(DE)CODED;  Starchild New Works ; Writer: Lizzie Guest; Director: Melissa Mowry and Lizzie Guest; Choreographer: N/A; When high school senior Hannah gets zapped into her favorite simulation game, she's tried for her crimes against virtual humanity. Before she is allowed to leave Wishing Valley Springs, she must successfully repent for the virtual lives she callously toyed with. 45m, Houston, Texas  Comedy, Drama

(Mary);  Moderately Well Known Productions; Writer: Steve Silvestri; Director: Andrew Guarisco; ANNOUNCEMENTS: *Gus Perkins, your father will pick you up at 5:30. *Ritter, your application for "Poet Laureate" is incomplete without a last name. Also, the position does not exist. *Junior Prom is tonight! The theme is "Memories"! 20m, Montclair, New Jersey  Comedy, Drama

33 (a kabarett);  Big Empty Barn Productions; Writer: Bremner Duthie; Director: Dave Dawson; Choreographer: Tracy Darin and Julie Tomaino; The vanquished impresario of a ruined cabaret sings for his life. Celebrates the power of music and the courage to keep going. "Absolute joy to watch" (NoLaDefender). "Incredible one-man show" (PBS). "Stunning theatrical achievement" (Vue Magazine). FIVE STARS "Breathtaking" (Broadway Baby) 10m, New Orleans, Louisiana  Musical/Opera, Drama

AFTER BURN;  GARSHMAN PRODUCTIONS LLC; Writer: Barbara J. Garshman; Director: Suzanne Karpinski; Based on interviews with combat soldiers returning to NYC from Iraq in 2005, this is the story of three men and one woman, all from the same squad, who discover that their biggest battle has just begun. 30m, NYC: Manhattan New York,   Drama, Drama

Allah Earth: The Cycle of Life;  Sabina England; Writer: Sabina England, Music by Micropixie and Paco Serén; Dreams of jellyfish, clouds and nature and dancing awaken our souls! Together let's chart the universe, and witness the cycle of life with mime, sign-language, mudras and video. There is so much more to the world than we realize! 45m, St. Louis, Missouri  Solo Show, Multi-Media

American Carnage: A Solo Staged Reading of Select Screenplays by Stephen K. Bannon;  Zack Mast; Writer: Zack Mast; Director: Bryan Duff; Before he fell into politics, aspiring screenwriter Steve Bannon struggled to be taken seriously as an artist. In scenes spanning pivotal moments in his life, Bannon ponders the age-old question: is it worth descending into madness to trigger the libs? 45m, Chicago, IL  Comedy, Solo Show

Among the Furies;  Spectral Light Industries; Writer: David Scala; Director: David Scala; At a sweltering South Carolina McMansion, two couples clash over cocktails, class, and the cost of letting your past catch up to you. Add enough liquor to turn any night into a Greek tragedy – and stir, darling. THIS. PLAY. SEETHES. 25m, Manhattan, New York  Drama, Comedy

AntiCone;  Happy Theater and sorrows&songs; Writer: Natasha Mirny and Tia Shearer, with music by Alexander Nikitin; Director: Natasha Mirny and Tia Shearer; Choreographer: Natasha Mirny; Two performers walk the tightrope between comedy and pathos in this highly charged piece, inspired by the Antigone story. Featuring original music, clowning, audience interaction and 25 orange traffic cones. 45m, Washington, DC  Dance / Physical Theatre, FringeHIGH

Ants;  Ofra Levy Yehudai ; Writer: Ofra Levi Yehudai; Director: Ofra Levi Yehudai; Choreographer: Ofra Levi Yehudai; A wordless performance combining theater, clowning, video art, original animation and dance.The work’s video sections conduct a dialogue with cultural icons and the world of ants. These connections allow us to talk about the inevitable end honestly and openly. 55m, Tel Aviv, Israel  Performance Art, Multi-Media

An Attempt to Heal in the Contemporary World;  Institutional Quality Productions in Association with Beware of Sharks Productions; Writer: David Tolchinsky ; Director: David Tolchinsky; A man grapples with the feeling that something is wrong with his body although he can’t point to what, leading him to ponder the bizarre theories of 1950s rogue scientist Wilhelm Reich, as his marriage crumbles. A dark, screwball comedy. , Chicago, Illinois   Drama, Comedy

