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The New York International Fringe Festival is now FringeNYC (in Manhattan) AND FringeBYOV (in the outer boroughs). ALL DATES BELOW ARE IN OCTOBER. Use the Slice-O-Matic or the alphabetical tabs below to view the shows, pick your performance, and purchase tickets.

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Performances shown in grey are either past or sold out.

Nancy Drewinsky and the Search for the Missing Letter
Writer: Robin Bady
Director: Loren Niemi & Megan Wells
Robin isn't afraid of the bogeyman; she's haunted by Senator McCarthy, instigator of the 1950's witch-hunts. To claim her truth, she reveals the deeply personal story of her family's struggles when her father was accused of being a traitor.
1h 30m   Local   FringeNYC
Solo Show   Spoken Word/Poetry   
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FringeNYC Flag - Yellow

No Sympathy For The Wolf
Tarnish Productions
Writer: Scott Mebus
Director: Maridee Slater
This decidedly adult comedy rock musical combines fairy tales, social commentary, catchy pop/rock music and more than a few dirty jokes to show what happens when everyone ever victimized by the Big Bad Wolf unites to try to take him down.
2h 30m   Local   FringeNYC
Musical/Opera   Comedy   
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FringeNYC Flag - Dark Green

Not a Gift
Zemi Dance Theatre
Writer: Peter Myette
Director: Heather Lanza
In 1968 a presidential candidate called for compassion and sacrifice and the people cheered. Robert Kennedy's visceral embrace of those with little fueled a confrontational challenge to those with much. A racially diverse female cast bridges the distance between memorial and manifesto.
1h 40m   Local   FringeNYC
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