#Blessed;  Semicolon Theatre Company ; Writer: Zoe Kamil; Director: Miranda Cornell; In the wake of an act of violence committed by charismatic high school senior Michael against devout freshman Liana, a handful of teens try to piece together the irrefutable truth. Weaving ancient tradition with now, #Blessed is a modern day book of revelations. , New York, New York  Drama, Musical/Opera

15 Villainous Fools;  The 601 Theatre Company; Writer: Olivia Atwood, Maggie Seymour; With Nerf guns, Goldfish, and a turtleneck, this two-woman adaptation of The Comedy of Errors spices up Shakespeare. There are husband mix-ups, money's lost, and Luciana falls in love. Come for the killer original raps, stay for the mediocre puppetry! , Brunswick, Maine  Comedy, Clown/Mask

The 800th Annual Salvation Swing-Off;  Broom Street Theater; Writer: Malissa Petterson; Director: Malissa Petterson; Choreographer: Jessica Jane Witham; To break up the monotony in Purgatory’s laundromat, souls rival for immediate rapture: in a good, old-fashioned dance-a-thon. Swing and red tape, plus the proverbial deal with a not-so proverbial Devil? All in an eternity's work. , Madison, Wisconsin  Comedy, Dance

Algorithmism;  Chaos Theatre; Writer: Alex Hersler; Director: Richard C. Aven; An autonomous robot is creating art. And people are buying it. In this explosive two-hander, a fallow painter and his powerful agent dismantle their long relationship as they discover the depth of asking: can machine-made art still speak to humans? , Brooklyn, New York  Drama, Comedy

All Together Now;  Writer: Ilana Simons; You're invited: Lie down in this tent of projected light. Animated videos play a dreamscape overhead as this psychologist and Virginia Woolf scholar tells an intimate story of love, betrayal, redemption, and marrying a man just like Daddy. , Brooklyn, NY  Solo Show, Multi-Media

Amelia and her Paper Tigers;  Bond Street Theatre; Writer: Heddy Lahmann-Rosen and Ilanna Saltzman; Director: Heddy Lahmann-Rosen and Ilanna Saltzman; Amelia Earhart: famed adventurer, mystery-shrouded role model, and banjo player??! Explore Amelia's legacy and discover the challenges she faced through music, puppetry, circus arts, and an array of unforgettable characters from her life. Good for ages 4 to 104! , Manhattan, New York  FringeJR, Comedy

American Strippers;  Epic Theatre Company; Writer: Kevin Broccoli; Director: Kevin Broccoli; Choreographer: Ronald Lewis; When the Greek goddesses throw a bachelorette party and crash a legendary strip club run by American folk heroes like Pecos Bill and Johnny Appleseed, all Hades breaks loose. Myth, sex, romance and culture clash in this outrageous cosmic comedy. , Providence, Rhode Island  Comedy, Drama

And Then: a science fiction folk event;  Writer: The Ensemble; Director: Will Davis; Choreographer: Leanne Velednitsky; 8 people, 6 instruments, billions of stars... you’re in for a Science Fiction Folk Event! A hearty group assembles a gripping tale, accessorized with folk music, to explore the never ending questions. A 60-minute journey you don’t want to miss! , NYC, Manhattan  Musical/Opera, Drama

At The Flash;  At The Flash; Writer: Sean Chandler & David Leeper; Director: David Zak; "At The Flash" is a mind-bending, multi-character history of a gay bar seen through the experiences of five specific, yet universal characters who's stories ricochet and collide through a whirlwind of interwoven scenes spanning five eras of gay history. , Manhattan, New York  Solo Show, Drama

auto/PHOBIA;  colectivadoszeta / carlos a. cruz velazquez; Writer: N/A; Director: Carlos A. Cruz Velazquez; Choreographer: Carlos A. Cruz Velazquez ; Autophobia (n.) phobia of isolation; a morbid fear of abandonment, or a dread of being alone or isolated. Through the exploration of these themes auto/PHOBIA looks to transform loneliness and how the self-adapts to its ever-present specter. , Brooklyn, NY  Dance, Performance Art

Becoming OCD;  Writer: Sid Ross; Director: Chris Clavelli; You can’t sleep. The hallway closet towels: uneven. Your hand: strangely elongated. A car could trample that bottle curbside. Showering jagged glass shards everywhere – shouldn’t you call someone? One person's hysterical horror ride through the misfiring synapses of OCD. , New York, New York  Comedy, Solo Show

BLACK MAGIC;  Writer: Tony Jenkins; A celebration of life and love...from 'dead' black men. Hunted down, shot and killed, hung and burned, but still alive. Born, buried, and born again. Black Magic: They disappear and stay here, forever. A play with movement. , National, Winston Salem, NC  FringeHIGH, Spoken Word/Poetry

Bodies of Water;  Writer: Erin Breznitsky; Director: Emerie Snyder; It might be the end of the world, and three friends gather to say goodbye: to the island that harbored their childhood summers, the traumatic event that's defined their lives, and the magical creatures lurking just beneath the water's surface. , Brooklyn, NY  Drama, Performance Art

Bonnie's Future Sisters;  Petrone Productions ; Writer: Meghan Gambling ; Director: Meghan Gambling ; Self help author and bride to be, Bonnie Hill, invites her estranged sister and future sisters-in-law to a hotel weekend engagement party. The meticulously planned event backfires when one of the guests goes missing. Published with Original Works Play Publishing, 2016. , Los Angeles, California  Comedy, Drama

BORN;  Newborns Theater Troupe; Writer: Created by the Ensemble; Director: Musical Direction by Zachary Saffa; Meet four not-so-normal ladies in red noses as they awaken in a mysterious universe. Original live music colors this strange and magical land, and the friends must undertake a courageous journey to discover themselves, each other, and the unknown. , Manhattan, New York  Clown/Mask, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up

The Box Show;  Writer: Dominique Salerno ; Director: Sash Bischoff; One Woman. 25 characters. All inside a cupboard! The cupboard opens to unveil: a drunken Vegas couple, a lonely Giantess, the entire Greek Army inside the Trojan Horse, and more! The space is limited, but the comedic possibilities are endless! , Manhattan, NY  Solo Show, Comedy

The Braggart of Bourbon St.;  Dry with a Twist Theatrics; Writer: Kevin P. Joyce; Director: Kevin P. Joyce; Disguise, lies and love abound when pathological playboy Lyle DuTemp returns to New Orleans and falls in love with no nonsense Zelda, while warring with his nefarious stepmother, Madame Delphine. A rambunctious commedia about Mardi Gras and the First Amendment. , Manhattan, NY  Drama, Clown/Mask

Brandonna Summer Lives, Live;  Writer: Brandon Alter; The most glamorous show at this years Fringe. Brandonna Summer, international socialite and dance-pop icon, is on the run from her druglord ex-fiancee. Her hilarious comeback show proves you can't outrun your past, but you sure can outclass it. , Los Angeles, CA  ,

BREWED;  Writer: Scott T. Barsotti; Director: Jessi D. Hill; In this fast-paced thriller teetering between caustic comedy and warped kitchen-sink drama, six sisters must stir a pot. 24/7. They're tied to it. By trauma? By magic...? They stir, brutally brawl, and wonder: does this really keep Babette alive? , Manhattan, New York  Drama, Comedy

Calm Mom;  Lady 180 Productions; Writer: Book and Lyrics by Gaby Gold, Music by Tom Corrado, Paul Fujimoto, Gaby Gold, Mike Hart, Mitch Lance and Dina Pruzhansky; Director: Theresa Gambacorta; Award-winning lyricist Gaby Gold's mother - once-accompanied by Barry (Manilow) - trades her glamorous cabaret life for parenting. When near-tragedy threatens Gaby's infant son, she explores the chaos, hysteria and love of motherhood through original songs, stories...and rap. , Hawthorne, New York  Solo Show, Musical/Opera

Canuck Downunder;  Jessica Kazamel and Joseph Hayward; Writer: Jessica Kazamel; Director: Joseph Hayward; Jess, mourning the tragic loss of her brother, discovers how the "tweet generation" has redefined the grieving process and what remains once we die. An autobiographical play that'll make you think twice before posting your next selfie. , Brooklyn, New York  Comedy, Drama

