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Produced by Lauren Fischetti
Writer: Zach Stephens
Director: Kelly Webb
The red emergency phone rings. An assistant answers. "Babylon Studios, this is Henry." On the other end? North Korea's supreme leader, furious with his depiction in Babylon's latest picture, "The Girlish Tendencies of Kim Jong-un." But, like, what is girlish?
1h 35m   Local   New York, NY   

VENUE #9: The Kraine Theater

Take One
The Council of Nine
Writer: Jeff Ward
Director: Michael Schiralli
Michelangelo, Richard Rodgers and God light up the musical stage in this story of the disastrous first versions of three great things. "Take One" shows that the act of creation is always messy and hilarious -- even for the gods.
1h 40m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Musical/Opera   Comedy   

VENUE #2: Flamboyan Theater at The Clemente

Tales of a Sexual Tomboy
Writer: Joyful Raven, with creative collaborators Micaela Cirimelli and Jael Weisman
Director: Jael Weisman
A tomboy with an overactive libido looks for empowerment in all the wrong places. “When it comes to men, I’m never sure if I want to wrestle them, heal them, or sleep with them - often I do all three.”
1h National   Oakland, CA   
Comedy   Solo Show   

VENUE #4: Abrazo Interno at the Clemente

Tall Pines Lodge
Unspeakable Productions in Association with Unpublishable Press
Writer: J.D. Graves
Director: Joshua Hill
In this claustrophobic, pulp thriller, in the gritty tradition of Jim Thompson, an East Texas dive shatters the myth of honor among thieves. Find out why patrons call this play "the most DISGUSTING thing I've ever seen!"
1h 40m   Local   Manhattan, NY   

VENUE #14: The Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre

Beloved Mountain Productions
Writer: David J Goldberg
Director: Conrad Kluck
A civil war is unfolding today within the intelligence world, and David J Goldberg finds himself caught in the middle. With the help of disgruntled insiders, Goldberg tries to sabotage a rouge entrapment program by going public with his story.
1h 20m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Solo Show   Performance Art   

VENUE #5: drom

Tea at 4
Created at The Shipley School, Bryn Mawr
Writer: Tony Devaney Morinelli with Mallory Avnet,Lauren Grajewski and Elizabeth Dunham
Director: Tony Devaney Morinelli
The intimate lives of two women from their youth to the last moments of their shared time together.
1h National   Bryn Mawr, PA   
Drama   FringeHIGH   


That's MISS FITS, to YOU!
Writer: Todd Tif Fernandez, Music, Book & Lyrics
Director: Jonathan Warman
A mystical poly-gender tale - That’s MISS FITS, to You! - concocts an elaborate journey to self-awareness with cameos by Rosa Parks, Judy Garland and Radical Faeries, oh my. The musical extravaganza will leave you singing with liberation spirit.
2h 45m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Musical/Opera   Comedy   

VENUE #15: SoHo Playhouse

That's my Moonbeam!
Chaos Button Productions
Writer: Jason Grimste
Director: Jeffrey Whitted
If an Alien race chose you as a representative of the human race to take around the galaxy, would you go? Do Dreams weigh more than Love? Sometimes you need to get away to find the truth. Sometimes you don't.
1h 40m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Comedy   Drama   

VENUE #13: The Players Theatre

Writer: Jonathon Ward
Director: Danielle Skraastad
Actors from Elizabethan England emerge on Cape Cod in 1619 to start the first indie theatre. With a copy of The Tempest, gold, their talent and dreams, - and aid from the Wampanoag,- they overcome Puritans, who believe they're witches.
1h 45m   Local   Nassau County, NY   
Drama   Comedy   FringeHIGH   

VENUE #2: Flamboyan Theater at The Clemente

The Thing That Never Happened
Writer: Justine Gelfman
Director: Ellie Sachs
Four girls sit in a writing center. They speak eloquently about both SoulCycle and second-wave feminism. The Thing That Never Happened is about the relationships we value, the friendships we don't always value, and waiting ninety minutes to text back.
1h 35m   National   Chicago, IL   
Comedy   FringeHIGH   

