#LoveStory;  Writer: Music and Lyrics by Mark Oleszko and Bethany Mayes, Book by Bethany Mayes, Sophie Frankle, and Mark Oleszko; In the digital age, finding love should be as easy as having sushi delivered, right? Not really. With the assistance of three friends and her own bravado, Zoe gets a one-of-a-kind crash course in love in the 21st century. , Manhattan, NY  Musical/Opera, Comedy

#OUCH! An Accidental Comedy;  The Magnetic Theatre; Writer: Maryedith Burrell; Director: Steven Samuels; Best known for stints on Seinfeld, Parenthood, Fridays, and SNL, this is Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated Maryedith Burrell's hilarious and harrowing one-woman show about the trials and tribulations of modern health care after an accident caused by her dog. , Asheville, North Carolina  Comedy, Solo Show

The Absolutely True Science of Nerds;  You Said Your Damn Ninja Would Take Care of Robocop Productions; Writer: Shyaporn Theerakulstit; Three totally scientific lectures on "How to Become Batman," "Star Wars vs. Star Trek," and "Godzilla: History, Biology and Behavior of Hyper-evolved Theropod Kaiju." With music, special guests and Q&As. Maybe tap dancing. Material covered WILL be on the final. , Astoria, New York  Comedy, Solo Show

The American Play;  The Dirty Blondes; Writer: Ashley J. Jacobson; Director: Darren Johnston; Two college students let their obsession with American Psycho and Patrick Bateman lead them down a rabbit hold of destructive and violent behavior. The American Play takes a stark look at modern masculinity and its pervasiveness in popular culture. , Brooklyn, NY  Drama,

America’s Next Top: One Top’s Hysterical Take on Life Love Tools and Boxes;  Julie Novak in Association with TMI Project; Writer: Julie Novak and Eva Tenuto; Director: Eva Tenuto; In this hilarious, groundbreaking performance, Julie Novak embraces being a “sir, ma’am, sir,” in a world that wants her to choose one or the other. “Laugh out loud funny... Julie is a magnetic, comedic powerhouse.” –Sari Botton , New Paltz, New York  Comedy, Solo Show

Baby Hubris;  Girl from Copacabana Productions; Writer: Jacqui Rêgo; Director: Sasha Brätt; Leslie wants to "fuck up your chakras;" and the overworked single mom takes Dr. Spock's ghost as her personal guru. With sexy magical-realism Leslie gives birth to her power, sometimes lover Wyatt howls with Cerberus, and baby Jack - talks. , Brooklyn, NY  Drama, Comedy

THE BAD GERMAN: A Solo Show about Identity, Guilt and the Wurst in All of Us;  Tessa Kim; Writer: Tessa Kim; Director: Sarah Wansley; A sensitive German moves to NYC and finds herself haunted by her inherited guilt.  How will she learn to forgive herself?  Work clandestinely in a Kosher restaurant?  Sleep with a Rabbi?  A true story about going too far for redemption. , Manhattan, New York  Solo Show, Drama

Bed, Beth and Beyond;  Writer: Beth Dzuricky; Director: George Bartenieff; Welcome to the diving pool of drama and spiritual comedy. From Erie, PA to NYC go to the depths with Beth as she uses humor and ritual to transform desire and loss into a bed of roses. , Brooklyn, NY  Solo Show, Drama

Behind the Wall - An Autism Performance piece;  The Ally Artists Group; Director: Joyce Lao and Andy Miyamotto; Choreographer: Andy Miyamotto and Joyce Lao; Behind the Wall is a performance piece that tells a story about Joyce's relationship with her autistic brother, Clarence. The story is told through a fusion of Modern and Asian - mostly Filipino and Japanese culture, dance, movement and music. , New York, New York  Dance, Performance Art

BEING SEEN;  Writer: Richard Gustin; Director: Mindy Cooper; Wits and instincts collide as an aspiring actress maneuvers her way through an acclaimed director's unique process. A fast-paced, clever take on "going for it all." WORLD PREMIERE! , NYC,   Comedy, Drama

Beware The Chupacabra!;  Mind The Art Entertainment; Writer: Book and Lyrics by R. Patrick Alberty, Music by Christian De Gré; Director: R. Patrick Alberty and Christian De Gré, Musical Director: Aaron Butler; Seeking to impress his future father-in-law, innocent dressmaker Teddy Baskins embarks on a dark and musical journey from 1920’s New York to the dangerous jungles of Mexico in pursuit of the legendary Chupacabra, a mythical, goat-sucking beast. , Manhattan, New York  Musical/Opera, Comedy

Birds of Paradise;  Cardinal Productions; Writer: Adam Harrell; Director: Adam Harrell; Follow a lovelorn ornithologist named Archie as he uses bird behavior to deconstruct his ill-fated romance with Emma, a struggling artist. Zoology intertwines with memories of summer love in this heartfelt rom-com about knowing when to fly away. , Queens, NY  Comedy, Drama

The Boy From Bantay;  Bantay Productions; Writer: Jeremy Rafal; Director: Josh Boerman; Flashing cartoons. The black-and-white keys of a classical piano. The muddied frenzy of auditions. The Boy from Bantay has endured ridicule, struggled with identity, and made frenemies. From the Philippines to New York, come on a heartbreaking yet hilarious journey! , Manhattan, NY  Solo Show, Comedy

Broken Moments: a bar musical;  Prophecy Productions; Writer: Leo I. Rodriguez; Tonight you ride the rhythms of one night in a dive bar, from Happy Hour to Last Call, including the drunken traditions (Wake, Birthday, Engagement) that usually accompany the gritty soulful music found in your own local tavern. , Brooklyn, New York  Musical/Opera, Comedy

The Buffalo;  85 North Productions; Writer: Anthony Sneed; The comedic memoir of Anthony Sneed, who at fourteen brought a gun to school in attempts to fit in with his peers. After expulsion, he is forced to join his Uncle’s cult-like community in Missouri. , Brooklyn, New York  Solo Show, Comedy

Bullet For Unaccompanied Heart;  Writer: Robert Wray; Director: Marty Moore; Dugan McBane, a wannabe blues guitarist, gets taken hostage by the ghost of his former lover, a crossword puzzle-obsessed spirit by the name of Anya Magnifico. His release hinges on one thing: a true apology. , Charlottesville, Virginia  Comedy, Drama

butyou'reaman or: The Seven Men I Came Out to in India;  Writer: Matthew Dicken; Director: Arthur Strimling (and Dramaturg); Navigating his travels in India, an out-since-13 American finds love and must relearn to see queer. Matthew daringly claims his mythic ancestors and messily mashes (pop) cultures. In the sticky space between sexualities, intimate landscapes of sensuous political variety await. , Germantown, Maryland  Solo Show, Performance Art

