Ants;  Ofra Levy Yehudai; Writer: Ofra Levi Yehudai; Director: Ofra Levi Yehudai; Choreographer: Ofra Levi Yehudai; "Here come those sweet days of summer, Awash with joy we wait, The day is long, The night still distant, Yet our worries already present. Will summer be enough? Will life be....?" Chanoch Levin A visual dramatic journey , Tel Aviv, Israel  Performance Art, Multi-Media

The Long Rail North;  Writer: Michael Hagins; The Long Rail North tells the story of Private Thomas Morgan, a Black Union solider who leaves his regiment to rescue Molly, a Southern white girl whose plantation was set ablaze in a nearby Civil War battle. , Manhattan, New York  Drama,

Saps;  Gregg Greenberg Productions; Writer: Gregg Greenberg; Director: Michael Rispoli; The McKenna brothers receive a life-changing offer on their maple farm from a mysterious Wall Street buyer. Will the sale of their family syrup business sweeten their strained relationship or tear the two apart? Let’s just say it gets sticky. , Manhattan, New York  Drama,

Starcrossed;  Ticking Clock Theatre; Writer: Rachel Garnet; In this Romeo and Juliet re-imagining, Tybalt and Mercutio now fill the roles of the star-crossed lovers. Constructed around Shakespeare's original dialogue and expanded upon, two beloved characters get new life in a world where their sexuality has no voice. , Manhattan , New York   Drama, Spoken Word/Poetry

Test Show 1;  Company; Writer: Writer; Director: Director; Choreographer: Choreographer; This is a blurb. , Manhattan, New York  Clown/Mask, FringeHIGH