The Beautiful;  JBW Productions; Writer: Jonathon Ward, adapted from a Nathaniel Hawthorne story; Director: Emily Tetzlaff; Owen visits Annie, who he loved when he was a clockmaker's apprentice. He urges her to run away with him to Paris to rediscover the beauty she has hidden from her blacksmith husband. Can she accept Owen's gift of freedom? 55m, Valley Stream, New York  Drama, Comedy

A Brief History of Colonization;  Written, produced & performed by Kal Mansoor; Director: Rick Allen Wilson; A conflicted British-Indian comedian attempts to make a Hollywood movie about India's colonial past and is forced to revisit his own. Starring Pacino, Walken & McConaughey. FREE horror-filled laughter included with ticket purchase. *Some actors may not be present. , New York City, Brooklyn  Comedy, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up

Broken English, Mother Tongue;  minnerican productions ; Writer: Javier Morillo; Director: Beliza Torres-Narváez; Funny, poignant stories of growing up on Army bases and in Puerto Rico. Since Hurricane Maria, Americans have learned a lot about that island—perfect fine to see a show where, between stories, the audience is quizzed on its knowledge of Puerto Rico! 15m, Minneapolis, Minnesota   Solo Show, Comedy

Caddywhompus;  Hungry People Theatre; Writer: David Couter; Director: Yossef K; Once all dreams were carefree. Then Mr. Caddywhompus crept in, opening his briefcase full of waking terrors. A collegial dinner turns nightmare when Frank finds himself zip-tied to Alex's furniture, and must face his fears if he plans to survive. 30m, Manhattan, New York  Drama, Comedy

Chaos Theory;  IKantKoan Games; Writer: Jessica Creane; Your inner chaos agent wants out. Embrace it. 2018 = Chaos. Through multi-player games and intimate, comedic lectures with an uptight mathematician, determine whether chaos is a situation to be wrestled into submission or a blank canvas of unbridled opportunity. 15m, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  Comedy, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up

Chekhov Triptych – three Chekhov stories in concert;  The Elsewhere Ensemble; Writer: stories by Anton Chekhov, Original Music and Adaptation by Colin Pip Dixon; Director: Colin Pip Dixon; Three unforgettable Chekhov stories come to life through music. Take a soaring ride through snowy Saint-Petersburg, down a treacherous slope, and into the mysteries of the heart. Powerful, funny, tender and heartbreaking. Two actors and a string trio. 30m, Manhattan, New York  Drama, Spoken Word/Poetry

The Church Of St. Luke In The Fields;  Difficult Hour; Writer: Jim Shankman; Director: Jim Shankman; Two NYC prep school kids who desperately need to connect. A solitary old man who is looking to bury his past. Three lost New Yorkers find each other one evening at the Church Of St. Luke In The Fields. 25m, Manhattan, New York  Drama, Comedy

THE CONGRESSWOMEN;  Ducdame Ensemble; Writer: Based on text by Aristophanes, Adapted by Ducdame Ensemble; Director: Shira Milikowsky; Time's Up in Greece, 390 BC! With women now in charge, men must negotiate their place in society. In this adaptation of a timeless satire, who will be left to pick up the pieces from the Battle of the Sexes? 20m, Brooklyn, NY  Comedy,

Cracks;  Writer: Jacob Marx Rice; Director: Anna Strasser; Nicole is trying to unboil an egg. Kat is trying to stop Global Warming. When romance sparks between the two, Nicole must confront the explosive ending of her last relationship, with the help of a giant egg named Humpty Dumpty. 15m, New York, NY  Comedy, Drama

Crawling with Monsters Now;  Latino Theatre Initiatives; Writer: Anonymous, with Interviews; Anonymous college student storytellers craft a homemade docudrama to tell the story of the war next door. Come hear from the missing and the murdered (from just-across-the-border Mexico). Photographs, video, social media posts and live music tell their story. 20m, Edinburg, Texas  Drama, Multi-Media

