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These are our 2013 show listings, left here for your reference. Please check back in July 2014 for the new show listings.


cal and grey
Sunglasses After Dark Productions
Writer: Becca Schlossberg
Director: Madeleine Rose M. Parsigian
Cal and Grey are enemies of the state. Their bond could ignite a revolution, or be the end of all they've ever known. Through shared strength and unimaginable loss, they will learn that some fires cannot be contained.
1h 30m   Local   New York, NY   
Discover: Imagination   
www.sunglassesafterdark.org   SADPtweets   
VENUE #11: Teatro Circulo       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SAT 10 @ 7:00  SUN 11 @ 2:45  WED 14 @ 3:30  THU 22 @ 3:00  SAT 24 @ 7:45  

Carol and Cotton
Partizan Theater
Writer: James Vculek
Director: James Vculek
St. Paul 1963. Carol and T. Eugene ('Cotton') Thompson are living the American Dream in a beautiful house with four beautiful children. What could possibly go wrong? Minnesota's 'Crime of the Century' is what. Best Drama, 2012 Minnesota Fringe Festival.
1h 25m   National   Minneapolis, MN   
Discover: Reality-The Modern Family    
VENUE #10: The Kraine Theater       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
FRI 9 @ 4:30  SUN 11 @ NOON  MON 12 @ 7:00  WED 14 @ 4:00  THU 15 @ 9:00  

LabRats Theater Company
Writer: Lawrence Dial
CARROLL GARDENS ABORNING is a rueful comedy about the deliberate diversions along the road to parenthood. It tells the story of two young couples whose private relationships are fractured when their secrets become public.
1h 50m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
Discover: Reality-The Modern Family    
www.thelabratsnyc.com   Labratstheatre   
VENUE #1: Teatro SEA       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SUN 11 @ 9:00  THU 15 @ 8:30  SUN 18 @ 4:00  WED 21 @ 8:45  FRI 23 @ 5:00  

EdibleBrains in Association with Kimberly Laurenne
Writer: Molly Rydzel
Director: Mark Karafin
This dark rom-com follows the love triangle of Greg, Pam, and Marianne. A daring investigation into mental health, dependency and wine- begging Greg to answer the question: can he be her everything, when he is barely enough for himself?
1h 30m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Drama   Comedy   
Discover: Suspense-Current Issues   
www.ediblebrains.com   mollybrains   
VENUE #6: Connelly Theater       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SUN 11 @ 7:00  FRI 16 @ 9:30  SUN 18 @ 4:15  THU 22 @ 4:30  SAT 24 @ NOON  

Clown Play
Skylight Productions
Writer: Paul David Young
Director: Robert Lutfy
What happens when clowns converge on an abandoned home in suburban America and one of them has a semi-automatic weapon? By the author of In the Summer Pavilion, 2011 FringeNYC (backstage.com “Critic’sPick”; NYDailyNews: “a gem”; CurtainUp! “perfect little play”).
1h 10m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Comedy   Clown/Mask   
Discover: Suspense-Current Issues   
VENUE #5: The Celebration Of Whimsy       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
SAT 10 @ 2:45  SUN 11 @ 7:00  WED 14 @ 3:00  THU 15 @ 2:00  SAT 24 @ 9:30  

Confessions of Poverty
Writer: Om Rupani
Director: Om Rupani
Claire and Ben meet secretly in hotel rooms --- to excavate their past, reveal secrets about their new lovers, and navigate the tug of war between desire and appearances, between convenience and real passion.
2h 15m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Drama   Comedy   
Discover: Romance    
VENUE #1: Teatro SEA       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
TUE 13 @ 4:00  WED 14 @ 9:00  SAT 17 @ 8:30  TUE 20 @ 8:45  SUN 25 @ 3:45  

Count Down My Life
Tip Tap
Writer: Book and Lyrics by Ikko Ueda, Music Tokifumi Ozawa
Director: Ikko Ueda
Choreographer: Masao Miki and Roumin
A Japanese Smash Hit Rock Musical! "Count Down My Life" is a story of a struggling playwright. As another birthday approaches, life questions & worries surmount. And the future is held in one phone call…
1h 50m   International   Tokyo, Japan   
Musical   Drama   
Discover: Enlightment-Heaven & Hell   
www.tiptap.jp   gekidan_TipTap   
VENUE #7: Theatre 80       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
FRI 9 @ 10:00  SAT 10 @ 7:00  SUN 11 @ 6:15  MON 12 @ 1:30  TUE 13 @ 8:30  

Cowboys Don't Sing: A Western Musical
Figure It Out Later Productions
Writer: Dennis Flynn, Music by Johnny Kelley, additional score by T.J. Alcalá
Director: Dennis Flynn
The lone cowboy rides into a singing town on his trusty steed. He meets danger, romance, Western archetypes, and way too many musical numbers, including "The Racist Song." Will he abandon his cowboy ways and sing? Well yeah, but still.
1h 45m   Local   Bronx, NY   
Comedy   Musical   FringeHIGH   
Discover: Mind-bending Meta   
www.cowboysdontsing.com   cowboysdontsing   
VENUE #7: Theatre 80       Untitled Document Share/Bookmark       
FRI 9 @ 5:15  THU 15 @ 7:45  SUN 18 @ 3:30*  FRI 23 @ 5:45  SAT 24 @ 9:45  

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