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BUY ADVANCE TICKETS ONLINE! Find performances by using the Slice-O-Matic or clicking on the alphabetical tabs below. Then click on the desired performance and purchase using your credit card (an (in)convenience charge applies). Your confirmation will be e-mailed immediately, which you can then save directly to your mobile device (the greenest way!) or print out. Be sure to line up at least 15 minutes before the performance at the colorful flag outside the VENUE. Have your mobile or printed ticket ready to be scanned and enjoy the show! NO LATECOMERS ARE ADMITTED AT FringeNYC.
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Kamikaze Cutesauce Cosplay Club
Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre
Director: Brian Rott and Andrew Parchman
Choreographer: Brian Rott, Jenni Reinke, Posy Knight, Jessi Miller and Alex Roy
Businessmen turn samurai, junior high girls play gym class water polo, bystander cellphones snap pics of an attack. Milwaukee's Physical Theatre fuses movement, puppetry, and martial arts with the Japanese popular art forms of Manga and Anime. Warning: Mature Content.
2h 5m   National   Milwaukee, WI   
Dance   Puppetry         
VENUE #5: The Celebration Of Whimsy
THU 27 @ 9:15 +  FRI 28 @ 2  SAT 29 @ 9  SUN 30 @ 2  

Kill Sister, Kill! A Musical
Bygone Theatre and Kid Switchblade Productions
Writer: Book and Lyrics by Drac & Jamieson Child, Music by Michael Zahorak
Director: Jamieson Child
In the gritty streets of 1970s NYC, a nun & her sister are attacked by two sickos. Left for dead & robbed of her sister, the Woman of God rebuilds herself as a Weapon of Hellbent Vengeance! A Psychotronic Hell-trip of Song, Sleaze & Revenge!
1h 30m   International   Toronto, CANADA   
Musical/Opera   Comedy         
VENUE #9: Theatre 80
WED 26 @ 6:30 +  THU 27 @ 7:30  FRI 28 @ 9  SAT 29 @ 1:15  SUN 30 @ 1:15  

Yamadera Productions, LLC
Writer: Jean-Daniel Noland
Director: Adam LeGrant
A Man, a Woman a Rope--Knots is a twisted Freudian fable, a dark romance, about the desire to be bound and the fear of being tied down. . . forever.
0h 50m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Drama   Comedy         
VENUE #16: The Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre
SUN 16 @ 2:45  THU 20 @ 7 +  THU 27 @ 5  FRI 28 @ 5:15  SAT 29 @ 9:45  

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