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Our 2015 shows are here! Click on any letter below to find shows by title. And check back on July 17th for performance schedules and ticketing information. 


Thank You for Staring
Writer: Patrice Gerideau
Director: Carol Cadby
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, can one still be beautiful when disease erases what society calls beautiful? In this authentic and transparent solo work, one woman recounts her real-life struggle with beauty, love, faith and acceptance.
1h 0m   National   Washington, DC   
Solo Show   Drama   
www.thankyouforstaring.com   patricegerideau   
SUN 16 @ 4:30; FRI 21 @ 8:45; SUN 23 @ 7:45; WED 26 @ 2; FRI 28 @ 6:15
VENUE #4: Spectrum Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

This Side of the Impossible
Writer: Sebastian Boswell III
Director: Sebastian Boswell III
Awarded "Best of Fringe" at the 2014 San Francisco Fringe Festival. Witness mind reading and remarkable physical feats of the mystics, performed by Sebastian Boswell III. He claims these extraordinary powers result from a lifetime of travel and study. Genuine, charlatan, or insane?
1h 0m   National   San Francisco, CA   
Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque   Comedy   
www.SebastianBoswell.com   SBoswell_III   
SAT 15 @ 7; TUE 18 @ 3:30; THU 20 @ 5:15; SAT 22 @ 3:30; MON 24 @ 7
VENUE #8: Under St. Marks Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

Th' Burning
The Acting Studios, LLC
Writer: Susan McCain, Jason Wright
Director: Laura Lundy Wheale
Anniston, Alabama. 1961. Deep in the South, two girlhood friends - one black, one white - unite when integration is met with opposition during a violent bus-burning riot that mutilates the idea of what it means to be family.
1h 30m   National   Birmingham, AL   
Drama   Performance Art   
www.theactingstudios.com/   acting_studios   
SUN 16 @ 9:30; TUE 18 @ 7; SUN 23 @ 12:15; WED 26 @ 5:15; THU 27 @ 7
VENUE #2: Flamboyan Theatre at the Clemente Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

Tiananmen Annie
Writer: Ann Starbuck
Director: Richard Embardo
A comedic and heartfelt coming of age story about finding your Chinese soul. It is Ann Starbuck's true story of living in Beijing as a student in 1988-1989, and working for CNN during the Tiananmen Square Uprising.
1h 15m   National   Los Angeles, CA   
Solo Show   Drama   FringeHIGH   
www.tiananmenannie.com   tiananmenannie   
WED 19 @ 2:45*; SAT 22 @ 5; TUE 25 @ 3; WED 26 @ 9; SAT 29 @ 8:45
VENUE #12: 64E4 UNDERGROUND Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

TO DANCE - The Musical
Dancing in the Dark Productions
Writer: Book & Lyrics by Kyra Robinov, Music by Tibor Zonai
Audiences love him. The KGB hates him. All Valery Panov wants is TO DANCE. But will the Soviet authorities let him? Set in Cold War Russia, this musical drama of love and intrigue is filled with humor, song and dance.
2h 30m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Dance   Musical/Opera   
www.todancethemusical.com   ToDance_Musical   
TUE 18 @ 8:30; FRI 21 @ 8:45; SUN 23 @ 5:45; THU 27 @ 9; SUN 30 @ 1:45
VENUE #7: The Theater at the 14th Street Y Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

To Each Their Own
Tek Theatrical Productions
Writer: Tracey Knight Narang
Director: Charles E. Gerber
After years of heartbreaking infertility Liz and John unexpectedly become pregnant. Joy and honesty are quickly replaced by despair and deceit when important moral issues and dark family secrets threaten their marriage.
1h 30m   Local   Westport, CT   
Drama   Comedy   
ToEachTheirOwn.net   tetofringenyc   
MON 17 @ 7; THU 20 @ 9; MON 24 @ 4:45; SAT 29 @ 7; SUN 30 @ NOON
VENUE #1: Teatro SEA at the Clemente Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

Type What Now
Writer: Jessie Bear
Director: Stefan Hartmann
What are ten things you hate about your body? What's one you like? An unlikely diagnosis takes Jessie on a journey exploring body image and chronic illness that questions what society tells us is healthy, and what healthy really means.
1h 40m   Local   Queens, NY   
Drama   Comedy   
www.thejessbear.com   thejessbear   
MON 17 @ 7; FRI 21 @ 8:45; SUN 23 @ 4:30; THU 27 @ 9; SAT 29 @ NOON
VENUE #14: The White Box at 440 Studios Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

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