Devices of Torture;  Garbage People Theater Group; Writer: Caroline Bennett; Director: Ria T. DiLullo; Four dominatrixes navigate their daily work, life, and relationships in the days following the 2016 election. Love isn't the only thing that hurts. 55m, Washington, District of Columbia  Drama, Comedy

Do This One Thing for Me;  Jane Elias; Writer: Jane Elias; Director: Tracy Bersley; My dad was taken from Greece and survived Auschwitz. All he wants now is to see his Janoula (that's me) happy (translation: married with children). Not happening. But could my trip to Poland better honor the family legacy? Let's go. 15m, Brooklyn, New York  Solo Show, Drama

Enlargement;  Writer: James Donahower & Jake Smith; Director: Jeff Walsh; Can a spam email change your life? A dorky kid's wish for popularity comes true when he discovers a magical penis enlargement pill, but problems arise when classmates learn of its awesome power. Guaranteed to add 6-9 inches of LAUGHS! 10m, Brooklyn, NY  Comedy, Musical/Opera

Escape;  Writer: Deya Danielle Drake; Director: Lynnsey Ooten ; In the aftermath of a violent incident on a commercial jet, an airline CEO and Flight Attendant battle to control the narrative of a turbulent newscycle. "Control your story. Or other people will do it for you." A comedic drama with a tailwind. 35m, Jersey City, New Jersey  Drama, Multi-Media

Eulalia: A Bedtime Story;  Pretty Bird Theater Company; Writer: Sarah Cuneo, based on the writings of Infanta Eulalia of Spain; Director: Brad Wilson; What if moving forward meant losing what you love? Using toys, humor, and fairytale tropes, “Eulalia” tells the tragic, true story of a Spanish princess’ struggle for freedom. Life isn’t a fairytale, and sometimes the princess has to save herself. 45m, Manhattan, New York  Solo Show, Drama

The Existence Formula;  The Juice Factory; Writer: Sarah Rickman and devised by the company.; Director: PJ Stanley; A dark comedic commentary on the unstoppable pace of life and the chaos of existence. Two unborn twins engage in a philosophical debate moments before birth. Years later, three strangers collide seconds before death. And in-between? Life somehow happens. 10m, London, United Kingdom  Drama, Comedy

The F#@%ING WRIGHT BROTHERS;  Glenn Krutoff; Writer: David Zellnik, Music by Eric Svejcar; Director: Abigail Zealey Bess; An exuberant, raunchy backstage comedy about non-equity actors on a 58-city van tour of a kid's musical. Showmances! Cocaine! Talking Animals! What is the road to success in an America the Wright Brothers would never recognize? , NYC,   Comedy, Musical/Opera

From A Distance;  S&S Theatricals; Writer: Keren Abreu; Swipe right on Keren Abreu’s sincere and infectious song cycle about relationships in the digital age and what it means to stay connected with your loved ones from a distance! 20m, Brooklyn, New York  Musical/Opera, Solo Show

The Gibson Girl;  Writer: Mike Amato; With his mother’s funeral to plan and his father losing his wits, disgraced writer David Roach struggles to maintain his inheritance and himself. But when his prodigal nephew appears with a strange fire performer, he suddenly stands to lose everything. 30m, Brooklyn, NY  Comedy, Drama

Grand Rounds;  P Pop & G; Writer: Chris Adrian; Director: Polly Noonan; How do we make sense of the insensible? A physician teaching on the topic of “narrative medicine” finds the story line running amok. Caroline Luft performs this mordantly funny, dark study of an unraveling psyche. , Manhattan, NY  Solo Show, Drama

The Great Brown Bear;  Crokimo Productions; Writer: Kierna Conner (Based on the classic Scandinavian folk tale ; Director: Kierna Conner; Choreographer: Josh Dunn and Alex Doyle; "She", a schoolteacher with an absentee father, meets "He", a skeptical romantic unsure if He's ready for salvation. What is it to transcend the past and reveal one's true self? In this surrealist immersive-retelling, two people quest for each other. 30m, Manhattan, New York  Dance / Physical Theatre, Spoken Word/Poetry

