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These are our 2013 show listings, left here for your reference. Please check back in July 2014 for the new show listings.


Waiting For Pessoa
Writer: Eileen Fischer,  Music by Charles Porter
Director: John Sannuto
Choreographer: John Sannuto
Is death a dream? Loosely based upon Fernando Pessoa's text THE MARINER, with original "danse macabre" choreography and music, three people watch and wait beside a coffin by the sea. What are they waiting for? What is anyone waiting for?
1h 0m   Local   New York, NY   
Drama   Performance Art   
Discover: Mind-bending Meta   
VENUE #4: Teatro LATEA       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
FRI 9 @ 7:30  SUN 11 @ 9:00  FRI 16 @ 5:00  TUE 20 @ 3:30  FRI 23 @ 5:30  

Waiting for Waiting for Godot
Hansburg Productions, in association with The Collective NY
Writer: Dave Hanson
Director: Alex Harvey
Two understudies occupy their time backstage trying to understand art, life, and their absurd existence. Turns out, the only people who truly understand waiting for Godot are the two actors who are Waiting for Waiting for Godot.
1h 20m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Discover: Mind-bending Meta   
www.wfwfgodot.com   wfwfg   
VENUE #10: The Kraine Theater       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
WED 21 @ 3:00  THU 22 @ 7:00  FRI 23 @ 4:00  SAT 24 @ 8:15  SUN 25 @ 2:15  

Whammy! The Seven Secrets to a Sane Self
HotCity Theatre
Writer: adapted by Chuck Harper
Director: Chuck Harper
Choreographer: Mikey Butane Thomas
The agony and ecstasy of "self-help" get a delirious makeover in Whammy! Part 1960's dance party and part Nietzschean nightmare, Whammy! probes the American fever dream where Dr. Phil, Diazepam and daily afflictions smash into sexual addiction, suicide and The Shirelles.
1h 15m   National   St. Louis, MO   
Dance   Comedy   
Discover: Enlightment-Heaven & Hell   
VENUE #2: CSV Flamboyan       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
THU 15 @ 5:45  FRI 16 @ 2:00  MON 19 @ 7:15  THU 22 @ 5:00  FRI 23 @ 7:00  

What Every Girl Should Know
The Order of St. Margaret Sanger
Writer: Monica Byrne
Director: Jaki Bradley
In 1914, four Catholic girls make Margaret Sanger their patron saint and form a cult of adventure, assassination, and masturbation ritual. Then one becomes pregnant, blurring the line between their fantasy life and their real one.
1h 30m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Drama   Dance   
Discover: SEX Our bodies Our selves   
www.SaintMargaretSanger.com   monicabyrne13   
VENUE #16: Robert Moss Theater at 440 Studios       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
THU 15 @ 2:00  SUN 18 @ NOON  TUE 20 @ 6:30  FRI 23 @ 4:45  SAT 24 @ 9:15  

What's an Anjan?
Writer: Anjan Biswas
Previously performing for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Comedy Central Asia, Anjan draws upon his life as a young brown man in the U.S., Singapore and the U.K. for a hilariously un-PC exploration of sex, racism, drug-ventures, and self.
0h 50m   International   Calcutta, India   
Improv/Sketch/Stand-up   Comedy   
Discover: Reality-The Modern Family    
www.whatsananjan.com   whatsananjan   
VENUE #9: JIMMY'S NO. 43       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
FRI 9 @ 5:30  SAT 10 @ 2:00  WED 14 @ 3:00  FRI 16 @ 9:30  SUN 18 @ 7:30  WED 21 @ 9:30  

What's Your Opinion on Spontaneous Human Combustion?
The Ryemarian Corporation
Writer: Sean Behrens
Director: Sarah Anne Simmons
The Ryemarian Corporation is interviewing candidates for a new job opportunity. To what extend will these candidates go for employment? Are they willing to turn themselves inside out exposing their true selves? Come and find out. God Bless America. (All female cast)
0h 55m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Comedy   Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque   
Discover: Suspense-Current Issues   
VENUE #11: Teatro Circulo       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
FRI 9 @ 9:30  WED 14 @ 10:15  FRI 16 @ 2:00  WED 21 @ 9:30  SAT 24 @ 6:00  

