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PLEASE NOTE: these are our 2014 show listings, left here for your reference. Check back in July for our 2015 shows listing.

BUY ADVANCE TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Find performances by using the Slice-O-Matic or clicking on the alphabetical tabs below. Then click on the desired performance and purchase using your credit card (an (in)convenience charge applies). Your confirmation will be e-mailed immediately, which you can then save directly to your mobile device (the greenest way!) or print out. Be sure to line up at least 15 minutes before the performance at the colorful flag outside the VENUE. Have your mobile or printed ticket ready to be scanned and enjoy the show!


La Donna Improvvisata
Writer: Improvised by Lisa Flanagan, Improvised Music by Frank Spitznagel
Director: T.J. Mannix
Opera: The original Sex, Death and Rock & Roll! Join Lisa and Frank as they improvise a brand new opera performed for one-night-only. You choose the hero from classical archetypes with a modern twist! Sometimes funny. Sometimes sad. Always sung.
1h 0m   Local   New York, NY   
Musical/Opera   Improv/Sketch/Stand-up   
Theme: SuperFLY   
www.facebook.com/LaDonnaImprov   LiSur   
VENUE #15: The White Box at 440 Studios Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SUN 10 @ 6   THU 14 @ 2   WED 20 @ 3:45   FRI 22 @ 7:30   SUN 24 @ 3:30  

Lady Parts
Playground Theatre Project
Writer: Becky Ellis and the Women of Playground Theatre Project
Director: Megan Sambataro Donovan
"Like you're totally cool before you saw my tits but now you forgot I have a personality too?" 8 teenage girls tell you no-holds-barred what it’s really like to be a woman in the 21st century.
0h 50m   Local   Freehold, NJ   
FringeHIGH   Drama   
Theme: Look, Ma, I Can FLY   
www.actorsplay.com/PTP/   PTPsLadyParts   
VENUE #10: The Kraine Theater Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
MON 11 @ 7   FRI 15 @ 2   SAT 16 @ 12:15   SUN 17 @ 8:30*   FRI 22 @ 6:15  

Leah in Vegas
Drift In Act Out
Writer: Kara Ayn Napolitano
Director: Kristin Skye Hoffmann
Recently released from jail, Leah tries using her high school friend Brenda to illegally reconnect with her daughter Kristi. Instead, Brenda takes them to Las Vegas, where temptation abounds, and the reality of Leah's crime cannot be denied.
2h 5m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Drama   Comedy   
Theme: A FLY in the Ointment   
www.LeahinVegas.com   LeahinVegas   
VENUE #11: 64E4 MAINSTAGE Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
TUE 12 @ 2:30   THU 14 @ 9:45   SAT 16 @ 2:15   SUN 17 @ 9:45   SAT 23 @ 4:30  

Life Without Parole
Working Artists Theatre Project in association with Karah Gravatt
Writer: Warren Doody
Director: Jessica Dermody
Inspired by true stories from real-life case studies of incarcerated domestic violence survivors, Life Without Parole takes you "behind the barbed wire," exposing how these convicted women bond together, explore their pasts, and survive when orange becomes their new black and blue.
1h 25m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Theme: A FLY in the Ointment   
www.LifeWithoutParolePlay.com     LWPNYC   
VENUE #4: Teatro LATEA at the Clemente Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SUN 10 @ 6:30   SAT 16 @ 7   SUN 17 @ 12:30   THU 21 @ 2:30   SAT 23 @ NOON  

The Link to The Missing Link
Shore Brothers
Writer: Gary Shore, Michelle Birmingham, Ali Burke, Leanne Smith, Music by Michael DeQuattro
Director: Gary Shore
Choreographer: Gary Shore, Michelle Birmingham, Ali Burke, Leanne Smith
This movement-theatre piece captures audience members with its comic twist and live music. Utilizing dance, mime,dialogue, three cell phones, three bean bags,and a small TV monitor, it explores the dramatic and humorous effects of media on society.
0h 50m   National   Bristol, RI   
Dance   Comedy   
Theme: A FLY in the Ointment   
VENUE #8: The Theater at the 14th Street Y Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SAT 16 @ 4   SUN 17 @ 8:45   WED 20 @ 2   THU 21 @ 8   SAT 23 @ 9:45  