Cherubim;  Red Wire Productions; Writer: Tess R. Ornstein ; Director: Tess R. Ornstein ; In 1992 Los Angeles, on a hot April evening, within days of the Rodney King riots, five year old Kea Charmichael’s sudden disappearance sends her multi-racial family into a rapidly declining tailspin. , Brooklyn, New York  Drama,

Chop Your Own Wood;  Bonneville Theater Group in Association with Coydog Company; Writer: Lindsey Trout Hughes ; Director: Alexandra Kuechler Caffall ; On the eve of the Perseids meteor shower, an estranged husband and wife reunite in the Hudson Valley woods. Camping at the foundation of a crumbling homestead, they summon ghosts of their troubled past. , Brooklyn, New York   Drama, Comedy

Chop-Chop-Zig-Zag-Woyzeck;  Writer: Georg Buechner, translated and adapted by Leanora Lange; Director: Leanora Lange; Run like a razor blade through this show! This fresh take on Woyzeck has you determine the scene order. Cut up the storyline as murderous lovers become overwhelmed by passion and madness in a swirl of non-stop non-linear action. , Manhattan, New York  Drama, Comedy

CLIFF;  Hazard Rep; Writer: Ryan Feyk; Director: Kai-Hsiang Tu; Two newlyweds wish to live for the future, but must face the shadows of their past. They are confronted by an irresistible woman who could save or destroy them. Set in 18th century Prussia during the height of its splendor. , New York City , New York  Drama, Comedy

CODA (Children of Deaf Adults);  Two Hands Productions; Writer: Mark Murray; Director: Lindsey Leonard; One man leads you through the journey of being the ears for his family. As son and interpreter for his Deaf parents, Tim struggles to find where he belongs between the Deaf and hearing worlds. , Brooklyn, New York,   Solo Show, Drama

The Comedienne Project;  Katie Hannigan and Corinne Fisher; Writer: Katie Hannigan and Corinne Fisher; Tired of cliche "comedienne" material revolving around men, and our relationships to them, two comics, who happen to be female, present full sets breaking out of stereotypical subject matter. Stand up in a non traditional vein with unexpectedly relatable insight. , New York , New York  Comedy, Solo Show

The Commedia Rapunzel;  The Spaghetti and Meatball Players; Writer: Sam LaFrage (Book and Lyrics); Director: Sam LaFrage and Dennis Corsi; Choreographer: Sam LaFrage; Expect the unexpected as the Spaghetti and Meatball Players, a troupe of poor traveling actors, present a zany musical romp through the fairytale Rapunzel done in the style of Commedia dell’ Arte! It’s wacky crazy fun for the ENTIRE family! , New York, New York  FringeJR, Comedy

Coping;  Audra Arnaudon Presents; Writer: Jacob Marx Rice; Director: Anna Strasser; When Connor commits suicide, his friends are left grasping the shards of his life. From the team behind the sold-out hit Chemistry, winner of the 2014 FringeNYC Excellence in Playwriting Award, Coping is a hilariously dark comedy about surviving loss. , New York, NY  Drama, Comedy

Creative License;  Creative License Productions; Writer: Book and Lyrics by Kevin Cirone, Music by Kevin Cirone, Spencer Elliott and Dan Rodriguez; Director: Rachel Bertone, Music Director: Dan Rodriguez; Choreographer: Rachel Bertone; An Irish pub. A Scottish play. Sixty days. One snag. Two former friends try to save the day with a show that's not what it seems. It's the Boston-rocking testament to art, friendship, love, and double-malt scotch. , Boston, MA  Musical/Opera, Comedy

Curing the Void;  RHAtheater; Writer: M. Balmaceda, H. Diaz, B. Hoffmann in collaboration with G.Garcia, A. Moreno; Director: Martin Balmaceda; Pretty and Daisy find an angel, a doctor examines it—each will do anything to keep it for themselves. This tragicomic excavation into the heart of love and cruelty is an account of things we do to fulfill our dreams. , New York City, Manhattan  Comedy, Multi-Media

Dancers;  Wrought Atlas Theatre Ensemble; Writer: Emma Dante, Translation by Francesca Spedalieri; Director: Francesca Spedalieri; Choreographer: Francesca Spedalieri, Sarah Ware, Sifiso Mazibuko; How does love endure when your partner is gone? An elderly woman rejoins her husband and re-lives their love story. Experience this tale of nostalgia, memory, dance, and 1950s-60s Italian pop. North American debut of a movement play in translation. , Columbus , Ohio  Clown/Mask, Comedy

Dead Lunch, or Who Prays for Bad Weather?;  Writer: Tony Borden; Director: Tony Borden; No one quite knows why the restaurant is empty on this bleak September afternoon. Sure, the neon sign is busted, and the staff might smoke and swear too much...but maybe the rumors of the busboy's killing spree are true. , Manhattan, NY  Comedy, Drama

DIAGHILESQUE!;  KineticArchitecture Dance Theatre; Director: Arrie Davidson; Choreographer: Arrie Davidson; Ballet Russe gems are reimagined exploring feminism, trans issues, abuse and primal sensuality. Pulcinella's frolic invoking Le Spectre de la Rose-ball goers lose all inhibition, Scheherezade-the harem dies for freedom, Firebird-challenges societal mating rituals, and more! , Manhattan, NYC  Dance,

Dig Infinity!;  Apocalypso Theatre Collective; Writer: Oliver Trager, Additional text by Richard "Lord" Buckley; Director: Oliver Trager; Summoning all kool kats 'n kitties! Hepster icon Lord Buckley wager his soul, jive-talks his classic raps, blows his mind (and yours too) in this surreal, multimedia mythic journey celebrating the legacy of a neglected American visionary jazz humorist. , Brooklyn, New York  Drama, Spoken Word/Poetry

Divine/Intervention;  sbgProductions & Faux Real Entertainment; Writer: E. Dale Smith, Original Concept by Mimi Imfurst; Director: Braden Chapman; Glenn Milstead skyrocketed to stardom as drag queen Divine in John Waters’ cult films. Alone, on the night of his untimely death, the quiet man behind the mascara struggles with his inner demons and his larger-than-life creation, Divine. , Philadelphia, PA  Drama, Comedy

Elaine Stritch Still Here;  Writer: Jay Malsky; Director: Zak Sommerfield; Come spend an intimate evening with Elaine as she regales you with songs and stories from her life. This loving homage takes us through the reflective journey of her last tour. Don't miss this performance celebrating Broadway’s Enduring Dame. , Manhattan, New York  Comedy, Musical/Opera

Elephants and Other Worldly Dilemmas;  Writer: Dina Laura; Tornadoes, colonics and faith! A devout receptionist, a superhero scientist, an Apple whore, a devilish bartender and a mystifying temp discover that sometimes it takes a dead elephant in the room to show you what you believe in. , Queens, NY  Comedy,