Hey '90s Kids, You're Old;  Hole Punch Productions; Writer: Taryn Parrish ; Director: Taryn Parrish; What if our favorite '90s characters had to grow up, like we did? This nostalgic sketch comedy show celebrates the last true decade by blending '90s pop culture with the present. Toronto Fringe "PATRONS' PICK" & NYC Frigid "AUDIENCE CHOICE" 55m, Toronto, Canada  Comedy, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up

Hillary Clinton's Song Cycle: Witness;  Rebecca Pronsky; Writer: Rebecca Pronsky; Director: Irene Carroll, Musical Director: Deidre Rodman Struck; Meet the Hillary you never knew: sassy, sarcastic, and uncensored! This feminist cabaret show imagines Hillary’s turbulent inner world just after her shocking defeat. Follow Hillary as she abandons, and ultimately regains, hope. Catharsis guaranteed. Pantsuit optional. 55m, Brooklyn, NY  Musical/Opera, Comedy

Home, Sweet, _____;  Writer: Collette Campbell; Director: Collette Campbell; Home, Sweet, ____ is the story of a clown trying to find home in a new place. Eventually she discovers that home was there inside her all along. 45m, Queens, New York  Clown/Mask, Solo Show

I Don't Know Shit About Cars;  Writer: Zac Jaffee; Director: Christopher Burris; A car ride through the past. Your daughter in the back seat. Take her to meet your dad. Survive detours, tall tales, Gremlins, and a blown tire. What's a father, anyway? Writer/performer is previous winner of FringeNYC Overall Excellence Award. 20m, Manhattan, New York  Solo Show, Multi-Media

I Favor My Daddy;  redBrick Agency; Writer: Jamie Brickhouse; Director: David Drake; Choreographer: Jamie Brickhouse; Jamie’s octogenarian father, Daddy Poo, is a ribald Catholic conservative accepting of his son’s homosexuality and arrested alcoholism. Is Jamie the full-blown version of Daddy Poo—all the things Daddy Poo was, but didn’t quite become: alcoholic, writer, gay? , New York, New York  Solo Show, Comedy

I Want a Country;  HDGP PRODUCTIONS and The Greek Cultural Center; Writer: Andreas Flourakis; Director: Lyto Triantafyllidou; A group of people immediately, collectively and actively strive to create a new country. In the aftermath of a social crisis, they can only wonder: will the future bring hope or despair? 15m, Athens, Greece  Drama, Performance Art

I'm Just Fine;  Writer: Nina Mozes; Director: Melissa Firlit; In the game show of life, you could win ALL the diseases! Nina has high-stakes symptoms, but her doctors won't play. Maybe laughter IS the best medicine, 'cause there's comedy in exam rooms. Learning to cope is painfully funny. 5m, Brooklyn, New York  Solo Show, Comedy

The Information War;  Synapse Theatre Ensemble; Writer: Louis Aquiler & Chris D'Amato; Director: Paul Mancini; Is Alex Jones, famed alt-right conspiracy theorist, completely insane or a skilled con-man? Did Barack Obama turn the frogs gay? Have the Globalists taken over FringeNYC? Why has the entire world gone crazy? Find out in this dark satire! 25m, New York, New York  Comedy, Drama

Jackie and Johnny and the Whoracle Named Daphne;  Not the Normal Productions, in collaboration with Dry with a Twist Theatrics; Writer: Kevin P. Joyce; In this zippy, zany, and campy new comedy, a con man, a drag queen, and a hooker set up a psychic salon to get out of trouble with the mob. An irreverent and introspective romp about life, loss, and crabs. 5m, NYC, Manhattan  Comedy, Drama

James Franco and Me: An Unauthorized Satire;  Epic Theatre Company; Writer: Kevin Broccoli; Director: Kevin Broccoli; Choreographer: Kevin Broccoli; Kevin is sitting in a hospital waiting room as his father slowly dies. Very slowly. Sitting with Kevin is James Franco. Yes--that James Franco. The two spend a long evening discussing culture, mortality, and Franco. 40m, Cranston, Rhode Island  Comedy,

las:sitas (a movement exploration of the divine feminine);  LAS NYC; Director: Fiamma Piacentini. Logan Ricket; Choreographer: Ensemble ; las:sitas (a movement exploration of the divine feminine) is full-length experimental movement piece devised in its entirety by an all-female ensemble, in which we celebrate all the light, dark and in between of the feminine experience. 20m, Manhattan , New York   Dance / Physical Theatre, Performance Art