VENUE #14: The Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre

This Gonna Be on the Test, Miss?
YoMiss Productions
Writer: Ronna Levy
Director: Tyler Spicer
I'm not Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds. Welcome to Community College. From LA to Brooklyn, meet my real students as I teach them in 12 weeks what they should have learned in the past 12 years. You won't be quizzed.
1h Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Solo Show   Comedy   

VENUE #7: Under St. Marks

Little y Theatre Company in Association with The Vertical Company
Writer: Elena Zucker
Director: Elena Zucker
From NYC to Palestine, Mimi’s world collapses with the inadvertent like of a long-lost love’s dissident Facebook status. Identities unravel, as do the boundaries between fact and fiction, Jew and Arab, time and space. A psycho-cyber thriller.
1h 15m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Drama   Solo Show   

VENUE #8: WOW Cafe

Writer: Dan Rider
Director: Holly Kristina Goldstein
An incredibly clumsy hospital clown is hired to entertain an acerbic fifteen year old girl, and finds the only thing that cheers her up is watching him get hurt. A play about other people's suffering and why it's hilarious.
1h 55m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Comedy   Drama   

VENUE #8: WOW Cafe

Till Birnam Wood...
John Schultz Presents
Writer: William Shakespeare
Director: John Schultz
Encounter the witches, slip on your blindfold, and fall into the darkness of Macbeth's Scotland. Till Birnam an immersive, sensory experience of Shakespeare's darkest work, literally. Audience members experience this fast-paced and intense production completely blindfolded.
1h 4m   National   Philadelphia , PA   

VENUE #5: drom

To Protect the Poets
Michael Palmer and 11 West Productions
Writer: John Doble
Director: Alberto Bonilla
A poet and her principles collide with a policeman's sense of justice when Mac, whose life is books and ideas, falls in love with Jab, a detective enraged at a killer's cold indifference.
2h Local   Manhattan, NY   

VENUE #1: Teatro SEA at The Clemente

The Topography Between (a New York radio love song)
Imperfect Speakers
Writer: Zachary Miceli
Director: Mimi Barcomi
A surreal love story set in the New York unconscious to a live R&B soundtrack. Rodney and Callisto yearn for each other from a jail cell and city clinic, while forming connections with strangers poised on the brink of revelation.
2h 15m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Drama   Multi-Media   

VENUE #15: SoHo Playhouse

Writer: Kilusan Bautista
Take a train ride in the fight against gentrification & listen to the confessions of a homeless artist in Brooklyn, NY. Written & performed by Hip Hop Theater Artist Kilusan Bautista.
1h Local   Bronx, NY   
Solo Show   Multi-Media   


Treya's Last Dance
Outlandish Cat Productions
Writer: Shyam Bhatt
Director: Tiffany Nichole Greene
Faced with Croydon's mankiest speed-dates, Treya blunders into some messy truths - her brother's death; two lovably eccentric parents; the fallout from a British/Indian culture clash. A hilarious, awkward, heart-wrenching tale of love and loss in London.
50m   International   London, UNITED KINGDOM   
Comedy   Improv/Sketch/Stand-up   

VENUE #4: Abrazo Interno at the Clemente

Tribulation: The Musical
Writer: Book and Lyrics by Molly Miller, Music by Brad Kemp
Director: Tyler Samples, Music Director: Charlie Worth
Choreographer: Lauren Lopez
It's the end of the world...and you still need a job. In Tribulation: The Musical prophets, whores, and middle managers alike all struggle to prevent the Apocalypse, in this hilarious, irreverent take on the Bible's Book of Revelation.
1h 40m   National   Chicago, IL   
Musical/Opera   Comedy   

VENUE #2: Flamboyan Theater at The Clemente

The Troubadour Struck By Lightning
Temerity Theatre Co.
Writer: Ed Malin
Director: Janet Bentley
Choreographer: Tatyana Kot
Love. Music. Men. Muslims. Men who like men who like Muslims who like poems. A rampant fantasia of medieval times.
1h 10m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Comedy   Spoken Word/Poetry   

VENUE #6: The Theater at the 14th Street Y

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