EverScape;  Writer: Allan Maule; Director: Ashley Gunsteens; An online world of epic fantasy battles helps four gamers escape their bleak realities. But when EverScape offers them a chance to win jobs as game developers, lines get crossed between what's more real: the game or their lives? , Brooklyn, New York  Drama, Dance

Exact Change;  West 73rd Street Productions; Writer: Christine Howey; Director: Scott Plate; What's harder: Changing your sex, or changing your mind? "Exact Change" is a witty and poignant one-woman tour-de-force about Christine Howey's transgender journey. Humorous and inspiring, it's a story about championing your identity and finding your voice. , Cleveland, Ohio  Solo Show, Drama

Fading Light;  Martin Tanner Productions; Writer: Herman Johansen; Director: Herman Johansen; Old photos. New cars. Love. Family. Murder. A decades old accident has been shrouded in secrets and lies. When the truth begins to surface, only a desperate act can bury it again. Should all questions be answered? , Los Angeles, CA  Drama, FringeHIGH

FAFI-An Afrikaner boy comes of age in Apartheid SA;  JHB-Johannesburg Home Boys; Writer: Gys and Jaci de Villiers; Director: Jaci de Villiers; 'Mama Elsie -I dreamed of the sea-so we bet 26 on Fafi?' Gys is plagued by the mark on the wall, which catapults him into memories of his past. The African landscape of heat, war, rituals, nightmares and forgiveness. , Johannesburg, South Africa  Drama, Solo Show

Fail Better; Beckett Moves UMO;  The UMO Ensemble; Writer: Featuring Text by Samuel Beckett, created by the UMO Ensemble, sound scape by James Bigbee Garver; Director: Elizabeth Klob; An elegant postcard from the edge of reality. An intimate combination of theatre and circus. With a teeter-totter. And ropes. "UMO's remarkable tribute to Beckett's genius is a mesmerizing production...a visual delight and an intellectual teaser."...The Seattle Times. , Seattle , WA  Performance Art, Dance

Far From Canterbury;  Dana M. Lerner in Association with Far From Canterbury, LLC; Writer: Book, Music and Lyrics by Danny K Bernstein; Director: Juliana Kleist-Méndez; Choreographer: Avery Sobczak; Once upon a time, in a land where fairy tales are considered current events, a shy young knight has just one year to find the one thing women desire most, or his fairy tale will be over before it begins! , Manhattan, New York  Musical/Opera, Comedy

Father Kennedy;  Lend Me Thy Hand Productions; Writer: Brian Kraker; Director: Alex Katz; Join a small town priest who embarks on an epic journey to sabotage his sister's engagement. Before long he is ensnared in a web of lies and lingerie. Can this rogue priest stop himself from destroying his church and family? , Pompton Lakes, NJ  Comedy, Drama

Feelings;  Writer: Tim Manley; Things ended with the girl I hoped to marry, so I decided to fall for my male best friend. Story of my search for a safe place to rest my too-many emotions, told with hand-drawn gifs straight from the heart. , Queens, NY  Comedy, Solo Show

For Now;  The Disposable Theatre Company; Writer: Jeremy Stuart; Director: Jeremy Stuart; They meet for sex and talk about love, neither knowing what it is or how to get it or why it seems so important, but only that they can't stop talking. , NYC: Bronx,   Drama, Comedy

FUENTE OVEJUNA;  Ducdame Ensemble; Writer: Lope de Vega; Director: William Oldroyd; Abuse of power. Oppression of women. Rebellion. Sacrifice. Love. What does it take to start a revolution? It takes a village. Witness the uprising of 15th Century Spain's 99%. Based on historical events and presented by graduates of LAMDA. #iamfuenteovejuna , New York City, New York  Drama,

GAHOU international "SUNRISE";  the CRAZY ANGEL COMPANY; Director: Yoshiaki Saito, Music Director: Kanae Hosokawa, Dance Director: Mariko Funasaki; Japanese folk songs arranged in modern style make you feel as if you participate in a COOL Japanese festival "MATSURI." The energetic sound of BRASS and TAIKO drums is rebuilt visually with dance, flags, and KATANA action, make you revitalized! , Tokyo, Japan  Performance Art, Musical/Opera

The Gap;  Writer: Harrie Dobby; Meet Lisa: our intrepid American. Meet Dave: he’s black, beautiful, British. They travel the world, joined by Irish Hippies & sex-mad Londoners. But Lisa becomes pregnant, jeopardizing their dreams of backpacking together forever. What must you sacrifice to be happy? , London, UK  Comedy, Drama

The God Gaffe;  John William Schiffbauer; Writer: John William Schiffbauer; Director: John William Schiffbauer; When a popular conservative talk show host inadvertently insults a young homosexual guest on air, she and her producer are forced to confront an uncomfortable Hollywood double standard, as well as each other. , Manhattan, New York  Drama, Drama

God Is a Woman;  The Locker Room; Writer: Mitchell Buckley; Director: Nicky Maggio; A young man, along with his emotionally destructive family and an angel hellbent on revenge, commits a series of increasingly violent crimes. Can they shatter the status quo, or are they doomed to be victims of a broken system? , New York, NY  Drama, Comedy

The Great Forgotten;  Writer: Kacie Devaney Karen Devaney; Director: Karen Devaney; Choreographer: Kacie Devaney; Elizabeth and Celia, two graduates from Bellevue nursing school in NYC, are among the first batch of American nurses to arrive at Evac 5, in Paris. When they return from the realities of war, the roaring twenties is in full swing. , San Fransico, California  Drama, Multi-Media

Hard Day's Night;  Lot In Life Productions; Writer: Vicki Vodrey; Director: Samantha Tella; Kelly K. Kelly craves a normal life. Instead, she’s trapped in a world cluttered with Disney decor, pet ashes, Beatles’ lyrics and one f**king crazy family. A hit at KC Fringe 2014. “A must see,” Steve Wilson, Broadway World, 2014. , Kansas City, Missouri  Comedy, Drama

Haunted Holliot Hildorf Hotel and Shadow's Unicycle;  Jamey Hood and Open Hydrant Theater Company; Writer: Jamey Hood; Director: Sarah Rosenberg and Luis Cardenas; Eight-year-old Helen Ivy Bunter is a world renowned ghost hunter and Shadow is just your average tween ghoul who desperately needs chocolate. Two adventures! Featuring professional ghosts, a temperamental boiler and pajama-clad zombies. Theater for kids performed by kids! , Bronx, New York  FringeJR, Comedy

Hearts Afire;  Writer: Darcy Heller Sternberg; First Day Of School? Love, Betrayal, Humor, Fear and Rebellion. Five New York City community college students-African-American, Asian, Hispanic, Indian and Irish Catholic-share their turbulent and inspirational lives. , Manhattan, New York  Drama, FringeHIGH

Hell Is For Real;  Writer: Gary Apple; Charles Manson was supposed to go to Hell... But, ooooops! Six-year-old Davin was sent by mistake. Now Davin’s returned... devilishly changed. His father embarks on a bizarre odyssey to get his son back to normal in this outrageous new musical. , Manhattan, NY  Musical/Opera, Comedy