The List (The Greatest, Most Absurd 100 American Movies Mash-Up Parody Ever Stitched Together)
143 Productions
Writer: Bryan T. Donovan
Director: Regan Adair
Over 40 iconic film characters + 4 actors= A twister of a comedy so crazy you'll be wishing Nurse Ratched WAS your primary physician.
1h 30m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Theme: SuperFLY   
www.143productions.com   143_productions   
VENUE #10: The Kraine Theater Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SAT 16 @ 6   SUN 17 @ NOON   TUE 19 @ 8:45   THU 21 @ 7:30   SUN 24 @ 2:30  

Little Mother
Lust & Liberty
Writer: Katie Green
Director: Paul Markert
Little Mother is a living silent film for the stage—a dark fairytale featuring subtitled live acting, shadow puppetry, and an original score. A young mother risks confusing fantasy with reality, as she sacrifices everything to support her family.
1h 0m   Local   Queens, NY   
Drama   Performance Art   
Theme: Look, Ma, I Can FLY   
VENUE #8: The Theater at the 14th Street Y Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SUN 10 @ 7:15   SAT 16 @ 10:15   WED 20 @ 5:45   THU 21 @ 9:45   SUN 24 @ NOON  

Lizzie Borden Took an Axe
The Covey Theatre Company
Writer: Garrett Heater
Director: Garrett Heater
Award-winning psychological thriller examines every searing detail of the notorious unsolved double axe murder of a Victorian woman's father and step-mother. Striving to be the most historically accurate representation of the Borden case, period details punctuate this engrossing mystery.
2h 0m   Local   Syracuse, NY   
Theme: FLY in the Face of Danger   
www.thecoveytheatrecompany.com   thecoveytheatre   
VENUE #4: Teatro LATEA at the Clemente Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
WED 20 @ 6   THU 21 @ 8:45   FRI 22 @ 2   SAT 23 @ 9:15   SUN 24 @ 2:15  

The Lost Ones
Excavation Theater Company
Writer: Reiko Goodwin & Evan Greenberg; Orig. Concept: Josh Atkinson, Devised by Excavation Theater Co.
Director: Evan Greenberg
A retreat between long lost friends is derailed when the chilling secret history that binds them resurfaces. As the fabric of reality unravels around them, each must make a life or death decision in the face of an impending storm.
1h 40m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Drama   Comedy   
Theme: A FLY in the Ointment   
www.TheLostOnesPlay.com   thelostonesplay   
VENUE #2: Flamboyan Theatre at the Clemente Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SAT 9 @ 2:45   WED 13 @ 4:45   THU 14 @ 9:45   SAT 16 @ 9   WED 20 @ 5  

Love At Home
Matoula Productions
Writer: Mary Matoula Webb
Director: Mary Matoula Webb
A lesbian & A Mormon: 2 Sisters, A family divided. From their early teens to their adulthood, after Proposition 8 was passed, two sisters grapple to find a loving space between faith and family.
1h 30m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Drama   Comedy   
Theme: A FLY in the Ointment   
LoveAtHomeThePlay.com   @loveathomeplay   
VENUE #6: Connelly Theater Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SUN 10 @ 4:45   WED 13 @ 5   FRI 15 @ 7   THU 21 @ 2   FRI 22 @ 7:15  

LOVENESS: I will only love you once.
SirmuMsila Media Inc.
Writer: Craig muMs Grant
Director: Jill DeArmon
Carlyle meets Isabelle. They go on some dates. There’re questions. What do you really want? What is Love? Who knows, the therapist? The bartender? We find out what it is not, the hard way.
1h 24m   Local   The Bronx, NY   
Spoken Word/Poetry   Drama   
Theme: FLY Me to the Moon   
www.facebook.com/LOVENESSbymuMs   sirmuMsila   
VENUE #17: The Players Theatre Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SUN 10 @ NOON   SUN 17 @ 7:45   WED 20 @ 7:15   FRI 22 @ 4:45   SAT 23 @ 7  

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