The Last Jimmy;  Sling and Stone Productions; Writer: Book by Phillip S. Brown, Music by Dice Raw; Director: Phillip S. Brown; "We finally got him - the last one!" Jimmy, the last black man arrested in the world, is on trial for committing past, present, and future crimes. Can Jimmy break his mental and spiritual chains and become "The Last Jimmy?" 35m, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  Musical/Opera, Dance / Physical Theatre

Late Night at the Serpent;  Writer: Ally Sass; Director: Elizabeth Callahan; Set in a pornographic video store in Nashua, New Hampshire, Late Night at the Serpent is a one-act drama that explores sexual identity, the male code, and a chance encounter between two former high school friends. 40m, Brooklyn, New York  Drama, Drama

Latter Gay Saint;  Writer: Craig Mangum; Director: Michelle Walson Kuykendall; Moth Grand Slam Winner Craig Mangum is on a mission to spread the gospel of self-acceptance in this hilarious, heartbreaking, inspiring story of a hopelessly gay Mormon’s transformation from Elder to Queen. , Brooklyn, New York  Solo Show, Comedy

The Long Rail North;  C.A.G.E. Theatre Company; Writer: Michael Hagins; Director: Brock H. Hill; Private Thomas Morgan, a Black Union soldier, escapes via train with a Southern White girl he rescued from a plantation fire of a nearby Civil War battle. He will protect her from both Union and Confederate forces pursuing them...at all costs. 30m, Manhattan, New York  Drama, FringeHIGH

Mary V;  Writer: Rebekah Carrow with help from William Shakespeare; As the Henry V cast rehearses, Mary V and her band of sisters arrive to stake their claim to the stage. But what are the consequences of power? Is leadership inherently masculine? Is violence? A timely investigation. With swordplay. 10m, New York, NY  Drama, Comedy

Miserable Mrs. Madison;  Laughing Affairs; Writer: Felicia Madison; Director: Felicia Madison; Choreographer: Felicia Madison; Felicia's life is turned upside down when her parents send her to private school. Follow this funny and heartwarming journey of insecurity and guilt and eventual enlightenment after her father passes. 45m, New York, new york  Comedy, Drama

Nancy Drewinsky and the Search for the Missing Letter;  BirdWorks; Writer: Robin Bady; Director: Loren Niemi & Megan Wells; Robin isn't afraid of the bogeyman; she's haunted by Senator McCarthy, instigator of the 1950's witch-hunts. To claim her truth, she reveals the deeply personal story of her family's struggles when her father was accused of being a traitor. 30m, Brooklyn, New York  Solo Show, Spoken Word/Poetry

No Sympathy For The Wolf;  Tarnish Productions; Writer: Scott Mebus; Director: Maridee Slater; This decidedly adult comedy rock musical combines fairy tales, social commentary, catchy pop/rock music and more than a few dirty jokes to show what happens when everyone ever victimized by the Big Bad Wolf unites to try to take him down. 30m, Westport, Connecticut  Musical/Opera, Comedy

Not a Gift;  Zemi Dance Theatre; Writer: Peter Myette; Director: Heather Lanza; In 1968 a presidential candidate called for compassion and sacrifice and the people cheered. Robert Kennedy's visceral embrace of those with little fueled a confrontational challenge to those with much. A racially diverse female cast bridges the distance between memorial and manifesto. 40m, Manhattan, New York  Drama,

Observance;  Writer: Elyssa Nicole Trust; Director: Susanna Wolk; While studying abroad in Israel, Gabby transitions into a Ba’al Teshuvah, a non-religious Jewish person who becomes traditionally observant. Gabby's surprising shift to religious observance create shockwaves with her secular parents and boyfriend, who have difficulty understanding her new lifestyle. 30m, New York, New, York  Drama, Comedy