I Want To Kill Lena Dunham;  Writer: Sergio Castillo; Director: Sergio Castillo; Nora's life in New York is in a steady decline. At work, in her small Brooklyn apartment, and back at home, everything is falling apart before her eyes. And Lena Dunham won't stop mocking her. , New York, NY  Drama, Comedy

I, Horatio;  Writer: Anthony P. Pennino; Haunted by Hamlet’s dying request, “in this harsh world draw thy breath in pain to tell my story,” Horatio launches upon a quixotic quest to obey his dearly departed prince by putting on a play. , Manhattan, New York  Comedy, Drama

Ideas, Not Theories;  Reynaliz Herrera; Writer: Music and Script by Reynaliz Herrera; Director: Reynaliz Herrera; This theatrical percussion show portrays quirky characters making music out of bicycles, water, tap and body percussion, marimbas and more. Innovative and dynamic original music intertwines with an imaginative storyline making this unique performance equally entertaining for adults and children. , Boston, MA  FringeJR, Musical/Opera

In The Woods We Return;  InVersion Theatre; Writer: Johnny Lloyd; Director: William Steinberger; A woman meets a man in a secluded cabin.They live together, for a while, and discuss what it means to know your past and understand who you are. , Brooklyn, New York  Drama,

An Inconvenient Poop;  The POOP Project; Writer: Shawn "The Puru" Shafner with Julia Young and Annie G. Levy; Music by The Puru and Joshua Sitron; Director: Annie G. Levy; What if the solution to climate change, world peace, and self-love was something no one wanted to talk about? In this fascinating and hilarious FRED Talk, The Puru empowers audiences to get their sh*t together before it hits the fan. , Brooklyn, New York  Comedy, Solo Show

Jericho;  15-501 Productions; Writer: KG Garcia; Director: Derik Wingo; Cleaning out his attic, a man recounts his first love—but the path is filled with rivals, exes, rap battles, and Michael McDonald. An ensemble narrative, “Jericho” explores the nature of nostalgia and the wounds that keep us looking back. , Manhattan, NY  Comedy, Drama

Joker;  Quarter Acre; Writer: Yilong Liu, Developed with Matthew Kelty; Set during the run-up to marriage equality in Hawai'i, Joker explores love, loss and the power of our promises. Joe's past threatens to unravel his life with his wife and stepson. Will he reveal the powerful secret behind his choices? , Honolulu, Hawai\'i  Drama,

Julian and Romero;  Media Killed Productions; Writer: Alex Perez; Director: Alex Perez; Choreographer: Alex Perez and Sebastion Stimman; During the heated Cuban revolution of the 1960's, two young men find friendship in a UMAP Prison camp. Tough choices are challenged by sex, faith, and culture. Dreams and nightmares come alive in a play with music, dance, and passion. , Manhattan, New York  Drama, Dance

July House;  Pat D. Robinson; Writer: Pat D. Robinson; Director: Nathaniel P. Claridad; July 5, 2011, five college kids are partying at a beach house. Jack has received a grant to define his generation, Guthrie is snorting adderall and bringing every lamp into the living room, letters are written, a pact is made. , Manhattan , New York  Drama, Comedy

Kill Sister, Kill! A Musical;  Bygone Theatre and Kid Switchblade Productions; Writer: Book and Lyrics by Drac & Jamieson Child, Music by Michael Zahorak; Director: Jamieson Child; In the gritty streets of 1970s NYC, a nun & her sister are attacked by two sickos. Left for dead & robbed of her sister, the Woman of God rebuilds herself as a Weapon of Hellbent Vengeance! A Psychotronic Hell-trip of Song, Sleaze & Revenge! , Toronto, Canada  Musical/Opera, Comedy

Lady Macbeth and Her Lover;  Iron Spike Theatre Company; Writer: Richard Vetere; Director: Sasha Brätt; Lovers Corrine and Hope make a suicide pact. One poet lives and one wins the Pulitzer, posthumously. Years later, the dead woman's daughter knocks on Corrine's door demanding she be her literary mentor. World premiere from acclaimed playwright Richard Vetere. , New Haven, Connecticut  Drama,

The Lady Winifred & Didi Show;  Naked Bacon Productions; Writer: Douglas and Dewey McGeoch, Music by James Sheppard; Director: Douglas and Dewey McGeoch; A foul-mouthed force. Like seeing Martin and Lewis if Dean was a sexy, seven foot torch singer and Jerry a stroke survivor. Quick-witted improv. Merrily musical. Racially offensive. Totally tasteless. , Manhattan, New York  Comedy,

Land of Broken Toys;  The Other Broadway; Writer: Yasmine Lever; Director: Yasmine Lever; Land of Broken Toys is a series of interwoven stories that explore love, sex, betrayal and new beginnings. A disparate group of misfits struggle to emerge from the wreckage of their lives. Can we really leave our pasts behind us?  , New York, New York  Comedy, Drama

Last Night at The Carmine;  Writer: Caroline Kelly Franklin; Director: Caroline Kelly Franklin; Some words can only be defined by a moment. How many moments are lost in translation? 98 years, 14 languages, 7 moments... 1 last night. , Manhattan, NY  Drama, Comedy

Laugh Track;  Mr. Mitts Theatre Company; Writer: Keelin Ryan & Sarah Esocoff; Director: Sarah Esocoff; Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite TV show? This fast-paced farce follows the taping of one episode of a beloved, long-running sitcom, and shines a bright spotlight on the true "characters" - the actors themselves. , Manhattan, NY,   Comedy, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up

Liminal;  Bedlam Ensemble; Writer: Amelia Parenteau; Director: Daniella Caggiano; Fresh out of college, a young poet seeks her voice and place in New York City. Taunted by a Greek chorus of blue collar workers, she grapples with her role in gentrification, the oppression of homelessness, and a budding romance. , New York, New York  Drama, Comedy

Lincoln's Blood;  The Covey Theatre Company; Writer: Garrett A. Heater ; Director: Garrett A. Heater ; Madness. Betrayal. Murder. The assassination of President Lincoln triggered a plethora of tragedies. Mary Todd, her modiste Elizabeth Keckley, Major Rathbone, his wife Clara, Mary Surratt, and J. W. Booth are victimized by their memories in this psychological thriller. , Syracuse, New York   Drama,

LITTLE ONE;  Alley Theatre; Writer: Hannah Moscovitch; Director: Amiel Gladstone; FringeNYC Alums/Excellence Winners and “Canada’s Hottest Young Playwright” (National Post, Globe & Mail, Now Magazine) present a wryly comic thriller about adopted siblings - one perfectly normal, the other deeply disturbed … “Witty, smart and insidious. Suburban horror brilliantly rendered.” (Globe & Mail) , Vancouver, Canada  Drama,