Catalyst;  2050 Legacy ; Writer: Aisha Jordan and Rafael Jordan Scriptwriters, Ensemble Members Poetry authors; Director: Jana Lynne Umipig; Choreographer: Danae Hannah, Tim Costa; Amidst society on the brink of meltdown, six strangers face the final hours. With stirring spoken word, music, and imagery, Catalyst questions, will the six survive each other long enough to build a new world for what remains of humanity. , Amherst, Massachusetts   Drama, Spoken Word/Poetry

ChipandGus;  Fat Knight Theatre; Writer: John Ahlin and Christopher Patrick Mullen; Director: John Ahlin and Christopher Patrick Mullen; Two oddball acquaintances meet once a month over a ping pong table. But this night is different. This night there is something else in the room. A fast, furious, surprising comedy with balls. , Manhattan, New York  Comedy, Drama

The Cleaning Guy;  Emerging Artists Theatre; Writer: Paul Adams, Music by Paul Adams and Matt Casarino; Director: Melissa Attebery; Emerging Artists presents a hilarious journey of one man's dealings with the dirty secrets of apt dwellers in NYC. A wild ride with original musical numbers that give you a voyeuristic view of what lies behind their doors. , Manhattan, New York  Solo Show, Musical/Opera

The Co-Operatives;  BedRock Productions; Writer: Derran Moss-Dalmau; When Ramon died, he lost a beautiful 2 bedroom with park views. When everyone else found out, they lost their minds. As the residents of the Co-Op race to the bottom to claim the apartment, lies are the only truths worth telling. , Manhatttan, NY  Comedy, Drama

Colorblind'd;  Grace Banks; Writer: Kirk White; Can’t get tickets to Hamilton? Come see the second best show in NYC about non-traditional casting! An obscure, low-rent college theatre department becomes a national punch line when its sole African American professor casts a white girl as Rosa Parks. , Scotch Plains, New Jersey  Comedy, Drama

The Company Incorporated;  Writer: Julie Katz; Director: Lexi Diamond; A colossal San Francisco company with a mission to "make an aspect of an industry better" is right-sizing the workforce, and not everyone is along for the ride. Meet your core-value-living coworkers in this biting satire on modern corporate culture. , San Francisco , California   Comedy, Drama

The Coward: a Madcap Fairytale;  The National Theatre of MatMadia; Writer: Maddy Campbell; Director: Matt Phillips; Possessed by a Monster, a submissive castle maid runs around murdering people to fuck with the insane Demon Queen Gregory. Steeped in feminine vulgarity, this absurdist fairytale is drenched in confetti and blood. So shield those precious eyes, you cowards. , Brooklyn, New York  Comedy, Clown/Mask

Cuntagious;  Kaytlin Bailey; Writer: Kaytlin Bailey; Director: Sue Scarborough; If the world worked the way Kaytlin’s father thought it did, she would dead. But she isn’t. Kaytlin began having sex for money in high school. No bills & no drug habit, just arrogant curiosity. This is her story. , Raleigh, North Carolina  Solo Show, Comedy

The Curse of the Babywoman;  BIG Theatre Company; Writer: Mike Wirsch; Director: Olivia Hartle; Shrubtown is a small town for small-minded people preoccupied by social mores and the new Bob's Big Boy. But everyone has secrets, and one secret toddles to life every night. Can Shrubtown stand up to a creature that can barely walk? , New York, NY  Comedy, Drama

DAD;  Wounded Beast Theater in Association with A Street Production; Writer: Christian Gade Bjerrum; Director: Christian Gade Bjerrum; DAD is the captivating self portray of Christian and his dad, who has cancer. DAD invites you on a rare physical and emotional journey, that investigates how music, video, beat poetry combined with interactive yoga exercises can function as alternative healing - for You. , Copenhagen, Denmark  FringeHIGH, Performance Art

Dementia Americana;  Synapse Theatre Ensemble; Writer: Louis Aquiler & Chris D'Amato; Director: Paul Mancini; Sex! Murder! Insanity! John Philip Sousa! All this and more in a darkly comic and appallingly relevant play that explores the upsetting and true events surrounding Evelyn Nesbit, Harry K Thaw, and the 1906 murder of famed architect Stanford White. , New York, New York  Comedy, Drama

Devastated No Matter What;  Writer: Grace Connolly; Director: Sarna Lapine ; In this contemporary twist on "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner", Riley and Tristan are the perfect couple entertaining who is sure to be the most difficult guest. Tensions come to ahead in an unexpected way when baggage and boundaries intersect. , Manhattan, New York  Drama,

Die For Me;  Thin Space Productions; Writer: Ethan Ness; Director: Ethan Ness; Allie is a poet. Reese is a scientist. They can't live without each other. So together, they make a promise. Die For Me is a two-act drama that blends high-school romance with T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land." , Manhattan, New York  Drama,

Dream Ticket;  Theatre For America; Writer: Ryan Bernsten; Director: Kristin Skye Hoffmann; Associate Director: Marylynne Anderson-Cooper; In this political satire, populist Becky Roberts and maverick Les Sugarman compete for their party's presidential nomination—despite a history that wasn’t strictly political. When the media forces them to run together, their dream ticket becomes a nightmare. , ,   Comedy, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up

Dust to Dust: An Inherently Dark Comedy;  Dust to Dust; Writer: Raven Cassell; Lamin Leroy Gibba; Renée Harrison; Avon Haughton; Tasneem Nathari; Director: Lilith Bachelder ; When five unlikely individuals find their paths crossing in ways they never imagined, and are forced to face each other in order to save their home, their dissimilarities-along with an estrange cousin and dead landlord-cause quite and explosion. , Manhattan, New York  Drama, Comedy

Each Brought Some Silences;  Writer: Emmy Harris; Director: Lucy Gram; Three convicts whitewash the Great Wall of China. Facing this immense and inexplicable task, Mauve, Mackerel, and Mere manage to squeeze in frequent coffee breaks, together experiencing a string of unusual interludes. A life in exile might be strangely liberating. , Harlem, NY  Comedy, Drama

Einstein!;  Sew and Sew Productions; Writer: Jack Fry; Director: Tom Blomquist; War-torn Berlin, 1914, Ambitious young scientist Albert Einstein awaits news from a solar eclipse that will finally prove his controversial Theory of General Relativity. Instead, Einstein is sent sideways in a spiral vortex due to professional and personal life disintegration. , Los Angeles, California  Solo Show, Drama

ENTHRONED;  Writer: Jenny Macdonald; Director: Joe Salvatore; Meet Jenny, an everyday princess on a quest to become a queen with a throne of her own. A ritualistic, modern fairytale charting her journey to confirm her right to existence in a world that tells women to be less. , Dublin, Ireland  Solo Show, Drama

Eve and Her Neighbors;  RHE; Writer: Ruby Hutson-Ellenberg; Director: Ruby Hutson-Ellenberg; Should she flee, or should she stay? Eve faces a dilemma in this biting satire about love and feminism in the Garden of Eden. You know how it ends, but how did Eve really come to pick the low-hanging fruit? , Queens, New York  Comedy, Drama

Everything Is Fine Until It's Not;  Doreen Oliver Productions; Writer: Doreen Oliver; Director: Janeece Freeman Clark; A film producer's life goes awry after her son's autism diagnosis, her youngest boy's quest to be a princess, and her hair catches fire on her birthday. A comedy/drama about coping with and accepting life's unpredictability. , Brooklyn, New York  Solo Show, Comedy

The Extraordinary Fall of the Four-Legged Woman;  Flights of Fantasy East; Writer: Book and Lyrics by Lily Ali-Oshatz, Music by Lily Ali-Oshatz and Mark Galinovsky; Director: Madeline Wall, Musical Direction by Mark Galinovsky; Choreographer: Dara Orland; STEP RIGHT UP! Glimpse underneath the Big Top with our a capella musical circus sideshow! In the dusty desert, Myrtle Corbin, the Four-Legged curiosity, meets her match. Can this veteran performer make a life outside the tent? , Brooklyn, New York  Musical/Opera, Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque

F***'d 'Til Payday: Unrequited Truth;  F***'d 'Til Payday; Writer: Frank Breton & Neetol Rahman; Director: Neetol Rahman; 2015. Rocky Mountain highs. Death Valley lows. Two bar-backing, bantering best buds are F***'d 'Til Payday. Frank and Neetol only have each other to survive their night shift. The truth hurts, but it also sets you free. , New York, New York  Comedy, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up

Fairy Tale Christmas: The Musical;  M. Scott McLean in Association with John Davisi; Writer: M. Scott McLean, Music & Lyrics by M. Scott McLean & Michael McLean; Director: MK Lawson; Choreographer: MK Lawson; Santa Claus has been kidnapped! A band of Fairy Tale Villains plan to make all the Fairy Tale Heroes change the endings of their stories, putting an end to 'Happily Ever After' forever! , NYC, Manhattan  FringeJR, Musical/Opera

The Fall;  Mermaid Cafe Collective; Writer: Lilia Rubin, Music by Katie Doherty; Director: Jane Arnfield; Ten years have gone by since 9/11, but life without Dad has not gotten any easier. In this memory play-meets-docudrama, six young women search for identity, understanding, and redemption in the wake of a national—and very personal—tragedy. , Queens, New York  Drama, Musical/Opera

Fallen Skies;  Writer: Music by Matthew Lowy; Text adapted from D.H. Lawrence, Frieda Lawrence, James Douglas, Herbert Muskett, Sir John Dickenson, and Ezra Pound; Director: Julia Gannon ; Art reflects life and life reflects art. Radical English author D.H. Lawrence struggles with tumultuous relationships and his obstacle-ridden career. Entirely adapted from his actual text, the line is blurred between fiction and reality. , Montville , New Jersey   Musical/Opera, Drama

The Fifth Dentist In Search of Sid’s Treasure;  JamisonKane Entertianment; Writer: Mike King; Director: Jonathan Cerullo; A love letter to his late father, the owner of "Sid King's Crazy Horse Bar", Mike King reminisces about his life in dentistry, stand-up comedy,and growing up as the son of the infamous Sid King, "The Sultan of Striptease". , New York, New York  Comedy, Solo Show

Financial Slavery: The College Debt Sentence;  Strength out of Shadows; Writer: Alyea Pierce; Director: Jennifer Little; Choreographer: Allie Harris and Brandi Pinnix; What would you sell for a college education? Follow Deric, Sandra and Emilia striving for the American Dream - from trading meal swipes for textbooks to sugardaddy.com. With tuition rising 428%, college students are drowning. Is our nation throwing us overboard? , North Bergen, New Jersey  Multi-Media, FringeHIGH

First Time, Long Time;  The Disposable Theater Company; Writer: Jeremy Stuart; Director: Jeremy Stuart; You've tuned in to the Harland West Radio Program. All tales from the brink of disaster are welcome, natural or otherwise. , Bronx, New York  Drama, Comedy

Flight;  Curbside; Writer: Ezra LeBank; Director: Olivia Treviño; Choreographer: Rebecca Nakano; Acrobats morph into cactuses, waves, and far-off islands in this adventurous sequel to The Little Prince! Nominated for BEST SHOW and BEST FAMILY SHOW at Edinburgh Fringe! "Astonishing acrobatic theatre!" (BroadwayBaby) "A magical hour for young and old alike!" (PrimaryTimes) , Long Beach, California  Dance, FringeHIGH

FringeAL FRESCO - A History of Servitude;  Department of Fools; Writer: Department of Fools; Forget everything you know about history! The Department of Fools takes you on a wild and hilarious journey through past; setting the record straight. Enjoy the masked mayhem of Commedia dell'Arte! Come fool around with us! , Manhattan, New York  Comedy, Clown/Mask

FringeAL FRESCO - Iphigenia Among the Taurians;  Everyday Inferno Theatre Company; Writer: Adapted from Euripides; Director: Anais Koivisto; A world premiere adaptation, Iphigenia Among the Taurians combines a capella pop music and muscular, contemporary language to update Euripides’ classic tale of grief, redemption, and joy (plus a bit of slapstick humor to keep things interesting). , Brooklyn, NY  Drama, Comedy

FringeAL FRESCO - Peregrinus;  The KTO Theatre; Writer: Jerzy Zon; Director: Jerzy Zon; Choreographer: Eryk Makohon; The emotionally compelling performance, using striking masks, from one of Poland’s leading theatre companies. The peregrination in search of the meaning of life comes into view through everyday toil, deprived of spirituality, love and beauty. , Krakow, Poland  Clown/Mask, Drama

From Foster Care to Fabulous;  Red House Arts Center; Writer: Patrick Burns; Director: Richard Israel; In this original musical, a late-night talk show host details his foster care journey using a myriad of songs, a plethora of jaw-dropping and side-splitting anecdotes and a bizarre cast of horrific, hilarious and ultimately heartbreaking characters. , Syracuse, New York  Musical/Opera, Solo Show

From the Deep;  CMS Productions; Writer: Cassie M. Seinuk; Director: Lindsay Eagle; Fates intertwine in a new dimension, beyond space and time. Israeli POW, Ilan, believes his freedom is nearly in sight. Across continents, abductee, Andrew, awaits his captor’s design. As time ticks away, they must learn to survive or disappear forever. , Boston, MA  Drama, Drama

The Fucking Problem;  Writer: Emily Alexander and Nate Dobson; Director: Jessica O'Hara-Baker; Two porn stars bared naked in front of the audience speaking bluntly without hesitation about the work they do. Their lives. Their loves. Their relationship. And eventually, when it becomes to much to keep hiding, their secret. Everyone's watching. Nobody's talking. , Brooklyn, New York  Drama, Comedy

Full: The Musical;  Full: The Musical ; Writer: Book and Lyrics by Katie Berger, Music by Katie Berger and Alan Blake Conley ; Director: Directed by Sean Ryan Paris, Musical Direction by Alan Blake Conley ; Based on the playwright's personal experiences, "Full" follows the struggle of a young woman battered by adolescent trauma, combating her demons, finding herself powerless, and ultimately battling her way back. , St. Petersburg, Florida   Musical/Opera, Drama

The Further Adventures Of...;  TOSOS; Writer: Kathleen Warnock; Director: Eric Chase; Tune in as Maggie Day uncovers the story behind the story of a classic sci-fi series and follows its players from the ‘50s to the age of the internet, revealing secrets, lost loves, and things people couldn’t say then…or now. , Manhattan, New York  Comedy, Drama

The Girl from Bare Cove;  Invisible Wall Productions in Association with Maineland Productions; Writer: Words & Music by Jillie Mae Eddy, Music Arrangements by Robert Frost; Director: Maridee Slater; A revelation. A family in crisis. With music inspired by the folk sounds of New England, this modern-day fable explores the way the past shapes the present, the communities we share, and the worlds we build. TW: sexual violence. , Brooklyn, New York  Musical/Opera, Drama

Girl Versus Corinth;  Writer: Danny Baird; Director: Catie Davis; Choreographer: Jelani Alladin; Medea’s back and she’s putting the pulse back in expulsion. Watch as this legendary infanticide vindicates her story through pounding electropop and feminist herstory. Armed with the waves of feminism, only she can dismantle the douche-bastions of the Patriarchy. , Manhattan, New York  Musical/Opera, Comedy

GIRLish;  Writer: Stephanie Anderson and Alex Bellisle; Director: Tiffani Swalley; A sketch tale of two young women who grew up to be "Girl-ish". This comedy revue is grounded in Steph and Alex's true life experiences and woven with music, movement, a little absurdity and a lot of fun! , Chicago, Illinois  Improv/Sketch/Stand-up, Comedy

GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS;  Writer: Jolie London Glickman; Director: Leta Tremblay; Newsflash- high school boys aren't the only ones trying to get laid. Unapologetic and relentlessly honest, GWBG is a coming of age story about best friends navigating their newfound sexuality in the digital age. World Premiere! , Manhattan, New York  Drama, Comedy