The Odyssey;  Classical Remix Theatre Collective; Writer: Hannah Reuter; Director: Ensemble Collaboration ; An acting troupe is traveling to Athens to perform THE ODYSSEY. They get lost and find a perfect audience to rehearse for... YOU! Will they outsmart the Cyclops, Sirens and Poseidon to get Odysseus home safely? Join us and see! 35m, Brooklyn, New York  FringeJR, Comedy

Off the Grid;  Writer: Raanan Hershberg; When comedian Raanan Hershberg's phone breaks, he finds himself in a terrifying predicament: being alone with his thoughts for a day. A must-see stand up show about cell phone addiction and intimacy in the modern era. 15m, Queens, NY  Comedy, Solo Show

ONAJE;  Writer: Robert Bowie, Jr.; Picking up an eccentric hitchhiker, a headstrong cowboy and spirited waitress discover they're all inextricably linked by the past. Set in Maryland 1980 and 1967's civil rights riots, ONAJE traces the long journey from violent racism to a hopeful future. 45m, ,   Drama, Comedy

One Christmas Eve;  Schondeikkan Productions in Association with The Journey Company; Writer: Gretchen Cryer, Lynne Halliday, James Hindman, Arlene Hutton, and Craig Pospisil, Song by Gretchen Cryer; Director: Chris Goutman; Six interlinked stories in a Midwestern shopping mall on Christmas Eve - a time for last-minute choices and reckonings, regrets and laughter, second chances and flights of daring. 20m, Manhattan, New York  Comedy, Drama

OPENING NIGHT;  Devin and Kristina Comedy; Writer: Kristina Grosspietsch and Devin O'Neill; Director: Matt Alspaugh; 8 characters played by 2 actresses experience 1 Broadway premiere very differently. Old Hollywood icons feud, stagehands flirt and everyone else? They’re just trying to keep up in this fast-paced homage to the theater. Anything can happen on OPENING NIGHT! , Brooklyn, NY  Comedy, Drama

OPIE;  Writer: Patriac Coakley, Megan Johns, Olivia Nielsen; Director: Megan Johns; OPIE is sketch comedy at its most heartfelt and absurd. Watch this Chicago duo explore what happens when love grows in inconvenient places, and when relationships are pushed to the brink. They like to laugh, but they love to cry. , Chicago, Illinois  Improv/Sketch/Stand-up, Comedy

Pretty Sad White Girls A Comedy Concert;  Pretty Sad White Girls; Writer: Lisa Bettencourt, Music and Lyrics by Lisa Bettencourt, additional lyrics by Jillian Schiralli; Choreographer: Jillian Schiralli and Lisa Bettencourt; Join Pretty Sad White Girls as they fight for independence from a disruptive patriarchal narrator on a musical comedy journey dissecting 35 year old Disney fans, click bait, gentrification, adult tantrums, and more! , Manhattan, New York City  Comedy, Musical/Opera

The Resistible Rise of JR Brinkley;  Untitled Theater Company No. 61; Writer: Edward Einhorn; Director: Edward Einhorn; The TRUE STORY of a 1920's CON MAN who made a fortune selling his impotence cure: surgically implanted GOAT TESTICLES. He then became a radio star and a successful POLITICIAN. A Brechtian parable about AMERICAN GREATNESS, told with COUNTRY MUSIC. , New York, New York  Drama, Musical/Opera

Salt;  PT Works; Writer: Peter Turo; An older boyfriend, that one ex, and a woman waiting for the R train who won't stop eating pistachios. Megan is having an increasingly not-normal night, even for New York. 15m, Queens, NY  Drama, Comedy

Sammy and "Le Grand Buffet";  Piti Theatre Company; Writer: Jonathan Samuel Mirin, Music by Carrie Ferguson and Jonathan Samuel Mirin; Director: Godeliève Richard; Choreographer: Godeliève Richard; An American (waiter) in Paris, Sammy must prepare Le Buffet or be fired! But the Bad French, Federer, Minnesota Fats, high-wire walkers, Gene Kelly, magic and music in his clown heart get in the way. Join the fun with Sammy! 50m, National: Charlemont, MA,   FringeJR, Clown/Mask