Loose Canon;  No Refunds or Exchanges Co.; Writer: Brian Reno & Gabriel Vega Weissman; Director: Logan Reed; From Moliére in IKEA to Chekhov in a Tex-Mex restaurant, this series of short comedies satirizes the world of the American consumer in the style of canonical playwrights. It's a walk through history...if history was a strip mall. , Brooklyn, New York  Comedy, FringeHIGH

Love at the end of time;  Zelos Theatre in association with Michael Howard Studios; Writer: Adam Swartz; Director: Adam Swartz; Haunted by ghosts of love and crimes, six people are woven into surprising intimacies by the great serpent of Time. A contemporary drama that pays homage to the works of Albee, O'Neil and Chekhov. , NYC, Manhattan  Drama,

Love in the Middle Ages;  ABCD Productions II LLC; Writer: Eric Kornfeld & Jeffrey Jackson, Lyrics: Eric Kornfeld, Composer: Michelangelo Sosnowitz; Director: Lisa Shriver, Musical Director: Mark Baron; Choreographer: Lisa Shriver; What happens when six singles meet at a mixer in New York City? LOVE IN THE MIDDLE AGES, the new pop musical comedy about love, life, dating and the pursuit of happiness. Come join us and share the love! , New York, New York  Musical/Opera, Comedy

Love is Like Mud;  Level II Theatre; Writer: Ben Folstein; Director: Ben Folstein; Sex, humor, and a hefty dose of rock n' roll are the ingredients in this visually dynamic operetta. Brooklyn band Level II serves up a feast of songs chronicling the romantic misadventures of two lonely kids in the big city. , Brooklyn, New York  Musical/Opera, Comedy

LUCKY CHICK;  Lucky Chick Productions; Writer: Felicity Seidel; Guys with guns. HOT! Plucked from the crowd by Bob Weir at a Dead show. CRAZY! On tour with the band: Lear jets, pythons, Hells Angels. WOOHOO! A pissed-off drug-kingpin boyfriend. UH-OH. Buckle up, sweetheart. It's one helluva ride. , Brooklyn, NY  Solo Show, Comedy

The Mad Scientist's Guide to Romance, Robots and Soul-Crushing Loneliness;  A Collection of Shiny Objects; Writer: Book by Megan Sass, Music and Lyrics by Megan Sass & Nathan Leigh; Director: Jesse Geiger; Faced with romantic disaster, a Mad Scientist creates the perfect robot boyfriend. But when her artificial lover dumps her for the girl-next-door, an existential storm ensues, complete with amorous lesbian zombies, robot identity-crises and a quest to save humanity. , Brooklyn, NY  Musical/Opera, Comedy

The Magic Jukebox: New York City World Tour;  Serious Theatre Collective's Musical Sketch Comedy For Lovers and Platonic Friends; Writer: The Serious Theatre Collective; Director: Lizz Leiser, Musical Director: Ari Kessler; Choreographer: Kacie Laforest; Twelve action packed genre bouncing musical sketches from hardcore hair metal to panty-dropping R&B, enchanting madrigals to down home gospel— and much more. Featuring a live band, epic offstage battles, Lovecraftian elder gods, and three real dolphins (played by humans)! , New York, New York  Musical/Opera, Comedy

Maybe Tomorrow;  The Poet Acts, Inc.; Writer: Max Mondi; Director: Tomer Adorian; A woman chooses to live exclusively in her boyfriend’s bathroom. Their otherwise “normal” relationship is thriving until someone else enters the scene. Inspired by true events, Maybe Tomorrow is a tragicomical, meta-theatrical experience about love, fame, and a toilet. , New York, New York  Drama, Comedy

The Morningtime of Now;  Mock Turtle; Writer: Anne Hills and Mock Turtle, Lyrics by Michael Smith; Director: Doug Roysdon; Poet-trees, composer mice, and singing brooks — experience the rustic world of Opal Whitely. This magical journey of music, story and puppetry honors Nature's miracles, tragedies, and transcendence. Inspired by the 1920's diary of young Opal Whitely. Adults/children over seven. , Bethlehem, PA  Puppetry, Musical/Opera

MUSAS;  Water People Theater; Writer: Néstor Caballero; Director: Iraida Tapias; An extraordinary encounter between two icons of Contemporary Art, Mexican Painter FRIDA KAHLO and American Poet SYLVIA PLATH, in which they share the most intimate and passionate moments of their lives. , Chicago, Illinois  Drama, Comedy

MY ASS (IN THE WORLD): A TRUE STORY OF LOVE, WAR, TALIBAN... AND DIRTY LAMBADA-DANCING;  Jasmine Pittenger; Writer: Jasmine Pittenger; A lover’s hand. Taliban outside the window. Helping girl refugees, Jasmine is also fleeing: from the Huge Family Butt. Can Jasmine finally see how the cold-wars we wage on ourselves – even in the name of beauty – echo today’s hottest wars? , Portland, Oregon  Solo Show, Comedy

Naked Hamilton;  Naked-On-the-Run Productions; Writer: Sky Gilbert; Director: Sky Gilbert; The raw story of an aging sex trade worker (Tee) and her ex-lover (Tom) getting kicked out of their fave bar. Hamilton is a small city just outside of Toronto — analogous to Queens. Who wins — real people or gentrification? , Hamilton, Canada  Comedy, Drama

NIGHT WITH GUESTS;  Bloodstone Theatrical; Writer: Peter Weiss, Translation by Laurence Dobie; Director: Bill Burford; A 15th Century children's nightmare in gleeful, physical, doggerel verse. Intruders stalk a poor family's lonesome hut. Soon they all will die, or . . . Terror calls. Can innocence survive? "The steel is hard, the flesh is soft!" , Manhattan, New York  Drama, Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque

O'Brien & O'Brian;  Barely Concealed Productions in Association with Prickly Productions; Writer: John Enright; Director: Robert Belchere; It's moving day - Alan O'Brian is leasing office space with Darlene O'Brien. In walks Sam, seeking a lawyer named O'Brien, but unsure which one. A romantic soufflé from Chicago, about homophobia, Irish-phobia, and finding your heart's desire. , Chicago, Illinois  Comedy, Drama

Only a Paper Moon;  Shout Alone Theater Company; Writer: Maddie Hill; Director: Arsalan Akhavan & Maddie Hill; Wynnie from West Texas has an I.Q. below 70. On her 18th birthday, her mother drops dead on the kitchen floor. The probate court evaluates Wynnie as she searches for independence and love while escaping into a 1940's Hollywood dreamscape. , East Village, NY  Drama, Multi-Media

Painting His Wings;  Making It Happen Productions; Writer: Sinead Daly; Director: Heather Lanza; How can you keep moving forward when your world has been forever changed? Through finger-puppet-wearing preteen Abellona's imaginative eyes, watch her family try to cope with great loss using Sorry!, Chatroulette, and whatever they can summon from within themselves. , Manhattan, New York  Drama, FringeHIGH