GORGES MOTEL;  Schondeikkan Productions and Miracle or Two Productions in association with The Journey Company ; Writer: Gretchen Cryer, Lynne Halliday, James Hindman, Arlene Hutton, Isaac Himmelman, Craig Pospisil; Director: Chris Goutman; , NYC: Manhattan, NY,   Comedy, Drama

Held;  Mr. Baby Productions; Writer: Kelly Maxwell, Music by Meghan Rose; Held is a musical set in a fantasy world. Korin, a dreamer. Mera, a warrior. Bardo, a baker. Piano, cello, and bass set a romantic score while the three struggle to escape a place where time stands still. , Madison, Wisconsin  Musical/Opera, Drama

Homo Sapiens Interruptus;  Carlos Dengler; Writer: Carlos Dengler; After a decade with the band Interpol, a reformed rockstar sits at a desk, and writes a story of heavy metal defiance, ancient apes, and academic ambition. This cerebral, yet heart-filled, monologue ends with redemption from an unlikely source. , New York, NY  Solo Show, Spoken Word/Poetry

HONOUR: Confessions of a Mumbai Courtesan;  Writer: Dipti Mehta; Director: Mark Cirnigliaro; Visit India's red light district and meet the eunuch, priest, pimp, mother and daughter who call it home. A fun and poignant look at the exotic, dangerous life of Mumbai's real-life brothels and why they exist. , Jersey City, New Jersey  FringeHIGH, Solo Show

Humorously Horrendous Haunted Hideaway;  Playlab NYC; Writer: Kevin P. Hale; Director: Kevin P. Hale; Do you dare spend a night at the Haunted Hideaway!?! Spooky Sounds! Frightening Fun! Featuring... spine-chilling stories of relentless banality and heedless children! You've never been scared 'til you've been scared in Natural Vision 3-D. In thrilling full color! , Queens, New York  Puppetry, Comedy

Hysterical!;  Fifth Wall Productions; Writer: Elenna Stauffer; Director: Deborah Wolfson; It’s the Bandits’ Best Year EVER! Until…one by one, the girls succumb to a mysterious illness. As the traditional pecking order is upended, the girls’ relationships are tested. A poignant, cheer-full look at life on the cusp of adulthood. , Manhattan, New York  Drama, Comedy

The Illusory Adventures of a Dreamer;  Rhapsody Collective; Writer: Michael Bradley; Director: Chris Goodrich; Inspired by Ibsen's "Peer Gynt," a young man goes on a fantastical journey to find himself. Peer must confront a crisis of sexual identity as he encounters gluttonous Trolls, a mischievous guardian, and his one true love. #WhoAmI? , NYC, Manhattan  Comedy, Drama

In The Master's House There Are Many Mansions;  Twilight Repertory Company; Writer: Cherry Jackson; Director: James Vesce, Music Director: Noel Freidline ; Choreographer: Khalid Hill; A mortuary in the Fillmore district, San Francisco, 1976. Larry James Fletcher pays final respects to his childhood friend Tyrone, a casualty of police violence. In the chilling embrace of the embalming room he discovers who the real victim is. , Charlotte, North Carolina  Drama,

Inheritance;  Writer: Jessica Wanamaker; Director: Tomer Adorian; The weaving of four generations of women: their choices, how one woman leads to another and the links between them all. Told from the great-granddaughter's perspective as she searches for her connection to the past and the strength to move forward. , Manhattan, New York  Solo Show, Drama

Interludes: A New (Orleans) Play;  Writer: Claire Christine Sargenti, Music by Darrell Smith; Director: Diana Shortez; Violence, passion and faith catapult twelve uniquely spirited characters through the chaos of life (and death) in The City That Care Forgot. Pure, honest and as heart-warming as heart-breaking, Interludes reminds us what's worth dying for is worth living for. , Manhattan, New York  Solo Show, Drama

The Intriguing Engagements of Frances and Meg Cheatham, Ladies Of Society;  The Schober Group; Writer: Adaire Kamen; Director: Jose Gamo; Sisters Frances and Meg Cheatham are ready to be married off. But sin, scandal, and secrets threaten to unravel their lives and throw them into a world of disgrace. What's a Victorian debutante to do? , Manhattan, NY  Comedy, Drama

Is That Danny DeVito? And Other Questions From West of the Hudson;  The Box Colony Theatre; Writer: Alexander Janosek Doyle; Director: Amanda Levie; In a new comedy inspired by the absurdist plays of Samuel Beckett, over-educated but under-employed millennials struggle to survive loopy locals and crippling neuroses while waiting for a perpetually delayed bus to their beloved Garden State. , Jersey City, New Jersey  Comedy, Drama

Joey Variations: A Play With Dance;  Writer: Jon Spano; Director: Jon Spano; Choreographer: Tom Gold ; Joey: A gifted contemporary dancer whose secret fuels his addiction. Rita: The transgendered therapist whose counsel may save his life. Svetlana: The artistic director who employs him despite better judgment. Three diverse lives brush against darkness to find the light. , Manhattan, New York  Dance, Drama

Johnny Darlin: In the Closet;  Johnny Darlin and the Queer South; Writer: Michael Doshier, Music by Johnny Darlin & Co., additional writing by The Queer South; From fetish profiles to secret loves, we're all in the closet about something. Johnny Darlin performs his electro-rock catalogue alongside dancers, video artists, poets and storytellers in an arena-style pop spectacle asking: what does it take to finally come out? , Brooklyn, New York  Multi-Media, Musical/Opera

Jump It;  Phoebe Farber; Writer: Phoebe Farber; Director: Gama Valle; Stu runs a towing company. It's not much, but it's something. Then Wendy, an old high school crush, reappears. Her idiot husband drained the car battery, and she needs a jump. Watch out. Sparks fly. , Tri-State, Montclair, NJ  Drama, Comedy

Kerrmoor;  Grrl Parts Productions in association with Interrobang Theatre; Writer: Susan McCully; Director: Eve Muson; Three women bound by blood and tradition. One community in dire straits. Can a centuries-old rite mend the ills of a backwater Appalachian town? Potent and haunting, Kerrmoor straps you in, and you’re off until the bloody end. , Baltimore, Maryland  Drama,

Lamia;  Theatre Uzume; Writer: Molly Haas-Hooven; Music by John Barber and Janna Pelle; Director: Suzanne Karpinski; Choreographer: Shannon Stowe; A stranger offers a serpent the chance to become human and pursue the man she desires, but her secret could destroy them both. Part dance, live music and theater, Lamia explores the boundaries we cross to find love. , Brooklyn, NY  Dance, Musical/Opera

The Legend of Oni;  Musical Company OZmate; Writer: Naoko Tsujii, Music & Lyrics by Naoko Tsujii ,Translated by Hiromi Zeppieri; Director: Futoshi Miyai; Choreographer: Naoko Tsujii; We'll take you to the pre Samurai world. The world of Onis, which are Japanese ogres. Onis with a human heart or a human turned to an Oni... Be lost in the beautiful Japanese old world with wonderful Kimono costumes. , Takarazuka, Japan  Musical/Opera, Drama

Let The Devil Take The Hindmost;  Writer: Maya Contreras; Director: Lorca Peress; Set in 1969 Washington DC, Vera, an African American math teacher and her husband Pablo, a Latino Art Professor, attempt to make sense of a violent decade, their rocky marriage, and what the future holds for their politically active daughter. , Brooklyn, NY  Drama, Comedy

Liars and Lovers;  Forget Me Not Productions; Writer: Thomas Tafero; Director: Cailin Kless; A former schoolyard bully and his 'favorite' victim each find their own personal hell as college roommates in "a cross between Albee's devastating 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' and the curious character dynamics of 'The Big Bang Theory.'" -examiner.com , Queens, NY  Drama, Comedy

Little Stories;  Cornerstone Theatrical; Writer: Jack Herholdt; Director: Michael Heitzler; Clowns, damsels, enchanted fish, disguised princes, homicidal farm children. These are just a few ‘Little Stories’ from the uncharted territory of the Brothers Grimm. Join this zany medicine show of epic proportions as we dive into these forgotten fairy tales. , Manhattan, New York   Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque, Comedy

