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These are our 2013 show listings, left here for your reference. Please check back in July 2014 for the new show listings.


Kemble's Riot
Writer: Adrian Bunting
Director: Kerri McLean
Based on the true story of the 1809 riots at London's Covent Garden Theatre that lasted 66 nights and a man at war with his audience. Become the rioting audience and watch the drama unfold. A huge slice of fun!
1h 0m   International   London, England   
Drama   FringeHIGH   
Discover: Inspiration-History & Bios   
www.kemblesriot.com   kemblesriot   
VENUE #17: The Players Theatre       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SAT 17 @ 1:00*  SUN 18 @ 5:45  TUE 20 @ 7:15  WED 21 @ 5:15  SAT 24 @ 8:30  

Syntaxis Productions
Writer: Brandt Johnson
Director: Katie Lindsay
An infamous assassin facing a midlife crisis pays a surprise visit to a pacifist therapist as she’s about to leave for spin class. She stays. He recovers his lost humanity, and she discovers her inner ninja.
1h 20m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
Discover: Romance    
www.killertherapy.com   KillerTherapy   
VENUE #17: The Players Theatre       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SAT 10 @ 7:30  TUE 13 @ 5:30  FRI 16 @ 7:00  WED 21 @ 3:00  FRI 23 @ 4:45  

KINEMATIK Dance Theater
Choreographer: Svea Schneider
Dive into the surreal world of PERFECT PROTOTYPE as fierce female dancers mimic and manipulate mannequins, challenging perfect body aesthetics within media culture. Next, explore the visually stimulating bustling world of INSEKTA, fusing Breakdance, House, Modern Dance with live projections.
1h 45m   Local   Queens, NY   
Dance   Multi-Media   FringeHIGH   
Discover: Science   
www.kinematikdance.com   dancekinematik   
VENUE #8: The Theater at the 14th Street Y       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
FRI 9 @ 9:15  MON 12 @ 2:00  SAT 17 @ NOON  SAT 24 @ 9:30  SUN 25 @ 1:45*  

The Kitchen Table Plays
Writer: Erin Breznitsky
Director: Tamara Winters
Stories of a new divorcé, manipulative business partners, the parents of a volatile teen, and others intertwine in this lyrical exploration of the frail, violent, sexy, joyful moments that unfold at the silent witness to every home: the kitchen table.
1h 50m   Local   New York, NY   
Drama   Spoken Word/Poetry   
Discover: Reality-The Modern Family    
VENUE #11: Teatro Circulo       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SUN 11 @ NOON  TUE 13 @ 8:45  TUE 20 @ 3:45  THU 22 @ 7:00  FRI 23 @ 4:15  

kumrads won't
Writer: Christina Michelle Watkins
Director: Kristin McCarthy Parker
e.e. cummings, whiskey, a stuffed koala named James... Ponce doesn’t know what awaits her in aging Walter’s crummy apartment. As they weather a midnight snowstorm, a fragile connection sparks. Can they make it last till morning?
1h 20m   Local   Queens, NY   
Drama   Comedy   
Discover: SEX Our bodies Our selves   
www.kumradswont.com   kumradswont   
VENUE #11: Teatro Circulo       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
THU 15 @ 2:00  FRI 16 @ 9:30  SAT 17 @ 4:30  SUN 18 @ 1:30  WED 21 @ 7:15  

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