Parthenogenesis;  Writer: Patrick Cleary; Director: Ashley Marinaccio ; Theresa, abandoned by her father on a frozen lake 40 years ago, had a daughter via artificial insemination. Tonight, her father tries to reconnect and her daughter arrives with the professor who got her pregnant. No secrets are safe forever. , Wakefield, Massachusetts  Drama, Comedy

PEDRO PAN;  Writer: Rebecca Aparicio, Music and Lyrics by Stephen Anthony Elkins; Director: Rebecca Aparicio; Based on the real-life events of Operacion Pedro Pan, a young boy named Pedro is sent alone to the U.S. to escape the dangers of 1962 Havana. Pedro must then navigate becoming an "American" without losing his cultural identity. , NYC, Queens  FringeJR, Musical/Opera

PICKLES;  Writer: Laura Minadeo & Alexander Rotella; Director: Laura Minadeo & Alexander Rotella; A unique action-packed superhero tale seen through the eyes of a sassy cosmetologist, as she expresses her outrageous views on her boyfriend's "night job", his sidekick dog, bodily functions, and the city's devastating lack of caffeine thanks to The Decafinator! , Warwick, Rhode Island  Comedy, Drama

POOR PEOPLE;  Writer: Adapted from Fyodor Dostoyevsky novel POOR FOLK, Written by Lavinia Roberts, Conceived by Irene Kapustina; Director: Irene Kapustina; Russia. 1845. A young orphan flees her abuser to live with an elderly woman. She befriends struggling clerk Makar; living in the corner of a kitchen. Through letters, their friendship blooms - until an unwanted suitor arrives. Can love triumph? , Manhattan, New York  Drama, Dance

POPESICAL;  Tilted Windmills Theatricals; Writer: Adam Overett; Director: Drew Geraci; Choreographer: Drew Geraci; The Pope is dead. Locked in the Sistine Chapel, Cardinals compete in top-secret “Papal Challenges” to succeed him. Forbidden love… Sacrilege… Song-and-dance. From the producers of Silence! The Musical, this irreverent musical comedy will have you laughing and praying. , Manhattan, New York  Musical/Opera, Comedy

The Portable Dorothy Parker;  Grove Goddess Productions; Writer: Annie Lux; Director: Lee Costello; Dorothy Parker reminisces about her life, loves, work, — her famous friends (Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Lillian Hellman…), and the wits of the Algonquin Round Table (Woollcott, Benchley, George Kaufman…), — while selecting stories and poems for her 1944 collection, The Portable Dorothy Parker. , Manhattan, New York  Solo Show, Comedy

Portraits: He said.. She said..;  Little Joe Productions; Writer: Robert Siegel; Director: Robert Siegel; Studs Terkel meets Beckett as a man and a woman take the stage with only two chairs and conjure characters from displaced auto workers to twenty-somethings on a bender. Men and women untying knots. Pointed snapshots of America today. , Raleigh, NC  Drama, Comedy

Possum Creek;  Writer: Andrea Alton; Director: Eric Chase; Love, lust and dimwitted prairie folk run amok in the quirky town of Possum Creek. This comedic solo show spans 30 years and comes to life with a dozen different characters dealing with awkward babies, man love and lost pigs. , Brooklyn, New York  Solo Show, Comedy

Princess Cut: A young girl's reality inside a Tennessee sex ring;  Yellow Rose Productions; Writer: Kelsey Broyles, Kerri Koczen, and Danielle Roos, Music by Christian Barnett and Joey English, additional lyrics by Kelsey Broyles; Director: Danielle Roos; Based on a true story, a young girl is forced into a sex trafficking ring by her cousin. She relives memories; struggling with her double life as psychological trauma catches up with her. Post-show panel examines trafficking in the U.S. , Knoxville, Tennessee   Drama, Multi-Media

The Princeton Seventh;  Partizan Theater; Writer: James Vculek; Director: James Vculek; Two strangers start a contentious conversation while waiting for a tribute to a dead poet. When joined by a Nobel Prize-winning author and his current trophy wife, the revelations multiply. The play ends and then...it begins again. Or does it? , Minneapolis , Minnesota  Comedy, Drama

random us;  Writer: Patrick Sherrard; Director: Patrick Sherrard; Witness Denny and Daisy's love story. Experience their humorous and touching journey as their most intense and intimate life moments play out in front of you. "Love is laughter, heartbreak and everything in-between - but it is never random." , Long Island, New York  Drama, Comedy

Rapunzel in the Wild West;  WhatFun! Theatre; Writer: Bobby Becher, Ashley Mills, Marc de la Concha, Ashley Whiting, Music and Lyrics by Bobby Becher and Ralph Krumins, add'l Music/Lyrics by Ashley Mills; Director: Ashley Mills, Music Director: Bobby Becher; Choreographer: Ashley Mills; The evil Bandit Queen is robbing every town in the West. Can Rapunzel and her famous hair-lasso save the day and prove she's more than just a lady? Join this interactive melodrama, and help Rapunzel lasso the Bandit Queen! , Manhattan, New York  FringeJR, Musical/Opera

Reading Between the Lies;  Endangered Artist Sanctuary; Writer: Kelly Barrett; Director: Schnele Wilson; A boozy new whodunit has rocked Broadway before its first rehearsal. Who gets bumped off? Who did the deed? And who (if anyone) will save the day? Come see this 1940's noir farce to find out! , Manhattan, New York  Comedy, Drama

ReLateAble;  The Coyote Collective; Writer: Derran Moss-Dalmau; Director: Janine Cunningham and Bautista Duarte; It might just be the apocalypse, so without modern technology to answer their questions Ann and Jon embark on a drunken night of delusions and confessions, while ghosts of relationships past and future arrive looking for answers. , New York City, New York  Comedy, Drama

THE REPORT;  Side of the Road Entertainment and Cutting Hedge Productions; Writer: Martin Casella, Based on the Novel by Jessica Francis Kane; Director: Alan Muraoka; 1943. The Blitz. The single deadliest civilian tragedy of WWII happened in a London tube station. The British government lied to its people. Now one man has to make sense of it all. A haunting, never before seen true story. , Manhattan, NY, London, England  Drama, Spoken Word/Poetry

Ripple of Hope:One Teacher s Journey to Make an Impact;  Smokestack Productions Inc; Writer: Karen Sklaire; Director: Padraic Lillis; An idealistic drama teacher discovers the obstacle is not the inner city students she must conquer but a troubled NYC school system, as she struggles to engage them with everything from gangsta improvs to a rap version of Annie. , NYC, Brooklyn  Solo Show, Drama

Running Interference;  Writer: Eric William Morris & Ashley Rodbro; Inspired by national debate about the entertainment value of violence in sports. Ryan’s sole ambition is to be an NFL quarterback. A weekend at his best friends’ lake house unearths the price of living out his dream. , Manhattan, New York  Drama, Comedy