Love Me Forever Billy H. Tender;  Produced by Jana Fredricks and Ned Moore; Writer: Jesse LaVercombe; Director: Adam Lazarus; Enter Billy H. Tender, Canadian child-star. Billy's mother is having phone sex with strangers. Billy’s younger brother is trolling the internet. After a sold-out premier, this virtuosic, one-man tragicomedy reckons with the cultural disease of superstardom. , Toronto, Canada  Comedy, Solo Show

LUNT AND FONTANNE: The Celestials of Broadway;  TBE Theatrical; Writer: Mark E. Lang; Director: Owen Thompson; Meet the most famous forgotten actor-couple in theater history, Lunt and Fontanne, played by a real actor-couple. This fast-paced new play covers their extraordinary partnership, from the 1920s through WWII and the 1950s, with cameos by Olivier, Coward and Brando. , New York, NY  Drama, Comedy

Machine Gun America. A play with songs. And guns.;  Frack Theatre; Writer: Joseph Huff-Hannon; Star-crossed lovers tangle with well armed toddlers, a powerful gun rights leader, and depressed gun safety mascot Eddie Eagle in this fact-is-stranger-than-fiction musical farce. Inspired by bizarre but real news stories, and America's enduring affair with firearms. , Brooklyn, New York  Comedy, Musical/Opera

The Marks You Leave;  Teresa Yslas Beardsley; Writer: Tyler Andrew Jones; Director: Mia Crivello; Ten years have passed since Georgette left home to build a new life in Brooklyn. When her estranged younger brother arrives unexpectedly, secrets are unearthed. As feelings of abandonment and betrayal seep in, they must choose to cope or run. , Manhattan , New York  Drama, Drama

Meet Murasaki Shikibu Followed by Book-Signing, and Other Things;  Produced by Rachel Christiansen in partnership with The Brewing Dept; Writer: Julia Izumi; Director: Ann Noling; She wrote the world's first novel and it's kind of a big deal. Now she’s come to tell you all about it. (We think.) Priority seating with book purchase. , Brooklyn, New York  Drama, Comedy

Memoriam: After Euripides' Alcestis;  Hypnic Theatre Company in Association with Adjusted Realists; Writer: Stephen Kaliski; Director: Elizabeth Ostler; What if you could bring her back? Inspired by millennia of wishful thinking, Kaliski (West Lethargy, Gluten!) indulges in the impossible, reuniting a dead queen with her grieving king. What follows is a whirling, mournful snapshot of a miracle's aftermath. , NYC, Brooklyn  Drama,

A Microwaved Burrito Filled With E. coli;  Writer: Andrea Alton & Allen Warnock; Molly “Equality” Dykeman is back at the Fringe and this time she's trapped in a Mexican restaurant with a waitress who won't shut up. Molly just wants nachos but what she gets has more layers than a bean dip. , New York City, New York  Comedy,

Miss;  Outside Inside; Writer: Michael Ross Albert; Director: Kaitlyn Samuel; A shocking accident at a private boarding school irrevocably changes the lives of a teacher, her fiancé, and a troubled student. A taut and explosive new drama about violent misdemeanors, professional misconduct, and missing the love you'll never get back. , Brooklyn, NY  Drama, Comedy

Morgen Play;  Tandem Bicycle Productions; Writer: Sarah Doody; Director: Sophia Cannata-Bowman; Morgen le Fay’s brother, King Arthur, is dead. She tries to understand who he was and what he asked her to become: queen. A Monty Python-esque, medieval romp, the play is poignant look at the conflict between grief and duty. , Brooklyn, New York  Drama, Comedy

MOVIN' ON UP;  Jeremy Kehoe; Writer: Jeremy Kehoe; It's funny-or-die in the graveyard. This absurdist comedy pits a Watchman with a worthless watch against a chatterboxing, handcuffed man and a know-it-all woman in bandaged hands to see who earns the right to move on up. , Los Angeles, California  Comedy, Drama

Mr. Yunioshi;  Some Sort of Show; Writer: J. Elijah Cho; Mickey Rooney's yellowface performance in Breakfast at Tiffany's is infamous for its lack of cultural sensitivity. But was there ever a way he could have pulled it off? An Asian actor tries to find out in this one man show. , Tampa, Florida  Solo Show, Comedy

Mrs. Schrodinger's Cat;  Theatre for Human Beings; Writer: Tasha Nicole Partee; Director: Tasha Nicole Partee; Seven women. One unsettling new art exhibit: photographs taken surreptitiously of people in a small town. Fearing humiliation, the women unite for a summer night's escapade to face the sad, funny, beautiful truth. A philosophical comedy about seeing and being seen. , Manhattan, New York  Comedy, Drama

Murder at the Food Coop;  Neo-Shtick Theater; Writer: Gersh Kuntzman and Marc Dinkin; Director: Eric Oleson; A murder farce for our locavore age! When the founder of a food coop in liberal Brooklyn is found dead inside the solar-powered Gore 3000 freezer, the ensuing free-range investigation is part Agatha Christie and part Julia Child. , Brooklyn, NY  Comedy, Musical/Opera

MURMURS AND INCANTATIONS;  Emerging Artists Theatre; Writer: Dahn Hiuni, Music by Yuval Ron; Director: Eric D. Chase; AIDS. The Holocaust. Existential angst. But it's funny! Ben, a gay, New York performance artist with creative block travels to Poland only to be confronted by the ghost of his grandfather--a rabbi killed by the Nazis. , Brooklyn, New York  Drama, Multi-Media

My White Wife, or So I Married a Black Man;  Younger Child Productions in association with Emerging Artists Theatre; Writer: Vanessa Shealy and Rick Younger; Director: Melissa Attebery and Carl Foreman, Jr. ; True stories (and secrets!) from inside Rick and Vanessa's interracial marriage. After ten years together, they might as well laugh about it! Honest, frank, hilarious storytelling. "Younger and Shealy both possess presence and charisma to spare" - Martin Denton, nytheater.com , Manhattan, New York  Comedy, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up

NIGHT OF THE LIVING N-WORD!!;  MyCarl Productions; Writer: Kevin R. Free; Director: Nicole A. Watson; There's nothing scarier than a white woman bent on saving a race! When guests at Channing's party go missing, Barbra holds the key. A slasher-comedy with a bloody point. You can bury the N-Word; can you make it DIE?! , New York, New York  Comedy, Drama

Not All Cops Are Bad;  Writer: George McAuliffe; Officer Scott Baker hosts a town hall meeting to mend public relations after a series of ‘viral videos’ featuring law enforcement surface. This darkly satirical and at times absurd one-man show takes you beyond the badge. Way beyond the badge. , Los Angeles, California  Comedy, Solo Show

Off Track;  Off Track Arts; Writer: James Comtois; Director: Tim Errickson; Ian, a Chicago reporter covering an impending transit strike, has a one-night stand who’s found murdered the next morning. So, Ian ventures out to find the killer just as the trains shut down and strand him in a hostile neighborhood. , Brooklyn, New York  Drama, Comedy

Patriot Act;  Writer: Mike Schlitt; Mike Schlitt wants to restore your faith in American Democracy. He claims he can do it in 47 minutes. Come celebrate American exceptionalism and limited attention spans, then activate your citizenship - join the "Raucous Caucus". Art! Advocacy! Action! (+ puppets) , Los Angeles, California  Comedy, Solo Show

Plane Love;  Writer: Rosary O'Neill; Director: David Copeland; Love is enduring. . . through life's trials and tribulations. , Manhattan, NY  Comedy, Drama

Poops, I Did It Again: True Tales of an Angry Colon;  Writer: Brie Henderson; Director: Brie Henderson; Everybody poops. Brie just does it more than others. Join her as she relates some of the totally true funny, sad, mortifying, and disgusting moments she has dealt with as a sufferer of Ulcerative Colitis. , Kansas City, Missouri  Solo Show, Comedy

