him tonight??
0h 50m   National   Boston, MA   Drama   Comedy   
Theme: Feminism and Women's Issues   Quirky & Eccentric   
VENUE #4: Abrazo Interno at the Clemente
SAT 20 @ 3+
MON 22 @ 3:15
WED 24 @ 9
THU 25 @ 7:30
SAT 27 @ 5:30

The Curse of the Babywoman
BIG Theatre Company
Writer: Mike Wirsch
Director: Olivia Hartle
Shrubtown is a small town for small-minded people preoccupied by social mores and the new Bob's Big Boy. But everyone has secrets, and one secret toddles to life every night. Can Shrubtown stand up to a creature that can barely walk?
1h 45m   Local   New York, NY   Comedy   Drama   
Theme: Pop Culture/Celeb, Summer Fun   Quirky & Eccentric   
VENUE #1: Teatro SEA at The Clemente
SAT 13 @ 7
WED 17 @ 2+
SAT 20 @ 2:45
TUE 23 @ 9:45
FRI 26 @ 9:45

The Box Show
Writer: Dominique Salerno
Director: Sash Bischoff
One woman. 25 characters. All inside a cupboard! The doors open to reveal: a drunken couple in Vegas, a lonely Giantess, the entire Greek Army inside the Trojan Horse, & more! The space is limited, but the comedic possibilities are endless...
1h 30m   Local   Manhattan, NY   Solo Show   Improv/Sketch/Stand-up   
Theme: Meta and Theatrical   Quirky & Eccentric   
VENUE #4: Abrazo Interno at the Clemente
SUN 14 @ 8+
TUE 16 @ 8:45
THU 18 @ 9
FRI 19 @ 4:15
SUN 21 @ 12:30
SUN 28 @ 12:30

Small Guitar
Hillsville Productions
Writer: David King
Director: David King
Choreographer: none
Ferry Worker, Clayton Gilchrist recounts his life in an Alternate Universe where he was a major Rock Star, Straddling two realities and consequently two streams of History, he seeks to distance himself from his behaviour in that alternate reality.
1h 15m   International   , CANADA   Solo Show   Comedy   
Theme: Pop Culture/Celeb, Summer Fun   Quirky & Eccentric   
VENUE #16: The Huron Club
FRI 12 @ 5:15+
MON 15 @ 9:15
FRI 19 @ 3
SUN 21 @ 8:30
FRI 26 @ 5:30

Memoriam: After Euripides' Alcestis
Hypnic Theatre Company in Association with Adjusted Realists
Writer: Stephen Kaliski
Director: Elizabeth Ostler
What if you could bring her back? Inspired by millennia of wishful thinking, Kaliski (West Lethargy, Gluten!) indulges in the impossible, reuniting a dead queen with her grieving king. What follows is a whirling, mournful snapshot of a miracle's aftermath.
2h 0m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   Drama   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   Quirky & Eccentric   
VENUE #1: Teatro SEA at The Clemente
SUN 14 @ 5:30
FRI 19 @ 2+
SAT 20 @ 9:45
TUE 23 @ 7
SAT 27 @ 4:15

Is That Danny DeVito? And Other Questions From West of the Hudson
The Box Colony Theatre
Writer: Alexander Janosek Doyle
Director: Amanda Levie
In a new comedy inspired by the absurdist plays of Samuel Beckett, over-educated but under-employed millennials struggle to survive loopy locals and crippling neuroses while waiting for a perpetually delayed bus to their beloved Garden State.
1h 35m   Local   Jersey City, NJ   Comedy   Drama   
Theme: Classics & Adaptations   Quirky & Eccentric   
VENUE #8: WOW Cafe
SAT 13 @ 2:15+
TUE 16 @ 9:15
SAT 20 @ 2:15
TUE 23 @ 4:30
SAT 27 @ 7

Homo Sapiens Interruptus
Writer: Carlos Dengler
One-hour monologue. Behind a desk. It's smart. It's funny. And it's heartwarming. Join Carlos Dengler in an intimate setting as he talks about heavy metal, human origins, and his road from pizza delivery to rockstardom with the band Interpol.
1h 10m   Local   New York, NY   Solo Show   Spoken Word/Poetry   
Theme: Pop Culture/Celeb, Summer Fun   Quirky & Eccentric!homo-sapiens-interruptus/np1df   
FRI 12 @ 5+
MON 15 @ 7:15
FRI 19 @ 9:30
MON 22 @ 2:45
THU 25 @ 9:30

The Company Incorporated
Writer: Julie Katz
Director: Lexi Diamond
A colossal San Francisco company with a mission to "make an aspect of an industry better" is right-sizing the workforce, and not everyone is along for the ride. Meet your core-value-living coworkers in this biting satire on modern corporate culture.
1h 0m   National   San Francisco, CA   Comedy   Solo Show   
Theme: Science, Tech, Geekery   Quirky & Eccentric   
VENUE #4: Abrazo Interno at the Clemente
SAT 13 @ 7:15
TUE 16 @ 5:15+
SUN 21 @ 2:45
TUE 23 @ 5
FRI 26 @ 9

Murder at the Food Coop
Neo-Shtick Theater
Writer: Gersh Kuntzman and Marc Dinkin
Director: Eric Oleson
A murder farce for our locavore age! When the founder of a food coop in liberal Brooklyn is found dead inside the solar-powered Gore 3000 freezer, the ensuing free-range investigation is part Agatha Christie and part Julia Child.
1h 50m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   Comedy   Musical/Opera   
Theme: NYC Stories   Quirky & Eccentric   
VENUE #2: Flamboyan Theater at The Clemente
SAT 13 @ 9:45
SUN 14 @ 5+
WED 17 @ 7:15
WED 24 @ 2
THU 25 @ 6:15
SUN 28 @ 2:45