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Our 2015 shows are here! Click on any letter below to find shows by title. And check back on July 17th for performance schedules and ticketing information. 


Writer: Alex Mahgoub
Director: Armando Merlo
Murder, drugs, bisexuality, & real estate all in one show! After his dad dies, Alex struggles to find himself. An honest, vulnerable, & funny story about how one Jersey boy rose from being a fat nerd with glasses into an elite NYC real estate broker.
1h 0m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Solo Show   Comedy   
www.babatheshow.com   babatheshow   
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Baby Hubris
Girl from Copacabana Productions
Writer: Jacqui Rêgo
Director: Sasha Brätt
Leslie wants to "fuck up your chakras;" and the overworked single mom takes Dr. Spock's ghost as her personal guru. With sexy magical-realism Leslie gives birth to her power, sometimes lover Wyatt howls with Cerberus, and baby Jack - talks.
1h 30m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Drama   Comedy   
www.BabyHubris.Com   JacquiRego   
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THE BAD GERMAN: A Solo Show about Identity, Guilt and the Wurst in All of Us
Tessa Kim
Writer: Tessa Kim
Director: Sarah Wansley
A sensitive German moves to NYC and finds herself haunted by her inherited guilt. How will she earn forgiveness? Work clandestinely in a Kosher restaurant? Exorcise her Germanness with energy healing? A true story about going too far for redemption.
1h 10m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Solo Show   Drama   
www.thebadgerman.com/   Tessa_K_Kim   
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Bed, Beth and Beyond
Writer: Beth Dzuricky
Director: George Bartenieff
Welcome to the diving pool of drama and spiritual comedy. From Erie, PA to NYC go to the depths with Beth as she uses humor and ritual to transform desire and loss into a bed of roses.
1h 15m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Solo Show   Drama   
www.bethdzuricky.com   bethdzuricky   
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Behind the Wall - An Autism Performance piece
The Ally Artists Group
Writer: Composers - Joyce Lao, Andy Miyamotto, Viola Wang
Director: Joyce Lao,  Andy Miyamotto, Zilong Zee
Choreographer: Andy Miyamotto and Joyce Lao
Behind the Wall is a performance piece based on Joyce's relationship with her autistic brother, Clarence. Both playful and dramatic, the story is told through a fusion of post modern and Asian - mostly Filipino & Japanese culture, dance, movement and music.
1h 0m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Dance   Performance Art   
www.allyartists.com   behindthewallny   
VENUE #16: The Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

Writer: Richard Gustin
Director: Mindy Cooper
An actress answers a notice and encounters a highly acclaimed director. Wits and instincts collide as she maneuvers through the web of his artistic process. A fast paced comedy with a dark underbelly. WORLD PREMIERE!
1h 30m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
www.beingseentheplay.com   BEINGSEENplay   
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Beware The Chupacabra!
Mind The Art Entertainment
Writer: Book and Lyrics by R. Patrick Alberty, Music by Christian De Gré
Director: R. Patrick Alberty and Christian De Gré, Musical Director: Aaron Butler
Seeking to impress his future father-in-law, innocent dressmaker Teddy Baskins embarks on a dark and musical journey from 1920’s New York to the dangerous jungles of Mexico in pursuit of the legendary Chupacabra, a mythical, goat-sucking beast.
2h 5m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Musical/Opera   Comedy   
www.mindtheartentertainment.com   MindtheArt   
VENUE #13: Lynn Redgrave Theater @ Culture Project Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

Birds of Paradise
Cardinal Productions
Writer: Adam Harrell
Director: Adam Harrell
Follow a lovelorn ornithologist named Archie as he uses bird behavior to deconstruct his ill-fated romance with Emma, a struggling artist. Zoology intertwines with memories of summer love in this heartfelt rom-com about knowing when to fly away.
1h 10m   Local   Queens, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
cardinalproductions.blogspot.com   adamrharrell   
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The Boy From Bantay
Bantay Productions
Writer: Jeremy Rafal
Director: Josh Boerman
From his childhood in the Philippines—a Technicolor blur of cartoons and classical music—Jeremy always knew he wanted to be a concert pianist. The Boy from Bantay takes us on his heartwarming journey of growth and self-discovery.
1h 0m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Solo Show   Comedy   
www.theboyfrombantay.com   boyfrombantay   
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The Boys Are Angry
Maineland Productions - Maridee Slater producing
Writer: Jillie Mae Eddy
Director: Sam Plattus
"Woman is no better than an animal. Parasite and predator, she is Eve: born of Adam’s rib, or she is Delilah, Jezebel, Yoko: pirating our strength, perverting our faith, and breaking up the fucking Beatles."
1h 30m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Comedy   Drama   
VENUE #16: The Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

The Broccoli Murder, Decaprio Dance and Other Stories from my 20 years as a NYC Cop
Writer: Mark DeMayo
Director: Peter Michael Marino
The story of a retired NYPD Detective with an arresting past.
1h 30m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Solo Show   Comedy   
Theme: markdemayo   
VENUE #8: Under St. Marks Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

Broken Moments: a bar musical
Prophecy Productions
Writer: Leo I. Rodriguez
Tonight you ride the rhythms of one night in a dive bar, from Happy Hour to Last Call, including the drunken traditions (Wake, Birthday, Engagement) that usually accompany the gritty soulful music found in your own local tavern.
1h 30m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Musical/Opera   Comedy   
www.brokenmoments.com   brokemoments   
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The Broken Record
Writer: Jonathan Louis Dent and Kareem M. Lucas
Director: Kareem M. Lucas
The Broken Record is a contemporary fresh perspective on the plight of African-American males in urban America. Captivating, provocative, and a welcome return to the socially conscious theater of the 1960s. The Broken Record is a must see.
1h 0m   Local   Manhattan, NY   
Drama   Spoken Word/Poetry   FringeHIGH   
www.thebrokenrecord.org   jonathanldent   
VENUE #3: Teatro LATEA at the Clemente Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

The Buffalo
85 North Productions
Writer: Anthony Sneed
The comedic memoir of Anthony Sneed, who at fourteen brought a gun to school in attempts to fit in with his peers. After expulsion, he is forced to join his Uncle’s cult-like community in Missouri.
1h 0m   Local   Brooklyn, NY   
Solo Show   Comedy   FringeHIGH   
thebuffalo.org   TheBuffalo1998   
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Bullet For Unaccompanied Heart
Writer: Robert Wray
Director: Marty Moore
A comic/tragic tale about a blues guitarist, Dugan McBane, who gets taken hostage by his former lover Anya Magnifico, a crossword puzzle-obsessed punk rock princess who's aided by her henchman Milo. His release hinges on one thing: A sincere apology.
1h 30m   National   Charlottesville, VA   
Comedy   Drama   
www.bulletheart.wix.com/fringe   RobertWray_   
VENUE #1: Teatro SEA at the Clemente Untitled Document Share/Bookmark

butyou'reaman or: The Seven Men I Came Out to in India
Writer: Matthew Dicken
Director: Arthur Strimling (and Dramaturg)
Navigating his travels in India, an out-since-13 American finds love and must relearn to see queer. Matthew daringly claims his mythic ancestors and messily mashes (pop) cultures. In the sticky space between sexualities, intimate landscapes of sensuous political variety await.
1h 0m   National   Germantown, MD   
Solo Show   Performance Art   
butyoureaman.tumblr.com/performance   MatthewDicken92   
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