POWER! Stokely Carmichael;  Meshaun Labrone in Association with Conspicuous Fire; Writer: Meshaun Labrone; Director: Jennifer Knight; Summer 1966, an unknown protege' sparked a new demand during the last great march of the Civil Rights Movement. That demand was for "POWER" and his name was Stokely Carmichael. , Washington, DC  Solo Show, Drama

The Princemaker;  MirrorMaker Productions; Writer: Robert Gelberg; Director: Alessandra Affinito; It's an election year. Leslie Moore, a teenager with an unlimited bank account, finances the Presidential campaign of George Lee, a down-home congressman equally noble and naive. The Princemaker explores the politics of money and the money of politics. , Brooklyn, New York  Drama, Comedy

Pryor Truth;  The Collective-NY; Writer: Khalil Muhammad; Director: Marcus Naylor; Pryor Truth, a one man show, is a celebration and introspection into the life and legend of comedian "Richard Pryor". Pryor Truth gives us a raw moment with one of the artist's most beloved characters: Mudbone. , New York, New York  Solo Show, Comedy

Pucker Up and Blow;  Barden / Schnee Casting; Writer: Daniel Reitz; Director: Paul Schnee; An unknown actor, making his Broadway debut in an incendiary play, must tread the line between artistic exposure and self-exploitation. What price ambition, if it means performing a nude, lewd sex act with your grandmother in the audience? , ,   Comedy,

Qaddafi's Cook;  Bons Tempos; Writer: Lance Belville & Carlos Ambrosi; Director: Lynn Lohr; Based on true events. Young chef goes from running top after-hours Mexico City nightspots to running for his life from the bloodiest foodie in the world, Libyan Dictator Muammar Qaddafi; a chef’s-eye view of a regime’s methods and madness. , Sausalito, Californhia  Drama, Drama

Randy Reiman's Attention Span;  Writer: Randy Reiman; Staying focused is optional as one comedian looks inward. Meathead knights and pervy senators install apps on your heart with energetic songs and sketches. Check your phone, binge TV, and open endless tabs in this dazzling display of distraction. , Saddle Brook, NJ  Comedy, Musical/Opera

Reagan's Athena;  Writer: Louis Varela Nevaer; Director: Alice Spivak; 1984: Ronnie's in trouble! He's smacked with Nancy's astrology, Iran-Contra and Nora Astorga! Who the hell is Nora Astorga you ask? Ask Jeane Kirkpatrick! Come see the Battle of the "Amazionian Bitches" , Manhattan, New York  Comedy, Drama

Reclaiming Vietnam;  Writer: Kim Chinh; Director: Elizabeth Browning; After rejecting her Vietnamese identity, Kim travels to Vietnam, the birthplace of her father. As she discovers the beauty of her roots, she is forced to combat the demons of her past, and learn the power of forgiveness. , Brooklyn, NY  Drama, Solo Show

Reconciling;  The Barrington Collective; Writer: Jenny King; Director: Julia Hinson; What do a Baptist, a bro in handcuffs, and a botched funeral have in common? Find out in this rapid-fire dark comedy where one word has multiple meanings. Broadway Baby called it "ingeniously constructed and eloquently performed...4 Stars." , Manhattan, New York  Drama, Comedy

Red Devil Moon;  Sugar Cane Productions; Writer: Robert Earl Price, Music and Lyrics by Pam Ortiz; The scent of boiling cane, a magical night, love at risk in the Jim Crow South. Inspired by Jean Toomer's modernist novel, Cane. A performance featuring music and narration from the forthcoming musical. , Chestertown, Maryland  Musical/Opera, Drama

Remember Me;  Scandinavian American Theater Company; Writer: Minna Nurmelin; Director: Drew O'Kane; Helena is trying to move on from her past. Anna is in grave doubt about her own future. Two complete strangers struggling with identity learn to help each other in this unconventional and highly perceptive play from Finland. , Manhattan, New York  Drama, Comedy

Rent Control;  Writer: Evan Zes; Director: Lou Moreno; A struggling actor turns an NYC rent-controlled apartment into a lucrative AIRBNB scheme in this wild-but-TRUE one-man show. Watch Evan Zes portray 30 characters as they close in on him and threaten to ruin his life. , NYC, Queens  Solo Show, Comedy

Richard III (A One Woman Show);  Brite Theater; Writer: William Shakespeare,adapted by Kolbrun Bjort Sigfusdottir and Emily Carding; Director: Kolbrun Bjort Sigfusdottir; Richard III. An Audience. Anything can happen. What part will you play? Pushing the boundaries of Shakespearean performance, Brite Theater present their multi-award-winning one-woman show in its US premiere. "In a league of its own" ***** - Broadway Baby , Edinburgh/Devon, UK  Solo Show, Drama

Ruddy Productions Presents Sinners on a Southbound Bus;  Ruddy Productions; Writer: Ben Holbrook; Director: Phoebe Padget; Set during a late night bus ride on a warm, misty Alabama night, "Sinners on a Southbound Bus" is a dramatic/comedic meditation on fear, morality, and the ghosts we leave behind. , NYC, Manhattan  Comedy, Drama

Scratching;  The Skeleton Rep; Writer: Britton Buttrill; Director: Ria T. DiLullo ; Set in a dilapidated trailer in a Southern town, Scratching is a millennial drama about the lives of two blue-collar brothers whose pasts and futures intersect, causing a downward spiral of drugs, violence, illegal tattoos, unrequited love and the chance for redemption. , Manhattan, New York  Drama, Drama

The Secret Life of Your Third Grade Teacher;  City of Islands Beautification Corp.; Writer: Micaela Blei; Director: Catherine McCarthy; When you teach third grade, you can't tell your students everything. Two-time Moth GrandSLAM champion Micaela Blei comes clean about teaching third grade while falling in love. It was a disaster. , Brooklyn, NY  Solo Show, Comedy

Seeger;  Hard Travelin' Productions; Writer: Randy Noojin; Director: Will Hare; Sing-along with folksinger/activist Pete Seeger at a benefit for U.S.-Cuban normalization where he uses his greatest songs to tell of his adventures with McCarthy-era witch-hunters, the Blacklist, Peekskill riots, and a sailboat that helped clean the Hudson. , Queens, New York  Multi-Media, Solo Show

Sex, Cynicism and Other Small Miracles;  Red Lips Woman Productions; Writer: Lachlan the Bray and Garrett Riley; Director: Mia Romero; Rent is costing you a kidney. Love is fleeting. Our dependence on pharmaceuticals is killing us. An Australian country-boy and an urban vagrant coax spoken word, rock-n-roll, and theater into a raucous threesome exploring why all these things are beautiful. , San Francisco, California  Spoken Word/Poetry, Performance Art

Shapes Like Things, A Soup Play;  The Seedlings; Writer: Emily Sorensen; Director: Alexis Wilcock; Danny’s dad was a scholar. Danny couldn’t read. Now Danny’s dad is dead. This puzzle of a play explores a dyslexic boy’s struggle to understand his father when words don’t work. , New York, New York  Drama,

Sheila and Angelo;  Two Headed Dragon Productions; Writer: Nick Raio; Director: Michelle Kristine Best; Choreographer: Neal Bradsher; Sheila and Angelo , a romantic comedy with a dark twist, directed by Michelle Best, features Emmy winning Sopranos star Dan Grimaldi, and award winning actor Marina Re in a hilarious exploration of the tribulations of growing older.... and the alternative! , New York, New York  Comedy,

Steve Got Raped;  The New Collectives; Writer: Sam Gooley; Director: Melissa Firlit; Engaged and expecting their first child, Steve and Katie think they are on the right track. However, when a shocking event happens during Steve’s bachelor party, the couple's lives start to veer off course. , New York, New York  Comedy, Drama

STILL NOT;  Writer: Harrison Bryan; Director: Rory Lance; One Bench. Two Strangers. STILL NOT is an honest, comedic, skewed-romantic exploration into the traps of waiting for love...and the fear that it may never come. "They are going to throw their hearts and souls into this." -- NY THEATRE GUIDE , New York, New York  Comedy, Drama