Saps;  Gregg Greenberg Productions; Writer: Gregg Greenberg; Director: Michael Rispoli; The McKenna brothers receive a life-changing offer on their maple farm from a mysterious Wall Street buyer. Will the sale of their family syrup business sweeten their strained relationship or tear the two apart? Let’s just say it gets sticky. 45m, Manhattan, New York  Drama,

Serving Brûlée;  Writer: Soné Anandpara; In our cooking show’s premiere episode, we explore how modern women batter & blister themselves into delectable, camera-ready perfection. Flawlessness is in! However, a tiny misstep reveals that its highly-coveted recipe comes with a dark secret. 50m, Manhattan, New York  Comedy, Drama

The Shape Of A Girl;  New Zenith Theatre; Writer: Joan MacLeod; Director: Ed Wierzbicki, Producer: Cortney Novella, Designer: Ethan Sepa, Music: Doug Sobon; Fifteen year old Braidie knows that bullying is wrong, but her best friend keeps picking on the awkward girl who only wants to belong. This gripping one-woman play examines teen aggression and a girl’s inner struggle with inaction. 5m, Waterbury, Connecticut  Drama, FringeHIGH

SIMPLE MATH: solving for the neurobiology of assault;  Writer: Lisa Danielle Buch ; Director: Ben Stockman; Choreographer: Maridee Slater ; (mentor x power) + (drive x trust) = Wh(y)-- An aspiring actress filled with chutzpah faces a confounding calculation when her trusted mentor is revealed to be a sexual predator. Using SIMPLE MATH she solves for “wh(y)” 30m, Athens, Ohio  Solo Show, Drama

Situations;  Palmy Inn; Writer: Robert Greene; Director: Michael Neithardt; Truth, poetry, beatboxing and a magnetic audience connection—welcome to Robert Greene's one-man show. A journey through the situations that steer his inner artist and remind us that "dreams become nightmares if you sleep the day thru." 28m, Brooklyn, NY  Comedy, Spoken Word/Poetry

Skylar;  Theatrical Gems; Writer: Jonathan G Galvez; Director: Kristen Keim; When Skylar, a trans high school student, ends up in the hospital after being attacked during a school dance, their girlfriend, father, and teacher consider the events that led them there 30m, Brooklyn, New YOrk  Drama, FringeHIGH

Starcrossed;  Ticking Clock Theatre; Writer: Rachel Garnet; In this Romeo and Juliet re-imagining, Tybalt and Mercutio now fill the roles of the star-crossed lovers. Constructed around Shakespeare's original dialogue and expanded upon, two beloved characters get new life in a world where their sexuality has no voice. , Manhattan , New York   Drama, Spoken Word/Poetry

A Step Beyond the Rain;  Art of Warr; Writer: Merridith Allen; Director: Joshua Warr; A Step Beyond the Rain is about a failed singer who returns home to care for her ailing grandfather, and finds she must bury her own ghosts in order to give her dreams one more shot. 40m, NYC, Astoria, Queens  Drama,

Stranger Than A Rhino;  Little Joe Productions; Writer: Robert Siegel; Director: William Roudebush; A director turns Ionesco's Rhinoceros inside out to reflect our paranoia about Muslims. As rehearsals progress and the new Rhino emerges,the tension between cast and play reveals a startling conclusion about our recent past. 30m, Raleigh, NC  Comedy, Drama

Striking Out;  The Annoyance Theatre ; Writer: Book and Lyrics by Adam Levin and Ryan Ford, Music by Ryan Ford; Director: Adam Levin and Ryan Ford; Baseball: It's America's pastime, a time-honored tradition, and, of course, it's gay as hell. Part Damn Yankees, part Hairspray, this musical comedy tells the story of the first straight baseball player in a world dominated exclusively by gay athletes. 15m, chicago, Illinois  Musical/Opera, Comedy