Serial: The Parody!;  Olga & Brandi; Writer: Olga Elliot & Brandi Bravo; Did we get the whole story? Take a behind the scenes look at the award winning podcast Serial. This game- changing parody follows an obsessive journalists' experiences with love, ham, and Matthew McConaughey. An untold story told scene by scene. , New York, NY  Improv/Sketch/Stand-up, Comedy

Shake The Earth;  Arev Productions, Inc.; Writer: Lousine Shamamian; Director: Misti Wills; Bolstered by kufta and string cheese, Lousine yearns to bring the injustice inflicted on her ancestors to light. Can this meek gay Armenian stand up for herself and recount her great-grandfather Georgi's remarkable story of survival during the Armenian Genocide? , Brooklyn, NY  Drama, Solo Show

SHAKESPEARE IN AMERICA: A New World Romance;  Paradise Theater; Writer: Jonathon Ward; Director: Jonathon Ward; Two actors from Elizabethan England land on Cape Cod to start the Paradise Theater at Jamestown. With a copy of The Tempest, a bag of gold, raw talent and dreams, they overcome the Puritans, who believe they are witches. , Valley Stream, New York  Comedy, Drama

She Rantulas from Outer Space in 3D!;  She-Rantulas Theatre Co.; Writer: Ruff Yeager & Phil Johnson; Director: Ruff Yeager; It's 1957 Tarrytown, U.S.A. As men disappear and women are gruesomely eliminated, perfect housewife Betty is filled with fear as she wonders why her little Suzie is looking more and more like the Man from Mars. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! , San Diego, California  Comedy,

Single Room Occupancy;  BR Productions; Writer: Music and Book by Ben Rauch, Lyrics by Gaby Gold, Ben Rauch, Winston Rauch, and Rory Scholl ; A single guy's comedic singer/songwriter dream is challenged by the distractions of social media, relationships and his fear of performing beyond the confines of his tiny apartment. A story for anyone who's biggest obstacle is themselves. , New York, NY  Musical/Opera, Comedy

Sleep At Your Own Risk;  SummerGrad Productions; Writer: Matthew Ethan Davis; Director: Billy Mitchell; Guy struggles with the phenomenon of sleepwalking while trying to hold on to the love of his life...and not walk out of his apartment naked. -Performed by Brendan Wahlers , New York, New York  Solo Show, Comedy

Small Membership;  Writer: Mark Della Ventura; Director: David Sirois, Gabe Hammad; Matt has a big problem... in a very small "package." Don't miss this irresistible show as he exposes male insecurity like you've never seen before. Puberty, orientation, anxiety, love, heartbreak, a solo, self-imposed celibacy and lots of laughter. , Ft. Lauderdale, Florida  Solo Show, Comedy

Solina;  Little Did Productions; Writer: Little Did Productions, Music by Luke Santy; Director: Jessica Marie Lorence; Sun is missing. Only 11-year-old Solina can find Sun and save the world from eternal night. Solina ventures into an endless nightscape, where puppets made of light, cloth, and paper sing and play live music to illustrate this unfamiliar world. , Manhattan, New York  FringeJR, Puppetry

A Spot on the Wall;  I Mean! Productions; Writer: Temar Underwood; Director: Temar Underwood; In this two-man thriller, racial tensions rise between two infamous murderers. Forced to share a cell, instrumental characters from their pasts snap to life, setting off a chilling quest for redemption before a lethal injection deadline. , NYC, Astoria  Drama, Spoken Word/Poetry

St. Francis;  Hey Jonte! Productions in Association with Michael Bitalvo; Writer: Miranda Jonte; Director: Stephen Brotebeck; Brash veterinarian Tessa is under pressure from the city council, the teenage volunteer she's mentoring, and the return of an old flame. When Starbucks forces her no-kill shelter out of its building, she has just one option left: her estranged father. , Astoria, Queens, New York  Drama, Comedy

Stalker: The Musical;  RPG Productions; Writer: David Russell (Original Concept, Book and Lyrics) and Alex Giles (Book and Lyrics), Music by Andy Peterson.; Director: Tyran Parke; Australian born, Stalker: The Musical is set in a dystopian world where love has been eradicated and lust is celebrated. This dark comedy follows the story of Jay Cloudstreet who finds himself unusually and illegally drawn to one particular girl. , Sydney, Australia  Musical/Opera, Comedy

The Starter;  Writer: Sean Murphy, based on works by Anton Chekhov; Director: Katie Falter; A group of friends attempt their first grown-up dinner party. But as the night gets longer, and the drinks pile up, the party dissolves into childish chaos. A sharp, fast-paced satire about creating your future, and leaving the past behind. , Manhattan, New York  Comedy, Drama

The Stella;  Gregg Greenberg; Writer: Gregg Greenberg; Director: Frank Senger; The Stella dives into the cutthroat, venomous and often hilarious world of personal injury law. Newly-minted lawyer Jason tries to keep his head above water while his sadistic boss and a ludicrous case try and drag him under. , New York, New York  Comedy, Drama

Straight Faced Lies;  Man Down Productions; Writer: Mark Jason Williams; Director: Andrew Block; Grab a plate and sharpen your knives for an unforgettable Thanksgiving at The Ryans, where family battles are as bitter as the cranberry sauce and the secrets more delicious than the stuffing. "One of the year's best new plays." –NewYorkTheatre.com , New York, NY  Comedy, Drama

Succession;  Valerie Green/Dance Entropy; Choreographer: Valerie Green; Channeling fluid movements of a fetus in an amniotic sac, aging, an installation of hundreds of flowers, a spiritual burial, and a symbolic rebirth. Ms. Green has thread together segments from her body of solo works creating a life cycle journey. , Queens, New York  Dance, Solo Show

A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again;  Writer: David Foster Wallace, adapted and performed by Christopher Duva; David Foster Wallace barely survives the "insanity-producing pampering" provided while on assignment aboard a 7-Night Caribbean Cruise. Meet solicitous fun-managers, Dickensian crewmen, beautiful Petra and Captain Video in this adaptation of his tragicomic tale of Americans adrift. , Los Angeles, CA  Comedy, Solo Show

Thank You for Staring;  Writer: Patrice Gerideau; Director: Carol Cadby; "Black is beautiful," but what happens when the disease vitiligo erases all of that and threatens one's African-American identity? In this authentic and transparent solo work, one woman recounts her real-life struggle with beauty, love, faith and acceptance. , Washington, DC  Solo Show, Drama

Th' Burning;  The Acting Studios, LLC; Writer: Susan McCain, Jason Wright; Director: Laura Lundy Wheale; Anniston, Alabama. 1961. Deep in the South, two girlhood friends - one black, one white - unite when integration is met with opposition during a violent bus-burning riot that mutilates the idea of what it means to be family. , Birmingham, Alabama  Drama, Performance Art