Who's Afraid of Me, Myself, and Edward Albee?
San Diego Playwrights Collective
Writer: Matt Thompson
Director: Matt Thompson
When a neurotic businessman is joined by an outlandish stranger at a bus stop, his daily routine is dramtically rerouted. Secrets, repressed feelings, and self-discoveries will ultimately cause one life to change direction forever. But which one?
1h 25m   National   San Diego, CA   
Drama   Comedy   
Discover: Mind-bending Meta   
www.sdplaywritescollectivefringeny.weebly.com   mattsdpc   
VENUE #3: CSV Kabayitos       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SAT 10 @ 2:15  SUN 11 @ 7:00  TUE 13 @ 5:30  WED 14 @ 2:30  THU 15 @ 7:00  FRI 16 @ 9:15  

Why Not Me
Writer: Jen Bosworth
Director: Alyson Lyon
From struggling Chicago actress to the surreal Hollywood life as Nicolas Cage's office manager to dealing with family illness, death and love, Jen leads the audience on her very personal romp through life's heartaches, headaches and hysterics.
1h 10m   National   Chicago, IL   
Solo Show   Comedy   
Discover: Fascination Hollywood LA   
www.adamnnicelady.com   whynotmetheshow   
VENUE #13: SubCulture       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SUN 11 @ NOON  WED 14 @ 9:45  FRI 16 @ 2:00  SAT 17 @ 8:30  SUN 18 @ 2:30  

Writer: David Don Miller
Director: Markus Potter
Take a darkly comic ride into an urban high school where undisciplined students and a bewildered faculty confront upheaval and strife while attempting to navigate a backwards bureaucracy. “The most exciting play to hit New York since Clybourne Park”. -NewYorkRep
2h 15m   Local   ,    
Drama   Comedy   
Discover: Suspense-Current Issues   
www.WhyYouBeasting.com   WhyYouBeasting1   
VENUE #2: CSV Flamboyan       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SAT 10 @ 2:00  SUN 11 @ 8:15  WED 14 @ 7:00  SAT 24 @ 5:45  SUN 25 @ NOON  

Stockholms MusikTeater
Writer: Based on the sonnets by William Shakespeare, Book, Lyrics and Music by Jan-Erik Sääf , Translation Owen Robertson
Director: Andreas Boonstra
A one-man musical inspired by the exciting story hidden in Shakespeare's beloved sonnets. Suggests a dark triangle between him and his mysterious Dark Lady as well as his passion for the young Earl of Southhampton.
1h 30m   International   Stockholm, Sweden   
Musical   Drama   
Discover: Literature   
VENUE #13: SubCulture       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SAT 17 @ 2:45  SUN 18 @ 8:15  TUE 20 @ 2:00  FRI 23 @ 10:00  SUN 25 @ NOON  

Woman of Leisure and Panic
terraNOVA Collective
Writer: Charlotte Bydwell
Choreographer: Charlotte Bydwell
A whimsical combination of dance and theatre, 'Woman of Leisure and Panic' depicts a young artist's quest to remain financially stable, creatively productive, physically fit, romantically satisfied, reasonably on schedule and still standing...or should she sit?
0h 50m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Solo Show   Comedy   
Discover: Mind-bending Meta   
www.womanofleisureandpanic.tumblr.com/   leisureandpanic   
VENUE #8: The Theater at the 14th Street Y       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SUN 11 @ 3:30  MON 12 @ 7:45  FRI 16 @ 9:45  MON 19 @ 2:00  FRI 23 @ 8:00  

Worst Year Ever
Walker Productions
Writer: Charlotte Miller
Welcome to a short presentation about why Charlotte Walker Miller, age 12, is having the worst year ever.
1h 10m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Solo Show   Comedy   
Discover: Reality-The Modern Family    
www.worstyearevertheplay.wordpress.com   worstyeareverCM   
VENUE #9: JIMMY'S NO. 43       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
FRI 9 @ 7:15  SAT 10 @ 7:00  FRI 16 @ 5:30  MON 19 @ 7:15  THU 22 @ 5:00  SUN 25 @ 1:00  

Floundering Fathers
Writer: Christopher Lord Compton
Director: Niccolo Aeed
Against a dangerously radical protest movement, unceasing rains and a broken press, Oedipus of Corinth AKA Eddy the Gimp, Thebes’ favorite radio personality, is fighting to preserve truth and tradition – when his reputation is threatened by a breaking sex scandal.
1h 40m   Local   Harlem, NY   
Drama   Comedy   
Discover: Literature   
VENUE #6: Connelly Theater       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SAT 10 @ 2:30  WED 14 @ 6:00  FRI 16 @ 2:00  THU 22 @ 7:00  SAT 24 @ 8:00  

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