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The New York International Fringe Festival is now FringeNYC (in Manhattan) AND FringeBYOV (in the outer boroughs). ALL DATES BELOW ARE IN OCTOBER. Use the Slice-O-Matic or the alphabetical tabs below to view the shows, pick your performance, and purchase tickets.

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* = FringeHIGH Talkback follows performance  
+ = FringePLUS MeetUp follows performance

Performances shown in grey are either past or sold out.

The Beautiful
JBW Productions
Writer: Jonathon Ward, adapted from a Nathaniel Hawthorne story
Director: Emily Tetzlaff
Owen urges Annie to run away with him to Paris to rediscover the beauty she has hidden from her blacksmith husband. Will she accept Owen's gift of freedom? Will he love the beauty she reveals to him?
55m   Local   FringeNYC
Drama   Comedy   
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FringeNYC Flag - Red

A Brief History of Colonization
Written, produced & performed by Kal Mansoor
Director: Rick Allen Wilson
A conflicted British-Indian comedian attempts to make a Hollywood movie about India's colonial past and is forced to revisit his own. Starring Pacino, Walken & McConaughey. FREE horror-filled laughter included with ticket purchase. *Some actors may not be present.
1h Local   FringeNYC
Comedy   Improv/Sketch/Stand-up   
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FringeNYC Flag - Pink

Bright Is The Ring Of Words
Writer: Book, Lyrics, and Music by Zack Aretakis
Director: Marcus S. Daniel
Jack Austin aspires to be the world's greatest composer, but what is the price that needs to be payed for such greatness? Can any relationship survive, or any person live up to the dreams of an enigma run wild?
Local   FringeQNS

FringeQNS JCAL - Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning

Broken English, Mother Tongue
minnerican productions
Writer: Javier Morillo
Director: Beliza Torres-Narváez
Funny, poignant stories of growing up on Army bases and in Puerto Rico. Since Hurricane Maria, Americans have learned a lot about that island—perfect fine to see a show where, between stories, the audience is quizzed on its knowledge of Puerto Rico!
1h 15m   National   FringeNYC
Solo Show   Comedy   
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FringeNYC Flag - Yellow

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