Tiananmen Annie;  Writer: Ann Starbuck; Director: Richard Embardo; A comedic and heartfelt coming of age story about finding your Chinese soul. It is Ann Starbuck's true story of living in Beijing as a student in 1988-1989, and working for CNN during the Tiananmen Square Uprising. , Los Angeles, California  Solo Show, Drama

TO DANCE - The Musical;  Writer: Book & Lyrics by Kyra Robinov, Music by Tibor Zonai; Audiences love him. The KGB does not. All Valery Panov wants is TO DANCE. Set in Cold War Russia, this musical drama of persecution and perseverance is also a passionate love story filled with humor, song and dance. , Manhattan, New York  Dance, Musical/Opera

To Each Their Own;  Tek Theatrical Productions; Writer: Tracey Knight Narang; Director: Charles E. Gerber; After years of heartbreaking infertility Liz and John unexpectedly become pregnant. Joy and honesty are quickly replaced by despair and deceit when important moral issues and dark family secrets threaten their marriage. , Tri-State, Westport, CT  Drama, Comedy

Type What Now;  Writer: Jessie Bear; Director: Stefan Hartmann; What are ten things you hate about your body? What's one you like? An unlikely diagnosis takes Jessie on a journey exploring body image and chronic illness that questions what society tells us is healthy, and what healthy really means. , Queens, New York  Drama, Comedy

Under: A New Musical;  The Con-Etiquette Players ; Writer: Monica Hannush ; Director: Alex Cadena, Music Director: Julian Drucker; Serena has been admitted to Yale Psychiatric and must evaluate her life. She bonds with Billy, a fellow inpatient, and retraces her year of manic peaks and desperate troughs with other Yalies--deciphering how that world landed her where she is now. , New Haven , Connecticut   Musical/Opera, Drama

The Universe Of Matt Jennings;  Stay Woke Productions; Writer: Matt Jennings; Director: Levi Austin Morris; "The Universe Of Matt Jennings" is a “trekkies” coming out story told in “trekkie” fashion. Join Matt Jennings as he explores being black with "white" tendencies, a right brain artist in a left brain family, and a gay christian. Live Long and Prosper. , Long Beach , California   Solo Show, Spoken Word/Poetry

Van Gogh Fuck Yourself;  VGFY; Writer: Based on the Letters of Vincent and Theo van Gogh. Walter DeForest; The truth behind Vincent, the Ear, his Death, and his Sacrifice for humanity's Sake. You think you know the Truth? #VanGoghFuckYourself to find the Truth. , NYC, New York  Solo Show, Comedy

Vanishing Point;  Middle Distance; Writer: Samsun Knight; Director: Sophie Weisskoff; A husband is cheating on his dying wife. When his wife comes home from the hospital, his affair comes out into the open, and she promises him an easy separation if she can just see and talk to this girlfriend. , NYC, Brooklyn, NY  Drama,

Venus and Adonis;  New Circle Artists; Writer: William Shakespeare, adapted and performed by Misha Bouvion; Director: Daniella Caggiano; Vividly reinvented for the stage, the goddess Venus tells her story of desire and rejection in Shakespeare's rarely-performed epic poem. "Boldly erotic and laugh-out-loud funny"-- BroadwayWorld LA , Los Angeles, CA  Solo Show, Spoken Word/Poetry

Verano Place;  Thisbe Productions; Writer: Katie Atcheson; Director: Josh Hecht; The 1970's are tough for Emily. Since moving to California, her parents have embraced an open marriage, her only friend digs drugs and sex, and her boyfriend is way too old. A play about growing up in the Me Decade. , Manhattan, New York  Comedy, Drama

VIRTUOUS MONGRELS;  Elephants X-ing Productions; Writer: Yael (Yaya) Zeevi; Director: Yael (Yaya) Zeevi; 'A Rumble in (the remains of) the Colonial Jungle.' In the carnal corner - a scrimmage of passion: a man, a woman, another man. In the heritage corner - elders versus their young. A bare-knuckled poem of love to three disputed motherlands. , New York, NY  Drama, Performance Art

Waiting for AAA;   Delaney Productions; Writer: Delaney Yeager; Director: Delaney Yeager; "Waiting for AAA" is an all-female comedy inspired by Beckett's "Waiting for Godot". The play explores friendship, empowerment, and what it means to face the unknown. , Manhattan, New York   Comedy, Drama

The Waste Land;  A Painter, An Actor, A Poem; Writer: T.S. Eliot; Director: Daniel Domig & Christopher Domig; August is the cruellest month, breeding installations out of the dead land, mixing performance and desire, stirring Vienna's Brooklyn with spring rain. Winter kept us warm, covering brothers in forgetful snow, feeding a puppet with dried sawdust. Summer surprised us. , Vienna, Austria  Performance Art, Spoken Word/Poetry

The Weird Tree;  Invisible Wall Productions; Writer: Created by the Ensemble with text by Jocelyn Shratter, Laura Zlatos, Tingying Ma and Peter Petkovsek; Director: Peter Petkovsek; A Man climbs a tree to win a princess. Instead he finds eighteen. Based on a Slovenian fairy tale, The Weird Tree is a spiritual journey where making sense of the world means figuring out the self first. , Manhattan, New York  Drama,

What's Your Wish?;  Thicket & Thistle; Writer: Thicket & Thistle, Lyrics by Kyle Acheson, Sam De Roest & Corley Pillsbury, Music by Thicket & Thistle; Director: Jonathan Eric Foster; This comedic folk musical follows two young friends' quest to escape the fantastical storybook world of Death Forest. Pursued by a power-hungry enchantress, the boys must learn about integrity, sacrifice, and the power of friendship to make it out alive. , New York, NY  Musical/Opera, Comedy

Why I Killed My Mother;  Dor Zweigenbom; Writer: Dor Zweigenbom; Director: Hanoch Reim; Las Vegas, Israel, Seattle, and Germany all come to life in this crazy and touching story. Even at the dramatic climax, when Dor is forced to kill his mother, humor is the main force helping him to overcome the pain. , Ramat Gan, Israel  Solo Show, Multi-Media

Win For Life: A Corny Play;  Generation Next; Writer: Quincy Confoy; Director: Kevin Confoy; Millie, a cantankerous old woman with a love for Elvis and extreme couponing, wins the Jolly Green Giant Sweepstakes. Her grown children conspire to kill her before she spends the prize money, and their inheritance, on the "Graceland Rental Package." , NYC, Bronx New York  Comedy, Drama

The Wreck of the Spanish Armada;  SPQR Stage Company; Writer: Bill Sterritt; Director: Bill Sterritt; A rekindled romance in Paris (after 30 years), between a female radiologist (poised to address an international medical conference), and a swashbuckling high value target who leads African pirates who hijack oil tankers. , Los Angeles, California  Drama,