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The New York International Fringe Festival is now FringeNYC (in Manhattan) AND FringeBYOV (in the outer boroughs). ALL DATES BELOW ARE IN OCTOBER. Use the Slice-O-Matic or the alphabetical tabs below to view the shows, pick your performance, and purchase tickets.

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* = FringeHIGH Talkback follows performance  
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Performances shown in grey are either past or sold out.

I Don't Know Shit About Cars
Writer: Zac Jaffee
Director: Christopher Burris
A car ride through the past. Your daughter in the back seat. Take her to meet your dad. Survive detours, tall tales, Gremlins, and a blown tire. What's a father, anyway? Writer/performer is previous winner of FringeNYC Overall Excellence Award.
1h 20m   Local   FringeNYC
Solo Show   Multi-Media   
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FringeNYC Flag - Yellow

I Favor My Daddy
redBrick Agency
Writer: Jamie Brickhouse
Jamie’s octogenarian father, Daddy Poo, is a ribald Catholic conservative accepting of his son’s homosexuality and arrested alcoholism. Is Jamie the full-blown version of Daddy Poo—all the things Daddy Poo was, but didn’t quite become: alcoholic, writer, gay?
1h Local   FringeNYC
Solo Show   Comedy   
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FringeNYC Flag - Yellow

I Want a Country
HDGP PRODUCTIONS and The Greek Cultural Center
Writer: Andreas Flourakis
Director: Lyto Triantafyllidou
A group of people immediately, collectively and actively strive to create a new country. In the aftermath of a social crisis, they can only wonder: will the future bring hope or despair?
1h 15m   International   FringeNYC
Drama   Performance Art   
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FringeNYC Flag - Orange

I'm Just Fine
Writer: Nina Mozes
Director: Melissa Firlit
In the game show of life, you could win ALL the diseases! Nina has high-stakes symptoms, but her doctors won't play. Maybe laughter IS the best medicine, 'cause there's comedy in exam rooms. Learning to cope is painfully funny.
1h 5m   Local   FringeNYC
Solo Show   Comedy   
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FringeNYC Flag - Yellow

If It Isn't You
Tess McGuinness
Writer: Tess McGuinness
Sophie's first love was the piano, then it was Charlie. A temporal exploration of a college relationship, an honest confrontation with the "boy meets girl" trope that examines how perfect beginnings sometimes have disastrous ends.
Local   FringeQNS
Comedy   Drama   

FringeQNS The Secret Theatre

The Information War
Synapse Theatre Ensemble
Writer: Louis Aquiler & Chris D'Amato
Director: Paul Mancini
Is Alex Jones, famed alt-right conspiracy theorist, completely insane or a skilled con-man? Did Barack Obama turn the frogs gay? Have the Globalists taken over FringeNYC? Why has the entire world gone crazy? Find out in this dark satire!
1h 25m   Local   FringeNYC
Comedy   Drama   
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FringeNYC Flag - Silver

The International Local: 7
This Is Not A Theatre Company
Writer: Jenny Lyn Bader
Director: Erin B. Mee
International Local Trail: 7 invites audiences to participate in the multi-sensory experience of a site-specific audio play for the subway, and consider their role in the performance event that is the Big Apple. Download the Subway Plays app and begin!
60m   Local   FringeQNS
Drama   Multi-Media   


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