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PLEASE NOTE: these are our 2014 show listings, left here for your reference. Check back in July for our 2015 shows listing.

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Fuuun Kabocha No Basha
Writer: Book and Lyrics by Takaaki Shigenobu, Music by Tokuaki Nakajima
Director: Hiroaki Doi
Choreographer: Chie Nakagawa
DANCING MONK IPPEN is the Japanese divine musical.Set in Japan in the 13th century.IPPEN is a real person in history.He was born in SAMURAI and lived BUDDHIST MONK to save people by DANCING and SINGING.
1h 20m   International   Tokyo, JAPAN   
Musical/Opera   Drama   
Theme: FLY in the Face of Danger   
fuuunkabocha.yokochou.com   kabo_basha   
VENUE #13: Sheen Center - THE LORETTO Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
FRI 8 @ 7   SUN 10 @ NOON   MON 11 @ 7:15   WED 13 @ 2   FRI 15 @ 4  

The Death Monologues
Writer: Giselle Suarez
Director: Cathy Hartenstein
Death doesn't like to fight. He loves to dance. Tired of getting a bad rap, he's setting the record straight. He takes you on a ride through five unique characters' perspectives, guaranteed to change your life...and your death.
1h 0m   National   Sedona, AZ   
Solo Show   Drama   
Theme: No FLY Zone   
www.deathmonologues.com   deathmonologues   
VENUE #3: Abrazo Interno at the Clemente Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
FRI 8 @ 3   SAT 9 @ 9:30   MON 11 @ 2   WED 13 @ 6:15   THU 14 @ 5:45   SAT 16 @ 10:30  

The Death of Thomas Edison
Warehouse of Theatre
Writer: Lee Smith
Director: Katherine Hammond
Be propelled into a world where magical realism crashes against sophomoric humor, a woman's handbag contains the universe, and singing water goblets change the destiny of mankind. Interfused with Eric Whitacre's "Lux Aurumque," EDISON irradiates. Incandescing: "we are here."
1h 0m   National   Norfolk, VA   
Multi-Media   Drama   
Theme: A FLY in the Ointment   
VENUE #2: Flamboyan Theatre at the Clemente Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
FRI 8 @ 2:45   SAT 9 @ 7:30   SUN 10 @ 3   WED 13 @ 3   THU 14 @ 5:30  

Depression The Musical
Kirsten Major Productions
Writer: Marianne Pillsbury
Director: Gretchen Cryer
Dancing pills? A therapist named Joy! And, hey, you’re an alcoholic and a lesbian after all! "Depression: The Musical (A Depressed Girl's Guide To Depression)" is a darkly humorous pop-rock musical about falling apart and putting yourself back together.
1h 15m   Local   Queens, NY   
Musical/Opera   Comedy   
Theme: No FLY Zone   
www.depressionthemusical.com   DepressionRocks   
VENUE #2: Flamboyan Theatre at the Clemente Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SUN 10 @ 5   SAT 16 @ 7   SUN 17 @ 6:30   FRI 22 @ 2   SUN 24 @ 4:45  

Destiny is Judd Nelson
BIG Theatre Company
Writer: Sarah Goncalves
Director: Olivia Hartle
"Destiny is luck." "Destiny is getting lucky." Humorous as it is poignant, absurd as it is profound, DESTINY IS JUDD NELSON follows a group of young New Yorkers searching for meaningful connections in a city where timing is everything.
1h 15m   Local   Queens, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
Theme: FLY Me to the Moon   
www.bigtheatre.org   BIG_Theatre   
VENUE #1: Teatro SEA at the Clemente Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SUN 10 @ 3   FRI 15 @ 7:30   SUN 17 @ 9:30   WED 20 @ 2:30   FRI 22 @ 4  

Does This Dress Make Me Look Alone?
Julie Kottakis
Writer: Julie Kottakis
Director: Jay Stern
Surprise! It’s a single mom! An “accidental” pregnancy forces Julie to raise a child alone, make unlikely decisions and take a bumpy journey down memory lane. Follow this hilarious tale of how becoming a mother may mean becoming her mother.
1h 10m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Comedy   Solo Show   
Theme: Look, Ma, I Can FLY   
www.julieisalone.com   julieisalone   
VENUE #18: The Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SAT 9 @ 4   TUE 12 @ 7   FRI 15 @ 6:30   SAT 16 @ 12:15   THU 21 @ 3:15   SAT 23 @ 7  

DON'T PANIC: it's only Finnegans Wake
Writer: Adam Harvey, with extended excerpts by James Joyce
Relax, it's not THAT hard to understand. Adam Harvey, "a New Mexico actor with an incredible memory" (NYTimes), shares his knowledge par excellence of James Joyce's cryptic masterwork in this thoroughly engaging and accessible one-man tour de force.
1h 15m   National   Santa Fe, NM   
Spoken Word/Poetry   Performance Art   
Theme: FLY Through the Pages   
www.joycegeek.com   joycegeek   
VENUE #12: 64E4 UNDERGROUND Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
FRI 8 @ 5  SUN 10 @ 3:30  THU 14 @ 8:45  FRI 15 @ 4:15  SUN 17 @ 9:15  

The Doormen
Victor Verhaeghe
Writer: Victor Verhaeghe
Two Manhattan Doormen; brave, courteous, respectful, competitive, filled with musical machismo. One wise, rugged, handsome. The other young, brash with more hair. They battle in the streets and in the lobby to be Doorman of the Year!
1h 10m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Comedy   Multi-Media   
Theme: Let Your Freak Flag FLY   thedoormenshow   
VENUE #5: The Celebration Of Whimsy Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SUN 10 @ 4:30   SAT 16 @ 9:30   WED 20 @ 2   THU 21 @ 7:45   SUN 24 @ NOON  

Dragon's Breath
Writer: Michael C. O'Day
Director: Mikaela Kafka
Justine Drake dreams of seeing her YA paranormal romances in print. But somewhere between reading at bookstores, counting website clicks, and fending off internet trolls, she accidentally creates a dangerous cult. Some stories take on a life of their own...
1h 30m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
Theme: A FLY in the Ointment   
www.dragonsbreathplay.com   @Drag0nsBreath   
VENUE #4: Teatro LATEA at the Clemente Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
SAT 9 @ 3:15   MON 11 @ 9:15   FRI 15 @ 2   SAT 16 @ 4:45   SAT 23 @ 7  

Dust Can't Kill Me
Yale University
Writer: Book by Abigail Carney, Music and Lyrics by Elliah Heifetz
Director: Jacob Osborne, Music Director: Max Gordon
Gripped by Dust Bowl desperation, a ragtag group of wanderers heed a prophet's advice to embark on a journey that is a tall tale, a ghost story, and a quasi-apocalyptic parable. There will be folk music, whiskey, and love!
2h 30m   Local   New Haven, CT   
Musical/Opera   Drama   
Theme: FLY in the Face of Danger   
www.dustcantkillmethemusical.com   thedustmusical   
VENUE #7: Theatre 80 Untitled Document Share/Bookmark    
WED 13 @ 2   THURS 14 @ 9:45   FRI 15 @ 5:30   SAT 16 @ 10   SAT 23 @ 1  

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