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BUY ADVANCE TICKETS ONLINE! Find performances by using the Slice-O-Matic or clicking on the alphabetical tabs below. Then click on the desired performance and purchase using your credit card (an (in)convenience charge applies). Your confirmation will be e-mailed immediately, which you can then save directly to your mobile device (the greenest way!) or print out. Be sure to line up at least 15 minutes before the performance at the colorful flag outside the VENUE. Have your mobile or printed ticket ready to be scanned and enjoy the show! NO LATECOMERS ARE ADMITTED AT FringeNYC.
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Wounded Beast Theater in Association with A Street Production
Writer: Christian Gade Bjerrum
Director: Christian Gade Bjerrum
DAD is the captivating self portray of Christian and his dad, who has cancer. DAD invites you on a rare physical and emotional journey, that investigates how music, video, beat poetry combined with interactive yoga exercises can function as alternative healing - for You.
0h 0m   International   Copenhagen, Denmark   
FringeHIGH   Performance Art   

Dementia Americana
Synapse Theatre Ensemble
Writer: Louis Aquiler & Chris D'Amato
Director: Paul Mancini
Sex! Murder! Insanity! John Philip Sousa! All this and more in a darkly comic and appallingly relevant play that explores the upsetting and true events surrounding Evelyn Nesbit, Harry K Thaw, and the 1906 murder of famed architect Stanford White.
0h 0m   Local   New York, New York   
Comedy   Drama   

Devastated No Matter What
Writer: Grace Connolly
Director: Sarna Lapine
In this contemporary twist on "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner", Riley and Tristan are the perfect couple entertaining who is sure to be the most difficult guest. Tensions come to ahead in an unexpected way when baggage and boundaries intersect.
0h 0m   Local   Manhattan, New York   

Die For Me
Thin Space Productions
Writer: Ethan Ness
Director: Ethan Ness
Allie is a poet. Reese is a scientist. They can't live without each other. So together, they make a promise. Die For Me is a two-act drama that blends high-school romance with T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land."
0h 0m   Local   Manhattan, New York   

Dream Ticket
Theatre For America
Writer: Ryan Bernsten
Director: Kristin Skye Hoffmann; Associate Director: Marylynne Anderson-Cooper
In this political satire, populist Becky Roberts and maverick Les Sugarman compete for their party's presidential nomination—despite a history that wasn’t strictly political. When the media forces them to run together, their dream ticket becomes a nightmare.
0h 0m   Local   ,    
Comedy   Improv/Sketch/Stand-up   

Dust to Dust: An Inherently Dark Comedy
Dust to Dust
Writer: Raven Cassell; Lamin Leroy Gibba; Renée Harrison; Avon Haughton; Tasneem Nathari
Director: Lilith Bachelder
When five unlikely individuals find their paths crossing in ways they never imagined, and are forced to face each other in order to save their home, their dissimilarities-along with an estrange cousin and dead landlord-cause quite and explosion.
0h 0m   Local   Manhattan, New York   
Drama   Comedy   

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