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PLEASE NOTE: these are our 2014 show listings, left here for your reference. Check back in July for our 2015 shows listing.

BUY ADVANCE TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Find performances by using the Slice-O-Matic or clicking on the alphabetical tabs below. Then click on the desired performance and purchase using your credit card (an (in)convenience charge applies). Your confirmation will be e-mailed immediately, which you can then save directly to your mobile device (the greenest way!) or print out. Be sure to line up at least 15 minutes before the performance at the colorful flag outside the VENUE. Have your mobile or printed ticket ready to be scanned and enjoy the show!


The Pawnbroker: Lies, Lovers, and Bertolt Brecht
Writer: Katelin Wilcox
Director: Jennifer Curfman
What price would you pay for love? Your dignity, your sanity, your place in history? Discover the lies behind Brecht's legend - and what five women lost to create it. If you think you know the truth, you don't know Brecht.
1h 20m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Solo Show   Drama   
Theme: FLY on the Wall   
www.YouDontKnowBrecht.com   UDontKnowBrecht   
VENUE #12: 64E4 UNDERGROUND Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SAT 9 @ 12:30   SUN 10 @ 7:45   WED 13 @ 5   SAT 16 @ 8:45   THU 21 @ 2  

Peristalsis (look it up!)
Writer: Jerry Finkelstein
Director: Cecilia Rubino
Pain, it sucks! (Been there?) Pain is a terrorist but it has never been funnier. From Monet to jelly donuts, this dark comic jazz riff was written by the nerve of a ruptured disc in a battle for survival on a sleepless night.
1h 10m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
Theme: No FLY Zone   
peristalsis2014.wordpress.com/   Peristalsis2014   
VENUE #15: The White Box at 440 Studios Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SAT 9 @ 5:30   WED 13 @ 7:30   SAT 16 @ 3:45   TUE 19 @ 5   THU 21 @ 9:15   SAT 23 @ 7  

The Photo Album
The Story Gym
Writer: C.S. Hanson, Holly Hepp-Galvan, Daniel Ho, Jack Karp, and Lisa Reinke
Director: Lisa Reinke
Hundreds of faded photos were discovered in a crumbling Brooklyn Victorian. Whose were they? What memories did they capture? Scan photos using your smartphone/tablet to reveal clues that send you scavenger-hunting to piece together stories. Download the Layar app now.
1h 30m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Theme: A FLY in the Ointment   
www.thestorygym.com   PhotoAlbumStGym   
VENUE #3: Abrazo Interno at the Clemente Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
FRI 8 @ 8:45   MON 11 @ 5:30   FRI 15 @ 2   SUN 17 @ 4   MON 18 @ 9:30   SAT 23 @ 4:45  

Pickles & Hargraves and the Curse of the Tanzanian Glimmerfish
Femme Fatale Theater
Writer: Georgia Clark & Ryan Williams
Director: Robert Ribar
Legendary mouse detective Thomas Hargraves, attends the annual Fish Fanciers Convention when a murderer strikes – or is it the work of an ancient pescetarian curse? Can our hero solve the mystery before the killer, or the curse, strikes again?
1h 10m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Comedy   Improv/Sketch/Stand-up   
Theme: FLY in the Face of Danger   
www.femmefataletheater.com   RobertRibar   
SAT 9 @ NOON; WED 13 @ 7:15; FRI 15 @ 1; SAT 16 @ 5:15; SUN 17 @ 9:15
VENUE #6: Connelly Theater Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SAT 9 @ NOON   WED 13 @ 7:15   FRI 15 @ 1   SAT 16 @ 5:15   SUN 17 @ 9:15  

The Picture (of Dorian Gray)
The Gravity Partners
Writer: Neal Utterback, adapted from the works of Oscar Wilde
Director: Neal Utterback
A beautiful boy falls in love with his own image and wishes away his soul to stay forever young. Pennsylvania-based ensemble presents a physical remix of Oscar Wilde’s notorious works examining how far we go to achieve our darkest desires.
1h 10m   National   Huntingdon, PA   
Drama   Comedy   
Theme: FLY Through the Pages   
VENUE #18: The Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
TUE 12 @ 3:15   THU 14 @ 7   SAT 16 @ 6:30   WED 20 @ 4:45   SAT 23 @ 1:30   SUN 24 @ 6  

The Poisons
rhhproduction LLC
Writer: Richard Helfer
Director: Richard Helfer
PASSION . . . LUXURY . . . POWER . . . MURDER . . . SATANISM . . . GOVERNMENT COVERUP Is Louis XIV's mistress - a beautiful, brilliant and ambitious woman - tied to Satanist witches? A TRUE STORY
2h 0m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Theme: FLY in the Face of Danger   
www.the-poisons.org   thepoisonsnyc   
VENUE #2: Flamboyan Theatre at the Clemente Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SAT 9 @ NOON   MON 11 @ 7:45   FRI 15 @ 4:15   MON 18 @ 5:15   SAT 23 @ 9:30  

The Practice Child
Writer: Tyler Stuart
Director: Tyler Stuart
An eccentric manchild tries desperately to escape the shadow of his perfect younger brother in this offbeat comedy about love, poetry, fratricide, malignant brain tumors, senile neurosurgeons, astronaut sperm donors, and one seriously messed up family.
1h 15m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
Theme: Let Your Freak Flag FLY   
www.ThePracticeChild.com   practicechild   
VENUE #14: Sheen Center - THE BLACK BOX Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SAT 9 @ 9:30   MON 11 @ 4:45   SAT 16 @ NOON   MON 18 @ 7   THU 21 @ 3:45  

The Princess Pyunggang
Bibimbab Theatre
Writer: Sookyung Hwang
Director: Jong Yeoup Lee
Choreographer: Grace (Yu Sun) Kang
The story of Princess Pyunggang is a Korean ancient tale that tells the unforgettable love between a foolish and the princess of Goguryo. This story combines Korean traditional drumming instruments songs and dances to deliver a breathtaking performance.
1h 30m   International   Seoul , KOREA   
Musical/Opera   Performance Art   
Theme: FLY in the Face of Danger   
www.facebook.com/BibimbabTheatre   PrincessPyungga   
VENUE #13: Sheen Center - THE LORETTO Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
FRI 8 @ 2:30   MON 11 @ 2   THU 14 @ 9:45   SUN 17 @ 6:30  

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