SUPER!;  Writer: Aaron Michael Krueger; Director: Aaron Michael Krueger; Choreographer: Carmela Girdlestone; A young man with extraordinary gifts must become the superhero the world needs him to be in this 'super' new musical! Take a running leap and fly with Mark as he prepares to fulfill his destiny! , Manhattan, New York  Musical/Opera,

The Sutherby Triplets;  Endangered Artist Sanctuary; Writer: Kelly Barrett-Gibson; Director: Kelly Barrett-Gibson; Dueling divas, squirrel warfare, and a lifetime of skeletons dragged from the closet. A weekend with the Sutherbys is never dull! With so many egos under one roof, one thing is certain: "Everyone wants to be in the spotlight!" , Queens, New York  Comedy, Drama

Svetlyachki;  Infinite Variety Productions; Writer: Alla Ilyasova; Director: Colleen Britt; Six orphans struggle to survive in a small Russian village just after the Civil War. Chaos reigns in this lyrical tale of dark secrets, White guards, Young Leninists, Tsarist treasures, and lightning bugs. , New York, New York  Drama,

Swashbuckling Sam and the Tale of Blackbeard’s Revenge;  Wide Eyed Productions; Writer: Leonora Bernstein; Director: Kristin Skye Hoffmann and Stephanie C.Cunningham; What would you do if a pirate appeared in your kitchen? Seven-year-old Sam is having a rough time at school when Captain Silver whisks her off to his magical world. Can Sam find stolen pirate treasure - and discover courage, too? , Queens, New York  FringeJR, Comedy

Tailspin!;  Produced by Lauren Fischetti; Writer: Zach Stephens; Director: Kelly Webb; The red emergency phone rings. An assistant answers. "Babylon Studios, this is Henry." On the other end? North Korea's supreme leader, furious with his depiction in Babylon's latest picture, "The Girlish Tendancies of Kim Jong-un." But, like, what is girlish? , New York, New York  Comedy, Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque

Take One;  The Council of Nine; Writer: Jeff Ward; Director: Michael Schiralli; Michelangelo, Richard Rodgers and God light up the musical stage in this story of the disastrous first versions of three great things. "Take One" shows that the act of creation is always messy and hilarious -- even for the gods. , Manhattan, NY  Musical/Opera, Comedy

Tales of a Sexual Tomboy;  Writer: Joyful Raven, with creative collaborators Micaela Cirimelli and Jael Weisman; Director: Jael Weisman; A tomboy with an overactive libido looks for empowerment in all the wrong places. “When it come to men, I’m not sure if I want to wrestle them, heal them, or sleep with them - often I do all three” , Oakland, California  Comedy, Solo Show

Tall Pines Lodge;  Unspeakable Productions in Association with Unpublishable Press; Writer: J.D. Graves; Director: Joshua Hill; In this claustrophobic, pulp thriller, in the gritty tradition of Jim Thompson, an East Texas dive shatters the myth of honor among thieves. Find out why patrons call this play "the most DISGUSTING thing I've ever seen!" , Manhattan, NY  Drama,

TARGET GOLDBERG (HELP! ROGUE GOVERNMENT AGENTS ARE TRYING TO FRAME ME!);  Beloved Mountain Productions; Writer: David J Goldberg; Director: Conrad Kluck; A civil war is unfolding today within the intelligence world, and David J Goldberg finds himself caught in the middle. With the help of disgruntled insiders, Goldberg tries to sabotage a rouge entrapment program by going public with his story. , Brooklyn, New York  Solo Show, Performance Art

TENDER ROUGH ROUGH TENDER;  groundswell theatre; Writer: Sarah Saltwick; Director: Jess Hutchinson; It’s the hottest summer on record and Bell’s drowning in drink. Mike’s experienced fighting wildfires but this attraction is a whole new disaster. Everyday habits crackle and burn in a production featuring an explosive combo of Austin TX & NYC talent. , Austin, Texas  Drama,

That's MISS FITS, to YOU!;  Writer: Todd Tif Fernandez, Music, Book & Lyrics; Director: Jonathan Warman; A mystical poly-gender tale - That’s MISS FITS, to You! - concocts an elaborate journey to self-awareness with cameos by Rosa Parks, Judy Garland and Radical Faeries, oh my. The musical extravaganza will leave you singing with liberation spirit. , NYC, Manhattan  Musical/Opera, Comedy

That's my Moonbeam!;  Chaos Button Productions; Writer: Jason Grimste; Director: Jeffrey Whitted; If an Alien race chose you as a representative of the human race to take around the galaxy, would you go? Do Dreams weigh more than Love? Sometimes you need to get away to find the truth. Sometimes you don't. , Brooklyn, New York  Comedy, Drama

THE THEATRE MADE IN PARADISE;  Writer: Jonathon Ward; Actors from Elizabethan England emerge on Cape Cod in 1619 to start the first indie theatre. With a copy of The Tempest, gold, their talent and dreams, - and aid from the Wampanoag,- they overcome Puritans, who believe they're witches. , NYC, Nassau County NY  Drama, Comedy

The Thing That Never Happened;  Writer: Justine Gelfman; Director: Ellie Sachs; Four girls sit in a writing center. They speak eloquently about both SoulCycle and second-wave feminism. The Thing That Never Happened is about the relationships we value, the friendships we don't always value, and waiting ninety minutes to text back. , Chicago, Illinois   Comedy, FringeHIGH

This Gonna Be on the Test, Miss?;  YoMiss Productions; Writer: Ronna Levy; Director: Nora Ives; I'm not Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds. Welcome to Community College. From LA to Brooklyn, meet my real students as I teach them in 12 weeks what they should have learned in the past 12 years. You won't be quizzed. , Brooklyn, New York  Solo Show, Comedy

Thread;  Little y in Association with The Vertical Company; Writer: Elena Zucker; Director: Elena Zucker; From NYC to Palestine, Mimi’s world collapses with the inadvertent like of a dissident Facebook status. The edifices of identity unravel, along with the boundaries between fact and fiction, Jew and Arab, time and space. A psycho-cyber thriller. , Brooklyn, New York  Drama, Solo Show

Thud!;  BITCRUSHER; Writer: Dan Rider; Director: Holly Kristina Goldstein; An incredibly clumsy hospital clown is hired to entertain an acerbic fifteen year old girl, and finds the only thing that cheers her up is watching him get hurt. A play about other people's suffering and why it's hilarious. , Manhattan, New York  Comedy, Drama

Till Birnam Wood...;  John Schultz Presents ; Writer: William Shakespeare; Director: John Schultz; Encounter the witches, slip on your blindfold, and fall into the darkness of Macbeth's Scotland. Till Birnam Wood...is an immersive, sensory experience of Shakespeare's darkest work, literally. Audience members experience this fast-paced and intense production completely blindfolded. , Philadelphia , Pennsylvania   Drama,

To Protect the Poets;  11 West Productions; Writer: John Doble; Director: Alberto Bonilla; A poet and her principles collide with a policeman's sense of justice when Mac, whose life is books and ideas, falls in love with Jab, a detective enraged at a killer's cold indifference. , Manhattan, New York  Drama, Drama

Too Far to Go(d?);  Triumph Team; Writer: Mitch Montgomery; You are cordially invited to join film director Stanley Kubrick, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke and astronomer Carl Sagan for dinner and vigorous debate about the nature of life in the universe. Three dudes. Arguing about aliens. True(ish) story. , Mamaroneck, New York  Comedy, Multi-Media

The Topography Between (a New York radio love song);  Imperfect Speakers; Writer: Zachary Miceli; Director: Mimi Barcomi; A surreal love story set in the New York unconscious to a live R&B soundtrack. Rodney and Callisto yearn for each other from a jail cell and city clinic, while forming connections with strangers poised on the brink of revelation. , Manhattan, New York  Drama, Multi-Media

TRANSITIONS;  Writer: John Anastasi; "Transitions" is a story of a committed couple forced to ask the question "why do we love who we love?" What happens when a person's happiness and sense of self is pitted against one's commitment to another. , Manhattan, New York  Drama, Comedy

