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W.E.B. DU BOIS: A Man For All Times
Pulse Ensemble Theatre
Writer: Alexa Kelly
Director: Alexa Kelly
"Heartwarming and inspirational!" A vibrant, passionate journey through the 95 years of his tumultuous life and times. This great Civil Rights Activist, born 1868, brought to life by this critically acclaimed performance. "History cannot ignore Du Bois!" Martin Luther King.
0h 0m   International   NYC: Manhattan,    
Drama   Solo Show   

Waiting For Obama
Wild Blindness Productions
Writer: John Moore
Two brothers are convinced that Barack Obama, the President of The United States, is coming for their guns… And they are right. In this charged election year, this absurdist farce, leaps head-first into America’s most complex conundrum… Guns.
0h 0m   National   Denver, Colorado   
Comedy   Drama   

Walken On Sunshine
Walken On Sunshine LLC
Writer: Dave Droxler, Music by James Rushin
Director: Marcus Stevens
An anxiety-ridden filmmaker accidentally lies to investors about having Christopher Walken in his movie and embarks on a ridiculous quest to get Walken. Neuroses, quirky love, bad guys and cowbells emerge to derail him. Will he ever find Walken??
0h 0m   Local   New York City, New York   
Comedy   Musical/Opera   

WALLS: A Play for Palestine
Writer: Summer Ghasan Awad
Director: David Ratliff
A Palestinian-American teenager clashes with her traditional father as she discovers the troubled history of her heritage. As she searches for her place between two cultures, Diaspora Child highlights the unique experience of coming of age as an immigrant.
0h 0m   National   Knoxville, Tennessee   
Drama   Spoken Word/Poetry   

Fly Away Balloon Theatre
Writer: Casey Dressler
Director: Kim St. Leon
Named best show of the 2015 Fort Lauderdale Fringe by The Miami Herald, The Wedding Warrior is a One Woman ROMCOM which follows a Florida Keys wedding planner as she combats the mayhem and mishaps that lead up to matrimony.
0h 0m   National   Islamorada, Florida   
Solo Show   Comedy   

Whales & Souls
Sexy Dirt Productions
Writer: Andrew Kramer
Director: Matt Renskers
Pssssst. Did you hear the tale of the Creature from the Lake…? In this gritty, sensual fable for adults, a small conservative village is enticed by offers from an outsider, and everything begins to change. Test the waters, if you dare...
0h 0m   Local   NYC, Manhattan   
Solo Show   Performance Art   

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
Colleen Britt and Linda van Kesteren in Association with Infinite Variety Productions
Writer: Based on novel by Grace Lin, Adapted by Colleen Britt, Debra Hess and Linda van Kesteren
Director: Colleen Britt and Linda van Kesteren
Choreographer: Colleen Britt and Linda van Kesteren
Join Minli travelling on a fantastical journey from Fruitless Mountain to find good fortune for her family. Meet a talking fish, dragon, magical king, and the Old Man of the Moon. Can one girl alter destiny? What is true fortune?
0h 0m   Local   New York, NY,    
FringeJR   Drama   

Young Company
Writer: Based on text by William Shakespeare, Adapted by Ji-Young Choi
Director: Ji-Young Choi
400 years ago, Ophelia’s heart was stopped. When her Korean drum starts to weep, Ophelia’s heart begins pounding. Now as the curtain opens, Ophelia tells you about her love, loss and longing for her dear mother.
0h 0m   International   Seoul, South Korea   
Solo Show   Drama   

Millions of Maps
Writer: Lindsay Beamish and Amanda Vitiello
Director: Lindsay Beamish and Amanda Vitiello
Kidnapping! McDonald's! Boyfriends made of shirts! Safe wigs! Dangerous wigs! Two preteen girls locked in a room for years have invented coded languages and ritualistic acts to survive, appease their captor, and orchestrate their escape. Might they escape him tonight??
0h 0m   National   Boston, Massachusetts   
Drama   Comedy   

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