Super! The Musical;  Maryland Ensemble Theatre ; Writer: Sarah Shulman, Music by Callan Holderbaum and Caitlyn Joy; Director: Julie Herber; Choreographer: Julie Herber; When the superheroes of Supetopia vanish, Captain Obvious assembles a new team and what they lack in skills, they make up for in ENTHUSIASM! But can they defeat the evil Dexterity? Come cheer as these flawed heroes triumph. , Frederick , Maryland  FringeJR, Musical/Opera

TBD: The Live Devising Project;  Cucumber Dogs in association with Sitting Shotgun; Writer: Devised by Cucumber Dogs; Director: Allie Marotta; A relational and participatory experience devising a performance before your very eyes, making art with, for, and about the audience. Creating a different show every time, we don’t know what’s going to happen, but whatever does will be magical. 20m, Brooklyn, New York  Performance Art, Dance / Physical Theatre

That's Not How It Happened;  Colleen Hindsley; Writer: Colleen Hindsley; Colleen Hindsley tells stories about growing up in an Irish pub, with her 5 siblings and larger than life parents. There’s plenty of unreliable memories, family legends, spiritual healers and just maybe even a little bit of truth. , Manhattan, New York  Solo Show, Comedy

There Has Possibly Been An Incident;  Mind The Gap Theatre; Writer: Chris Thorpe; Director: Paula D'Alessandris; "Something has happened, or failed to happen. And I think I'm the only real person in this crowd." When life offers you a choice between heroism and compromise- how do you know you chose right? , Manhattan, New York  Drama,

Together We Are Making a Poem in Honor of Life;  The Salvage Company; Writer: Dean Poynor; After losing their child in a school shooting, Rebecca and Brian navigate a series of support group meetings for grieving parents, and must learn to live with their grief- and with each other- in this immersive, timely production. 15m, Manhattan, New York  Drama,

Trudy Carmichael Presents: The Improvised One-Woman Herstory;  TruSongstress Productions; Join FABULOUS Las Vegas lounge legend, Trudy Carmichael (and her band) as she takes YOUR suggestion of an historical/fictional female figure (plus a few of your personal effects) to create an entirely improvised, hysterically historical musical BEFORE YOUR EYES!! , NEW YORK, New York  Musical/Opera, Comedy

Turing Test;  No Future Productions; Writer: Dominick DeGaetano; Director: Taylor Edelle Stuart; A riveting, cerebral sci-fi thriller about life, death, and creation. David, a cash-strapped poet, is coerced into joining a top-secret government experiment. But what happens when that secret has a name, and no longer wants to be kept? 40m, Brooklyn, NY  Drama,

Turned On;  Writer: Michelle Bergamo; Director: Gerry Appel ; Just days before her wedding, Sophia's life is turned upside-down when her friend, Megan, uncovers a major secret. An unconventional romantic comedy with a few big shocks, this play proves there's more to love than meets the eye. 35m, Laurence Harbor, NJ   Comedy, Drama

The Velocity of Arrows;  HoNEYCoMB PRoDUCTIoNS; Writer: Book, Music & Lyrics by Michael O’Dell; Director: Michael Alvarez; GG, a gutsy sixteen-year-old Latino kid, embarks on an L.A. summer staycation that turns unforgettable. The itinerary: hanging with his sassy BFF, winning the boy crush of his dreams, tagging graffiti, and unfortunately, parenting his white parents. 30m, Columbus , Ohio  Musical/Opera, Comedy

The War Party;  Odelia Avadi & Jennifer Piech Pasbjerg in Association with One Viking Productions, Inc.; Writer: Vincent Delaney; Director: Don Stephenson; Assoc. Dir.: Amanda Kate Joshi; It's 3am, election night, and the just-defeated senator and her young volunteer are locked in a vicious booze-fueled game of cat and mouse. When FDR's ghost arrives, everything we think we know is turned upside down! 38m, NYC, New York  Comedy, Drama

The Yellow Wallpaper;  Writer: Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Adapted by Caitlin Ort; Director: Caitlin Ort; Choreographer: Caitlin Ort; "I kept still and watched the wallpaper. The faint figure behind seemed to shake the pattern, just as if she wanted to get out." Haunting and provocative, this adaptation combines the classic text with contemporary dance to examine toxic masculinity. 40m, Manhattan, New York  Drama, Dance / Physical Theatre