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The New York International Fringe Festival is now FringeNYC (in Manhattan) AND FringeBYOV (in the outer boroughs). ALL DATES BELOW ARE IN OCTOBER. Use the Slice-O-Matic or the alphabetical tabs below to view the shows, pick your performance, and purchase tickets.

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* = FringeHIGH Talkback follows performance  
+ = FringePLUS MeetUp follows performance

Performances shown in grey are either past or sold out.

Hungry People Theatre
Writer: David Couter
Director: Yossef K
Once all dreams were carefree. Then Mr. Caddywhompus crept in, opening his briefcase full of waking terrors. A collegial dinner turns nightmare when Frank finds himself zip-tied to Alex's furniture, and must face his fears if he plans to survive.
1h 30m   Local   FringeNYC
Drama   Comedy   
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FringeNYC Flag - Pink

Chaos Theory
IKantKoan Games
Writer: Jessica Creane
Your inner chaos agent wants out. Embrace it. 2018 = Chaos. Through multi-player games and intimate, comedic lectures with an uptight mathematician, determine whether chaos is a situation to be wrestled into submission or a blank canvas of unbridled opportunity.
1h 15m   National   FringeNYC
Comedy   Improv/Sketch/Stand-up   
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FringeNYC Flag - Pink

The Church Of St. Luke In The Fields
Difficult Hour
Writer: Jim Shankman
Director: Jim Shankman
Two NYC prep school kids who desperately need to connect. A solitary old man who is looking to bury his past. Three lost New Yorkers find each other one evening at the Church Of St. Luke In The Fields.
1h 25m   Local   FringeNYC
Drama   Comedy   
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FringeNYC Flag - Silver

Ducdame Ensemble
Writer: Based on text by Aristophanes, Adapted by Ducdame Ensemble
Director: Shira Milikowsky
Choreographer: Andrew Barret Cox
Time's Up in Greece, 390 BC! With women now in charge, men must negotiate their place in society. In this adaptation of a timeless satire, who will be left to pick up the pieces from the Battle of the Sexes?
1h 20m   Local   FringeNYC
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FringeNYC Flag - Orange

Writer: Jacob Marx Rice
Director: Anna Strasser
Nicole is trying to unboil an egg. Kat is trying to stop Global Warming. When romance sparks between the two, Nicole must confront the explosive ending of her last relationship, with the help of a giant egg named Humpty Dumpty.
1h 15m   Local   FringeNYC
Comedy   Drama   
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FringeNYC Flag - Dark Blue

Crawling with Monsters Now
Latino Theatre Initiatives
Writer: Anonymous, with Interviews
Anonymous college student storytellers craft a homemade docudrama to tell the story of the war next door. Come hear from the missing and the murdered (from just-across-the-border Mexico). Photographs, video, social media posts and live music tell their story.
1h 20m   National   FringeNYC
Drama   Multi-Media   
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FringeNYC Flag - Silver

Crime of the Hour
What the Deelio Productions
Writer: Abby Deely
Director: Abby Deely
Crime of the Hour is a true crime-themed improv show. The host reports the facts of a crime which improvisers use as inspiration to create original scenes. Every show covers a different crime to satisfy your bloodlust!
Local   FringeQNS
Improv/Sketch/Stand-up   Comedy   

FringeQNS The Secret Theatre

Invulnerable Nothings
Writer: devised by the company
The Irish Badb, intelligence studies around corvidae neurobiology from University Tubingen, marginalia from Edgar Allan Poe, and western Murder Ballads all collide in CrowPlay, as a conspiracy of ravens leads the audience through an expanding series of ritual and tableau.
Local   FringeBKLYN
Multi-Media   Drama   
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FringeBKLYN - Bushwick Industrial

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