FringeNYC FLY Paper - "Themes that are sticky..."


Wrought Atlas Theatre Ensemble
Writer: Emma Dante, Translation by Francesca Spedalieri
Director: Francesca Spedalieri
Choreographer: Francesca Spedalieri, Sarah Ware, Sifiso Mazibuko
How does love endure when your partner is gone? An elderly woman rejoins her husband and re-lives their love story. Experience this tale of nostalgia, memory, dance, and 1950s-60s Italian pop. North American debut of a movement play in translation.
0h 45m   National   Columbus , OH   Clown/Mask   Comedy   
Theme:    Relationships   
VENUE #7: The Theater at the 14th Street Y
FRI 14 @ 7:15 +
SUN 16 @ 8
THU 20 @ 5:30
TUE 25 @ 5:30
FRI 28 @ 8:45

Fail Better; Beckett Moves UMO
The UMO Ensemble
Writer: Featuring Text by Samuel Beckett, created by the UMO Ensemble, sound scape by James Bigbee Garver
Director: Elizabeth Klob
An elegant postcard from the edge of reality. An intimate combination of theatre and circus. With a teeter-totter. And ropes. "UMO's remarkable tribute to Beckett's genius is a mesmerizing production...a visual delight and an intellectual teaser."...The Seattle Times.
1h 0m   National   Seattle , WA   Performance Art   Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque   
Theme:    Classics & Adaptations   
VENUE #17: The SoHo Playhouse
FRI 14 @ 8:45 +
SUN 16 @ 6:15
TUE 18 @ 5:15
WED 19 @ 7
THU 20 @ 9

15-501 Productions
Writer: KG Garcia
Director: Derik Wingo
Cleaning out his attic, a man recounts his first love—but the path is filled with rivals, exes, rap battles, and Michael McDonald. An ensemble narrative, “Jericho” explores the nature of nostalgia and the wounds that keep us looking back.
2h 0m   Local   Manhattan, NY   Comedy   Drama   
Theme:    Relationships   
VENUE #10: The Kraine Theater
SAT 15 @ 7 +
MON 17 @ 2
SAT 22 @ 4:45
MON 24 @ 9:15
SUN 30 @ 12:15

Old Haunts
Customary Radicals Productions
Writer: Emily Simon
Director: Emily Simon
Upon returning to Colorado, the familiarities of Mark's hometown dissolve, giving way to the tangled web of his unraveling imagination.
2h 0m   Local   Brooklyn , NY   Drama   Comedy   
Theme:    Relationships   
VENUE #15: Robert Moss Theater at 440 Studios
FRI 14 @ 8:30
SUN 16 @ 8:30
THU 20 @ 2 +
TUE 25 @ 4:15
SAT 29 @ 2:30

Shake The Earth
Arev Productions, Inc.
Writer: Lousine Shamamian
Director: Misti Wills
Bolstered by kufta and string cheese, Lousine yearns to bring the injustice inflicted on her ancestors to light. Can this meek gay Armenian stand up for herself and recount her great-grandfather Georgi's remarkable story of survival during the Armenian Genocide?
0h 52m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   Drama   Solo Show   
Theme:    Political & Social Issues   
VENUE #4: Spectrum
MON 17 @ 3:45 +
THU 20 @ 5:30*
SAT 22 @ 7
MON 24 @ 2
SAT 29 @ 8:45

The Morningtime of Now
Mock Turtle
Writer: Stories and vocals by Anne Hills, puppetry by Mock Turtle, lyrics by Michael Smith and incidental music by Jay Ansill
Director: Doug Roysdon
Poet-trees, composer mice, and singing brooks — experience the rustic world of Opal Whitely. This magical journey of music, story and puppetry honors Nature's miracles, tragedies, and transcendence. Inspired by the 1920's diary of young Opal Whitely. Adults/children over seven.
1h 15m   National   Bethlehem, PA   Puppetry   Musical/Opera   
Theme:    Bios & History   
VENUE #5: The Celebration Of Whimsy
WED 19 @ 7 +
SUN 23 @ 9
TUE 25 @ 2*
FRI 28 @ 7
SAT 29 @ 4:15

Uniform Justice
Chuk Obasi
Writer: Book and Lyrics by Chuk Obasi, Music by Fariddudin F. Johnson and Chuk Obasi
Director: Chuk Obasi, Music Director: Fariddudin F. Johnson
In an urban neighborhood in Memphis, residents and police search for solutions to rampant violence afflicting their streets and the conflicts and suspicions dividing them. A unique take on a current crisis, inspired by true stories and experiences in Memphis.
1h 40m   Local   Manhattan, NY   Drama   Musical/Opera   
VENUE #1: Teatro SEA at the Clemente
SUN 16 @ 3*
WED 19 @ 9:15
FRI 21 @ 7 +
TUE 25 @ 9:30
SAT 29 @ 4:30

Wilde Tales
Writer: Oscar Wilde, Adapted by Kevin P. Joyce
Director: Kevin P. Joyce
Three fairy tales by Oscar Wilde told with puppets, music and Wilde's wit. These charming and evocative stories remind us of the enduring power of love.
1h 5m   Local   Manhattan, NY   Drama   
Theme:    Classics & Adaptations   
VENUE #15: Robert Moss Theater at 440 Studios
SAT 15 @ 7
WED 19 @ 2 +
SAT 22 @ NOON*
TUE 25 @ 9:30
WED 26 @ 6:15