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FringeNYC? The New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC) is the largest multi-arts festival in North America, with more than 200 companies from all over the world performing for 16 days in more than 20 venues. In addition to 1200 incredible performances, FringeNYC includes (click to learn more):


FringeNYC will celebrate its 18th Anniversary August 8th - 24th, 2014.








Although FringeNYC is a production of
The Present Theatre Company, Inc., it takes:

75,000 audience members
5,000 artists
2,000 registered volunteers
1,200 performances
200 shows
20 venues
16 days
15 dollar advance tickets and
2 full-time employees

to make FringeNYC happen.

We do this?

Good question! In 1997, our budget was $74,000. Today, it's more than a million dollars. We must seek and secure support from donors in order to "bridge the gap" between rising costs and our desire to keep ticket prices low. Your donation helps us grow to meet the challenges of the future! 

Support of FringeNYC has a tremendous impact on indie theatre. We appreciate it!


Our 2013 Shows

News From The New York International Fringe Festival


Join us for FringeFAIR on May 4th

Want to join the FringeNYC Volunteer Staff or get one of our Stipended Staff Positions? You could be a Box Office Manager, Venue Director, FringeCENTRAL Manager, or Venue Production Assistant. CLICK HERE for more information.



Announcing our FringeNYC 2014 International Shows. CLICK HERE to learn more.



Hey, are you new around here?

Are you a FringeNYC newbie? Confused about how to pick shows and get your tickets? CLICK HERE for a newbie guide!


JOIN US FOR FringeNYTeasers!!!

GET TEASED! These 5 minute preview performances do for FringeNYC what trailers do for the movies! CLICK HERE to see the FringeCENTRAL line up! 


Why we have a no latecomer policy....

So what is the deal with FringeNYC's strict "no latecomer" policy? Learn why it's necessary... 


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