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The New York International Fringe Festival is now FringeNYC (in Manhattan) AND FringeBYOV (in the outer boroughs). ALL DATES BELOW ARE IN OCTOBER. Use the Slice-O-Matic or the alphabetical tabs below to view the shows, pick your performance, and purchase tickets.

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* = FringeHIGH Talkback follows performance  
+ = FringePLUS MeetUp follows performance

Performances shown in grey are either past or sold out.

Writer: Barbara J. Garshman
Director: Suzanne Karpinski
Based on interviews with combat soldiers returning to NYC from Iraq in 2005, this is the story of three men and one woman, all from the same squad, who discover that their biggest battle has just begun.
1h 30m   Local   FringeNYC
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FringeNYC Flag - Silver

Allah Earth: The Cycle of Life
Sabina England
Writer: Sabina England, Music by Micropixie and Paco Serén
Dreams of jellyfish, clouds and nature and dancing awaken our souls! Together let's chart the universe, and witness the cycle of life with mime, sign-language, mudras and video. There is so much more to the world than we realize!
45m   National   FringeNYC
Solo Show   Multi-Media   
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FringeNYC Flag - White

Gideon Productions
Writer: Sean Williams
Director: Jordana Williams
ALMELEM is a biblical backstager, set in the first century C.E., about a small group of con artists and true disciples fumbling toward the greatest story ever told. From the team behind FringeNYC hits VIRAL, HAIL SATAN, and FLEET WEEK.
Local   FringeBKLYN
Drama   Comedy   

FringeBKLYN The Brick Theater

American Carnage: A Solo Staged Reading of Select Screenplays by Stephen K. Bannon
Zack Mast
Writer: Zack Mast
Director: Bryan Duff
Before he fell into politics, aspiring screenwriter Steve Bannon struggled to be taken seriously as an artist. In scenes spanning pivotal moments in his life, Bannon ponders the age-old question: is it worth descending into madness to trigger the libs?
45m   National   FringeNYC
Comedy   Solo Show   
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FringeNYC Flag - Pink

Among the Furies
Writer: David Scala
Director: David Scala
At a sweltering South Carolina McMansion, two couples clash over cocktails, class, and the cost of letting your past catch up to you. Add enough liquor to turn any night into a Greek tragedy – and stir, darling. THIS. PLAY. SEETHES.
1h 25m   Local   FringeNYC
Drama   Comedy   
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FringeNYC Flag - Silver

Natasha Mirny and Tia Shearer
Writer: Natasha Mirny and Tia Shearer, with music by Alexander Nikitin
Director: Natasha Mirny and Tia Shearer
Choreographer: Natasha Mirny
Two performers walk the tightrope between comedy and pathos in this highly charged piece, inspired by the Antigone story. Featuring original music, clowning, audience interaction and 25 orange traffic cones.
45m   National   FringeNYC
Dance / Physical Theatre   FringeHIGH   
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FringeNYC Flag - Red

Writer: Ofra levy yehudai
Director: Ofra
Choreographer: Ofra
A wordless performance combining theater, clowning, video art, original animation and dance.The work’s video sections conduct a dialogue with cultural icons and the world of ants. These connections allow us to talk about the inevitable end honestly and openly. -israel
55m   International   FringeNYC
Performance Art   Multi-Media   
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FringeNYC Flag - Orange

An Attempt to Heal in the Contemporary World
Institutional Quality Productions in Association with Beware of Sharks Productions
Writer: David Tolchinsky
Director: David Tolchinsky
A man grapples with the feeling that something is wrong with his body although he can’t point to what, leading him to ponder the bizarre theories of 1950s rogue scientist Wilhelm Reich, as his marriage crumbles. A dark, screwball comedy.
2h National   FringeNYC
Drama   Comedy   
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FringeNYC Flag - Dark Blue

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