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Below you'll find information about FringeJR from our 2014 festival. Information for this year's festival will be posted in July.

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FringeJR is FringeNYC for the whole family!

These productions are specifically recommended for families and groups with children ages five (5) to twelve (12). $13 FringeJR tickets will be available to the youngsters for all FringeJR shows and may only be purchased in person: Either in advance (the day before the performance) at FringeCENTRAL (cash or credit card), or at the box office where the show is playing 15 minutes prior to curtain (credit card only).

FringeJR is brought to you with the assistance of our Community Partner: 14sty

Our FringeJR 2014 Selections are:




Alienne: The Musical Adventures of My Little Martian

Alienne Productions LLC
Writer: Jim Colleran (Book, Music & Lyrics)
Director: Nick Brennan
Choreographer: Joanna Greer
A wacky space-age romp… perfect for today’s kids! Alienne is a feisty Martian teenager who longs to be an Earthling. With goofy aliens, sarcastic robots, an amateur astronomer, and an evil space witch, “Alienne” is out of this world!
0h 55m Local Manhattan, NY
FringeJR Musical/Opera

VENUE #8: The Theater at the 14th Street Y  

SAT 9 @ 1:45; THU 14 @ 2; SUN 17 @ NOON;
FRI 22 @ 3:45; SAT 23 @ NOON  

MEET THE CAST AT FORT FringeJR! - Sunday, August 10th & Saturday, August 16th at NOON @ FringeCENTRAL



And Then Came Tango

Purple Crayon Players
Writer: Emily Freeman
Director: Lindsay Amer
A celebration of the modern family inspired by the true story of Roy and Silo, male Chinstrap Penguins at the Central Park Zoo who formed a pair bond and caused a public outcry when they raised and hatched a chick named Tango.
1h 5m National Evanston, Illinois
FringeJR Drama 

VENUE #8: The Theater at the 14th Street Y

SUN 10 @ NOON; WED 13 @ 3:45; FRI 15 @ 2;
TUE 19 @ 2; THU 21 @ 6  

MEET THE CAST AT FORT FringeJR! - Monday, August 11th & Saturday, August 16th at NOON @ FringeCENTRAL



My Monster Friend

Writer: Book and Lyrics by Arianna De Giorgi, Jason Goodman, Music by Jason Goodman
Director: Arianna De Giorgi
Lonely Doctor Science-stein creates a friend in his lab with a brain he ordered online. Buongiorno! Oh no! It's an Italian brain! Don't worry doctor, this monster makes pasta and knows how to rock. A musical for all ages.
1h 5m International Rome, Italy
FringeJR Musical/Opera

VENUE #8: The Theater at the 14th Street Y

FRI 8 @ 5; TUE 12 @ 2; SAT 16 @ NOON;
WED 20 @ 3:45; SAT 23 @ 1:45

MEET THE CAST AT FORT FringeJR! - Monday August 11th & Sunday August 17th at NOON @ FringeCENTRAL




Writer: Book and Lyrics by Arianna De Giorgi, Jason Goodman, Music by Jason Goodman
Director: Arianna De Giorgi
Ciao! Hello! They might not fully understand what the other is talking about... but boy do they know how to put on a show! An American and Italian vagabond form a crazy musical duo. Mamma mia! Fun for all ages.
1h 0m International Rome, Italy
FringeJR Musical/Opera

VENUE #8: The Theater at the 14th Street Y

SAT 9 @ NOON; WED 13 @ 2; TUE 19 @ 4;
FRI 22 @ 5:30; SUN 24 @ 1:45

MEET THE CAST AT FORT FringeJR! -Monday, August 11th & Sunday, August 17th at NOON @ FringeCENTRAL 

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