Treya's Last Dance;  Outlandish Cat Productions; Writer: Shyam Bhatt; Director: Tiffany Nichole Greene; Faced with Croydon's mankiest speed-dates, Treya blunders into some messy truths - her brother's death; two lovably eccentric parents; the fallout from a British/Indian culture clash. A hilarious, awkward, heart-wrenching tale of love and loss in London. , London, United Kingdom  Comedy, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up

Tribulation: The Musical;  Writer: Book and Lyrics by Molly Miller, Music by Brad Kemp; Director: Tyler Samples, Music Director: Charlie Worth; Choreographer: Lauren Lopez; It's the end of the world...and you still need a job. In Tribulation: The Musical prophets, whores, and middle managers alike all struggle to prevent the Apocalypse, in this hilarious, irreverent take on the Bible's Book of Revelation. , Chicago, Illinois  Musical/Opera, Comedy

The Troubadour Struck By Lightning;  Temerity Theatre Co.; Writer: Ed Malin; Director: Janet Bentley; Choreographer: Tatyana Kot; Love. Music. Men. Muslims. A rampant fantasia of medieval times. , Brooklyn, New York  Comedy, Spoken Word/Poetry

The Unusual Tale of Mary & Joseph's Baby;  Firebone Theatre Company; Writer: Music and Lyrics by Don Chaffer, Book by Chris Cragin-Day; Director: Amelia Peterson; The Unusual Tale of Mary & Joseph’s Baby: There really is a pregnant virgin, shepherds, angels, foreign dignitaries, a ratty inn and a bloodthirsty dictator whose menacing shadow hangs over everything. And obviously, it’s a comedy. , Manhattan, New York  Musical/Opera, Drama

The Vampire's Last Bite;  Mad Bat Productions; Writer: Written by Martin J. Flowers, Music by C. David Morrow; Director: Joseph Hayward; Being a tale told of an insignificant boy from an insignificant village who is hunted by a very significant vampire. An homage to the ancient tradition of itinerant storytellers, employing playful language, poetic rhythms, song and chant. , Brooklyn, New York  Solo Show, Spoken Word/Poetry

THE VIDEO GAMES;  MB Stage Productions, LLC; Writer: Jared Tyrel Pixler and David Evan Stolworthy; Director: Jared Tyrel Pixler and David Evan Stolworthy; Choreographer: Matt Franta and Brandon Pugmire; Princess Zelda, the Queen of The Console, is celebrating the 64th Annual Video Games and needs the audience’s assistance (through the use of social media) to ensure that this year’s Games are bigger, badder, and bloodier than the year before! , Los Angeles, California  Comedy, Multi-Media

W.E.B. DU BOIS: A Man For All Times;  Pulse Ensemble Theatre; Writer: Alexa Kelly; Director: Alexa Kelly; "Heartwarming and inspirational!" A vibrant, passionate journey through the 95 years of his tumultuous life and times. This great Civil Rights Activist, born 1868, brought to life by this critically acclaimed performance. "History cannot ignore Du Bois!" Martin Luther King. , NYC: Manhattan,   Drama, Solo Show

Waiting For Obama;  Wild Blindness Productions; Writer: John Moore; Two brothers are convinced that Barack Obama, the President of The United States, is coming for their guns… And they are right. In this charged election year, this absurdist farce, leaps head-first into America’s most complex conundrum… Guns. , Denver, Colorado  Comedy, Drama

Walken On Sunshine;  Walken On Sunshine LLC; Writer: Dave Droxler, Music by James Rushin; Director: Marcus Stevens; An anxiety-ridden filmmaker accidentally lies to investors about having Christopher Walken in his movie and embarks on a ridiculous quest to get Walken. Neuroses, quirky love, bad guys and cowbells emerge to derail him. Will he ever find Walken?? , New York City, New York  Comedy, Musical/Opera

WALLS: A Play for Palestine;  Writer: Summer Ghasan Awad; Director: David Ratliff; A Palestinian-American teenager clashes with her traditional father as she discovers the troubled history of her heritage. As she searches for her place between two cultures, Diaspora Child highlights the unique experience of coming of age as an immigrant. , Knoxville, Tennessee  Drama, Spoken Word/Poetry

THE WEDDING WARRIOR;  Fly Away Balloon Theatre; Writer: Casey Dressler; Director: Kim St. Leon; Named best show of the 2015 Fort Lauderdale Fringe by The Miami Herald, The Wedding Warrior is a One Woman ROMCOM which follows a Florida Keys wedding planner as she combats the mayhem and mishaps that lead up to matrimony. , Islamorada, Florida  Solo Show, Comedy

Whales & Souls;  Sexy Dirt Productions; Writer: Andrew Kramer; Director: Matt Renskers; Pssssst. Did you hear the tale of the Creature from the Lake…? In this gritty, sensual fable for adults, a small conservative village is enticed by offers from an outsider, and everything begins to change. Test the waters, if you dare... , NYC, Manhattan  Solo Show, Performance Art

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon;  Colleen Britt and Linda van Kesteren in Association with Infinite Variety Productions; Writer: Based on novel by Grace Lin, Adapted by Colleen Britt, Debra Hess and Linda van Kesteren; Director: Colleen Britt and Linda van Kesteren; Choreographer: Colleen Britt and Linda van Kesteren; Join Minli travelling on a fantastical journey from Fruitless Mountain to find good fortune for her family. Meet a talking fish, dragon, magical king, and the Old Man of the Moon. Can one girl alter destiny? What is true fortune? , New York, NY,   FringeJR, Drama

WHILE OPHELIA'S KOREAN DRUM WEEPS;  Young Company; Writer: Based on text by William Shakespeare, Adapted by Ji-Young Choi; Director: Ji-Young Choi; 400 years ago, Ophelia’s heart was stopped. When her Korean drum starts to weep, Ophelia’s heart begins pounding. Now as the curtain opens, Ophelia tells you about her love, loss and longing for her dear mother. , Seoul, South Korea  Solo Show, Drama

Wigs;  Millions of Maps; Writer: Lindsay Beamish and Amanda Vitiello; Director: Lindsay Beamish and Amanda Vitiello; Kidnapping! McDonald's! Boyfriends made of shirts! Safe wigs! Dangerous wigs! Two preteen girls locked in a room for years have invented coded languages and ritualistic acts to survive, appease their captor, and orchestrate their escape. Might they escape him tonight?? , Boston, Massachusetts  Drama, Comedy

You belong with me because you're so vain;  Writer: Heider Tunarrosa; An uninspired-Colombian-songwriter must decide between losing his best friend or the love of his life. The reason? The love of his life is his best friend's ex-boyfriend. Who can help? The imaginary versions of Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. , NYC, Brooklyn  Comedy, Drama

You Don't Matter;  Writer: Paul Morris; Director: Paul Morris and Cassandra Lewis; Trump or Clinton. Caitlyn or Bruce. #BlackLives or #AllLives. These are the issues tearing humanity apart. But when a suicidal god makes a shocking discovery, she realizes why these issues - and you - don't matter at all. , Astoria, NY  Comedy, Drama

ZAMBONI;  Zamboni Productions; Writer: Sean-Patrick O'Brien; Director: Leslie Burby ; Jamie has driven the Zamboni for decades, unnoticed by the world around him. Now his mother's dying and, suddenly, Jamie's become the center of everyone's attention. Jamie must start making some decisions...before his life glides along an irreversible track. , Queens, New York   Drama,

ZERO POPULATION GROWTH;  Me & B Productions; Writer: Mac Welch; Director: Brenda Welch; Fearful of the world around you? WE ARE TOO! Peer through the windows of five vignettes drawing a jagged line between sordid humor and the terrifying realism of modern existence. Greetings from Sunny Humanity! Watch your step! , Manhattan, New York  Solo Show, Drama

ZUCCOTTI PARK, A musical about the human side of economics;  Salgado Productions; Writer: Catherine Hurd, Composer: Vatrena King; Director: Luis Salgado; Choreographer: Luis Salgado; What does it mean to be an American? After eight years of war, Sergeant Cooper visits childhood sweetheart, Kate, in NYC. They meet at Zuccotti Park, home of Occupy, where she and her friends protest the government he fought for. , Dixon, California  Musical/Opera, FringeHIGH